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TMNT Minimates - it's official!

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Aight New Set reveal on Monday. 
Claim your predictions now so you can say “Called It.”

I’m going with a follow-up pack to The Last Ronin

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SDCC set reveal! We will have these up for preorder as soon as we are able to. 😊








The newest box set of Minimates in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line takes you back to 1990, when the hit arcade game began its takeover of the world! Featuring 8-pixel versions of the four Turtles, this exclusive box set of 2-inch figures is designed to look like a game cartridge and is removable from its full-color outer box. Limited to only 1000 pieces, it is sure to side-scroll off the shelves! Figure and packaging design by Barry Bradfield.

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wasn’t expecting 8-bit at all, these are cool! another fun box design

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Posted (edited)

Glad people like it! Barry killed it with the box design.

I believe Luke can order the TF and TMNT sets shortly. Not sure when, but they will likely be in short supply, as they are limited AND Diamond will be selling these at their booth at SDCC. The DST booth will NOT have them. 

Just weapons for the box set, and clear bases that say 1UP, 2UP, etc.

No other gaming MM planned that I am aware of, but if these do well...

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