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Power Rangers Minimates

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4 hours ago, MisterPL said:

Alternate heads will only encourage collectors to buy more than one set. I don't see how DST could come to this decision. It just makes too much sense.


From my mind to PL's keyboard!

Especially the hashtag.

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41 minutes ago, RedTiger95 said:

I'm wondering if this means will get the Power Rangers Zeo team. A lot companies do Mighty Morphin and then stop, so I'm hoping this licence can keep going.

I mean with MMPR there are a ton of villains and things you can do. I'd like to see them do that. 

That said, with the core team out of the way, it does make me wonder just how deep they could go without adding in another ranger team. There's a few variants you could do of the main MMPR team, but eventually it's just villains.

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I’ve not bought any minimates for a few years now but I am so jumping back in with these Power Rangers sets! Glad the first 2 sets cover all the Rangers but I hope more sets are planned so we get villains, something like 

Set 3

Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Putty, King Sphinx

Set 4 

Lord Drakkon, Pirantishead, Goldar, Pudgy

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So I'm gonna thank DST on behalf of my LCBS for the fact that they will be getting  quite a bit of my cash now when these drop. 

I do lament the fact of no Kat head & the fact that it doesn't look like the weapons can combine into the Power Cannon..... but alas that shall not deter the purchase of no less than 3 of each set.

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On 6/27/2022 at 9:31 AM, DSTZach said:

These are in the warehouse, and will ship to stores on July 6, unless the July 4 holiday delays shipments by a day. 

Finally. Gonna go reserve a few sets at my LCBS after work. 

@DSTZachwhat about the Dragonzord/Megazord vinimate sets? Those dropping to or different date?

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1 hour ago, MiniMilner said:

Excellent! Just need to wait till they reach the UK haha

milner, mate…


how come you didn’t choose the name “MilnerMate” ?!

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10 hours ago, MiniMilner said:

It was between MiniMilner or MilnerMate and I ended up choosing the former, looking back maybe I choose the wrong path haha.

LOL just having some fun! both good choices, had to ask though haha

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