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Wave 60


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I came up with this theory of why the claws can't hurt Blob.

Much like Cloak's cloak, Blob's fat rolls are a transport to a dimension of nothing. Wolverine could stick his hand in Blob and his hand would be transported to that dimension of nothing. When he would pull his hand out, Blob wouldn't be harmed because, in retrospect, Wolverine wouldn't've touched him.

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Wow. So much fanwank.

And, other than Jubilee's hair and Pyro's cowl, chest cap, and flamethrowers, it's all parts reuse. Well done, DST.

It is remarkable that we basically guessed the entire lineup to a wave this unconventional in composition and technique. Well done, MMMV. biggrin.png

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I am in love with the Brotherhood. And Forge. And Banshee.

Sadly, I don't care for those uniforms. But I am glad people can do those teams.

Now we just need a perfect Toad.

As for a last X-men wave we'll see for a while, this is really nice and a long time coming.

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Don't really know this incarnation of the X-Men and not really interested in them, but great wave for DST.

I would expect plenty of additional sets to sell for the extras, hope this becomes a more regular occurence when possible.

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i can't believe you all guessed it! i thought maybe we'd get Banshee, but seriously how did y'all figure it all out, swappable heads and everything. i cannot wait for this set, though i'll be somewhat disappointed to retire my custom Banshee. But now I have a real Banshee, a real Forge, and I can use an extra body to make X-Men: TAS Morph!

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GORGEOUS! Pyro's head gear is a little rough but maybe that's just the prototype. The brotherhood looks great, Banshee and Forge are awesome, and holy shit that Jubilee! ! !

Agreed. Pyro's head is a tiny bit... bulky? And i was hoping we might get a more sculpted, beehive-dome head for Destiny..... but i know she is a pretty minor character and DST probably can't justify a new sculpt on such a niche character.

I am honestly stoked with this wave. The fact that we are getting a Destiny at all is freaking brilliant! AND - i get to knock FOUR characters off my top 10 list. 5 if you count Banshee..... which i think i can, even if it's not GSXM Banshee.

Bravo DST - Bravo. Fan wave win. This is my favourite wave since.... i can't even remember.

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Sooooo excited! I can now retire/ebay a bunch of my customs now as well. I can reassemble the original Psylocke, Jubilee and Gambit that had to be sacrificed to make my custom guys! Do we know if Gambit's trench coat will be included?

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