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Lego sales?

Mystery Man

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Does anybody know of any stores that have sales on Lego stuff? There's this set from the Lone Ranger movie that I reeeeally want for the train but don't care at all about the mini figs that come with it.

It'd be real swell to not pay retail for it.

- El Cheapo

Wal Marts I've seen have started putting the Ranger on clearance to move in other things. The train is gone entirely in my area I'm afraid.

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Nothing at any Wal-Mart/TRU/Target near me, sadly. I don't know if we have a TJ Maxx or Tuesday Morning in San Marcos. I'll have to check.

Looked at Bricklink but it seems as costly as eBay sellers for loose cars or TRU online for a boxed set.

eBay seller with the train loose and in sections would cost so much that it's not really worth it to buy and then miss out on the track and water tower.

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