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Trade Star Wars Advent for Friends Advent?

batmite's mom

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Searching for Lego #3316 Friends Advent Calendar (for Girls)

I have 2 people looking, but just in case we come up empty, the Lego Friends (#3316) advent is apparently much easier to find in UK than in USA.

Star Wars advent is readily available here, and someone said hard to find (or at least very pricey) in UK?

If anyone has Lego 3316 (Friends advent) and needs Star Wars 2012 Advent (#9509) I'd be interested in a trade (or if you have one you would sell & ship) if my current UK "helpers" can't locate one.

TIP: Apparently they are marked down to $8.80 euro (I don't have a character for the right symbol) at John Lewis (B&M stores) in UK if in stock.

If anyone can find one & send to me, or trade for Star Wars #9509 Advent (I also have last year's Star Wars advent with Santa Yoda NIB) please let me know!



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I can tell you that the Friends advent did not come out in the US, except for direct imports to specific Lego stores like Disneyland. :/

I know I've seen it, because I've held it in my hands before. They may have been at the lego store. I swear I saw it somewhere more local. Cause my lego store is an hour away. I really feel like I saw it twice though.

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