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Knex Angry Birds


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Angry Birds K'Nex

Has anyone else tried these sets yet? My son got a few for his birthday and they're a pain in the butt to build (b/c they're designed to fall apart easily) BUT lots of fun to shoot the birds at the buildings.

They also have those blind bag packs too.

*Codes for the blind packs are just like the Mario Kart ones. On the back of the bag is a 7 digit number, one number will underlined, the actual number doesn’t matter it's the sequence.*

- No underlines, and a star = frozen Wee Minion Pig & Space golden egg

- No underlines, and no star = frozen Helmet pig & Space white egg

- 1st character underlined once = regular Red Bird & white egg

- 1st character underlined twice = Space Purple Laser Bird & Space white egg

- 2nd character underlined once = regular Black Bird

- 2nd character underlined twice = Space Red Bird & space white egg

- 3rd character underlined once = regular Yellow Bird & golden egg

- 3rd character underlined twice = Space Blue Bird & yellow crystal

- 4th character underlined once = regular Blue Bird & ham

- 4th character underlined twice = Space Ice Bird & Space white Egg

- 5th character underlined once = Orange Bird & rubber ducky

- 5th character underlined twice = regular Big Minion Pig & white egg

- 6th character underlined once = regular White Bird & white egg

- 6th character underlined twice = regular Wee Minion Pig & white egg

- 7th character underlined once = Space Black Bird & purple crystal

- 7th character underlined twice = regular Helmet Pig & white egg

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