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Halo Mega Bloks Compatibility?


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Does anyone here have either of these?

I'd love to display the Cryo chamber with a custom Mr Freeze figure I had in mind.

And the Mech suit with Ripley for when the Aliens set comes out.

Any help is appreciated.



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I bought the white Arctic Cyclops earlier today.

Target has it at $14.99 in store but they'll price match Target or Walmart website prices that have it for $13.59

If you want to pay less than that, you can try to have them price match a different color of the Cyclops that goes $11.99 but your mileage may vary.

They did for me at Customer Service for $11.99 though. So yeah. I'll build it tomorrow and hopefully its big enough to house a Minimate inside. The figures seem close enough in size that it should.


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Just orded it off Walmart, with free ship to store. So cheap for such a fun looking display.


Oh and you can still order Halo Minimates from KBtoys eBay store for cheap and get Cortana for the Cryo pod.

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