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how do you post thumbnails? (like the ones that dont have the thick black "reduced" around them :) )

You host them on your own account, such as photobucket or image shack, then post the image using the tags.

Hi,while were at it how do you do an ebay item link?

Copy the address from your address bar, paste it onto the page. If you want it to be fancy schmancy, you can use {url} tags to hide the link behind text. Like this: {url=http://www.wherever you're getting the image . com} Here is where you'd put the text you want to display{/url} (replace the {} brackets with [] brackets)

LMK if you have trouble.

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i did what you said reideen, but my customs are obviously not showing up, what do i do now?

Those don't look like the correct img links to me. On your photobucket account, if you're in your album, each photo should have 4 options for you to choose from. They should be Email & IM, Direct Link, HTML tag, and IMG code. IMG code is the one you want to copy and paste.

Try to send me an image via PM and we can work on it further from there.

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Use the insert: Post link from the special item drop down list.

Type out what you want your link to say eg: Carnage

Highlight it. Click on the drop down list that says 'Insert Special Item'. Choose Insert: Post Link. Type your url in the dialog box. Click ok. Bob's your Dad's Brother.

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