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"Create your own Battle Beasts" Gallery

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Main contest thread


The PM Ballot system will be used for the voting.

Each submitted ballot must list in order, the top three characters you like the best.

1.) Best Beast

2.) Second Best Beast

3.) Third Best Beast

Anyone can vote, even the participants.

If you are a participant, you cannot vote for your own entry.

The 10 point minus system will be used to calculate the results.

Points awarded will be as follows: 1st will get 10pts, 2nd will get 9pts, 3rd will get 8pts.

Tie-breakers will be decided by the staff.

During the voting period, please send all ballots by PM to me



Voting begins on June 1st until June 4th at 11:59 PM CST.

Winners will be posted shortly afterwards.

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Pegasus was a battle beast warrior known for his heriocs,but after growing tired of a life of violence, fled from his planet during a time of war,along with other beasts like chimera,minotaur, and others. Landing on earth in ancient greece,pegasus was worshipped as a god. Often being mistaked as a eagle/horse hybrid,pegasus' species is unknown. All that is known is that pegasus soom fled from earth back to his battle beast planet in order to rescue the ones he loved





He's also my Charity Mate

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Possible colored version later, since i just got done Finals.

Icecap, Scourge of the Southern Seas

Icecap was born a warrior. From youth he did not know home; raised in a band of pirates and vagabonds, Icecap had a very singular way of thinking: Be stronger, take what you deserve. When his father was murdered ruthlessly in a raid by the Lions' Red Fleet of the North, Icecap was quick to ensure that he became the new leader of the pack, vowing that he shall see the Lion Fleet Commander facing a most cold revenge. Leading his family through the years, Icecap became a battle-hardened commander with a heart of ice and a grizzled scowl; he continued to prove a thorn in the Lions' side, taking control of the Southern Seas, the largest amount of open space. With a fleet of warriors and pirates just as frigid as himself, Icecap, equipped with his cannon, the Endless Winter, prepares to make a final assault on the Lion capital, and seek out the Commander who started it all.


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Name: Tegra (true name unknown)

Beast Classification: Tiger (genetically altered)

Planet of Origin: Tegra (destroyed)

Primary Specialty: Bounty Hunter

Tegra is perhaps the only survivor of the planet Tegra. The separatist colony was founded by a group of beasts that had grown tired of the endless fighting and chose to follow a strict path of pacifism. Their natural tendencies for violence were channeled into rigorous physical martial arts practices that were balanced with meditation and contemplation. For centuries the colony survived due to the simple fact that Tegra was hidden in a binary sun system. Unfortunately due to the careless actions of a single individual, Tegra, and his fascination with the ancient spacecraft that had carried the colony to Tegra they were discovered and destroyed. However it was also this knowledge that allowed the severely burned teen to escape. After finding a Battle Beast space outpost Hunter was treated and quickly sent back out to continue fighting.

That scarred tiger was never seen again. However from the ashes a new fighter appeared. After the cursory healing he had received from the Battle Beast medics Tegra went in search of real medical professionals in order to transform himself at the genetic level. Once his transformation was complete he started working as a bounty hunter and quickly made a name for himself. The reason for his quick rise to infamy was two fold. The first reason was because, unlike other hunters, he preferred to take bounties that required live capture and second, if he judged that his employer had lied about the crimes or motives of the target, he would return the money he had been paid to his employer's corpse.

His current bounty has brought him to the planet Earth. Whether he is hunting a Battle Beast, a human, or for an artifact is unknown. However, no being should sleep comfortably until his mission has been completed.







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Capybara America

Capybara America likes sunsets, long walks on the beach, aquatic plants and tree bark. He is a Sagittarius. He's not super patriotic or anything, it's just his name, like that girl from Ugly Betty. In his spare time he battles beasts.

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I tried to draw something myself and failed I even went to the extent of having someone draw something for me but that just is not fair and then it hit me... I got my idea from taking the two things I love the most Battlefield Heroes and Battle Beasts and making it into one. I modded my BFH hero in photoshop to suit my needs.

Ravenous Raptor


You always can find this raptor in the middle of the battlefield. He loves to blast his enemies into peril with his fierce rawr.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Well i've got alot going on, with packing for the big cross country move and some personal problems :confused: , so i haven't had much time to work on this(or anything mate related) since i started it awhile back but i thought i'd post it while i have a few minutes(might not be able to before the submission time ends if i don't).

Here's Scorpiox wandering the desolate wasteland looking for Beasts to Battle.





i know most battle beasts follow the standard bipedal body with random animal head stuck on so i thought i'd try and go in a different direction and all the entries so far look great but this is a minimate site so i wanted create my beast as an actual minimate, i used 3 upper bodies and sculpted some parts as well as the 8 arms and various parts from the fodder box.

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Kolari "Twig" Kirahvi

Kolari was nicknamed "Twig" by his older brother Breken because he was the smallest in his family. His kind nature and soft spoken voice have reinforced the nickname over the years. However, those who've met "Twig" on the battlefield have found out the hard way that this is one Giraffe who carries a big stick!





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Thundegaar lives a nomadic life. An abandoned warrior from a forgotten time, he now wanders the veldt in search of adventure and trade. While never stopping long, Thundegaar finds refuge at pools and rivers. They are small bits of home that bring brief moments of contentment.

Thundegaar has defeated many beasts in his travels. Those that cross him only do so once. He will not fight without reason and will not die without cause. You can tell he is at his most ferocious when his ears start to wiggle. It is a very good indicator that you should turn around and run away... very, very fast.

Thundegaar also likes mystery novels.

Here are some larger (less-manageable) versions of those images: Title, Grass, and Sunset.

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Name: Mystaceus “Death Leaper” Aranea

Species: Jumping Spider

Homeworld: Unknown

Bio: Most beasts don’t know of his existence, but to those who do, he is simply known as the Death Leaper. He is an assassin, a hunter of extreme skill and patience. According to rumors that spread as whispers, those who have been marked by him know they have but eight days to live. Methodical as his nature is, he stalks his prey, learns their movements, and always strikes on the fateful eighth day. If his prey knows of their own mark, fear and paranoia drives them towards their own demise.

The Death Leaper’s location is constantly shifting. No one has seen any base of operation. No one knows where he might be next. He has a small, but capable ship, the Baltic Amber. This ship, crystalline in form, contains a multitude of sensors and arrays, constantly scanning the void all around him. Deep with in the command center of the Baltic Amber lays the Death Leaper. Advanced monitors spread about him from all directions. From a source unknown to him, he receives his next target. Unquestioning and unyielding, he will set forth on his mission, relentless until he has captured or killed his mark. Until this time, he waits patiently aboard his ship, traveling from system to system.

While on the hunt his skills become most evident. His agility and jumping strength, moving freely within almost any environment, has earned him his nickname. His intelligence and patience when tracking his prey has given him invaluable insight to the mind of his target, anticipating their every movement. But perhaps his greatest asset is his vision. His forward predatory vision is the equal of any hunter, allowing precise tracking across multiple light sources, including ultraviolet, allowing him to see in environments that would leave most next to blind. Additionally, he has sets of lateral eyes stretching his peripheral vision to a 360 degree field all around him, allowing him to track movement and environmental changes all around, while keeping his sight on his prey.

When a job is done, he quietly returns back to his ship, to await a new order. But even to the Death Leaper, the source of these missions is unknown. He does not question. He simply hunts his next victim, whomever they may be. But to those few that know of him, they wonder what larger plot he may unknowingly be a part of. Perhaps he is one piece of a larger machine, yet to show itself until it’s ready.








Catching Cheetania




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Because the Minimate Multiverse needs more villains, I present:

Lao Shoo



Name: Lao Shoo

Species: Giant Cloud Rat

Motto: “I Rule”

Summary: Quick-witted and selfish, Lao fights for one beast and one beast only – himself. Towering over others of his species, Lao Shoo is known as a formidable fighter among his people. His giant size belies his quickness, taking most by surprise.

Lao prefers to fight in complete darkness when his enemies are weakest, and he excels at backstabbing. But if the fighting ever turns, Lao is the first to flee or take advantage of the new opportunity. Many are charmed by Lao’s persuasive speaking but few realize until it is too late that Lao fends only for himself. He has been known to switch sides as many as thirty times in a single battle!

Lao craves power and is an unrepentant bully. You can usually find him surrounded by sycophantic underlings that Lao coolly regards as his personal cannon fodder.

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(preliminary sharpie sketch)


Canopus the Imitator

Quote: "all the world's a stage, even a battlefield!"

Function: Espionage/Deception (Cutup)

It's not everyday you meet a famous actor. Though don't let Canopus fool you, he was never that famous. However, he did enjoy his time in the spotlight, from starring roles to bit parts. He was part of a traveling actors trope, before he was convinced to join the fight. Realizing his skills could be put to use in combat. While not a very skilled fighter, Canopus used his abilities to mimic voices and noises.

It's not just a unique tongue that he possess, but also very keen ears. Hearing a voice only once, only a little bit would be enough for him to be able to do a spot on impersonation. This unique talent of his has been very valuable to his allies. Allowing them to get information, fool enemies and also for a laugh. In between the tension of battle, Canopus could make almost any of his comrades laugh. Except for a few of the more gruff and serious ones. Though this became a goal of his. Canopus isn't as interested in vanquishing his enemy, as he is in making stiff soldiers spill a smirk.

While he's not good with weapons, preferring something that keeps him far away, Canopus will join in and fight. In direct combat his voice doesn't do him much good. Actually it almost makes him a target, as he always tends to mock his enemies. When it comes to fight or flight, the latter is almost always the choice. Flying away, and trying to resist cracking one more joke is something Canopus has learned to do.

Still, no one really wants to hurt Canopus, everyone, both sides really, seem to enjoy him. In the heart of this war, he still manages to smile and just be goofy. Most seem to know, that a mime is a terrible thing to waste. Many seem to let him get away, as his bright colors make him easy to spot. Which is exactly what Canopus wants. Not to trick anyone, like you might think. Canopus just wishes everyone could get along, and just have a good chuckle with him.


(plain white background)

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The Hylidae family maintains a mysterious presence throughout the forests, where they keep a silent watch in the name of justice.

They are extremely secretive, expertly using the forest to stay covered at all times, unless battle necessitates a public appearance. The Hylids are especially skilled at navigating through tree tops, under water, and even underground, depending on which order of the family they hail from.

Among the tree top dwelling order of Hylids is a passionate young warrior named Chor. He is an expert hand-to-hand combatant, choosing to focus his agility and stamina as his main weapons. Despite having little experience, Chor has gained quite a reputation within his family as a formidable fighter. However, his zeal for combat is matched by his lack of discipline and wisdom, and those shortcomings have led him to many dangerous situations that his family has had to rescue him from.

Most members of Chor's order specialize in long range combat, as they are most comfortable maneuvering among the tree tops. Chor, however, has no desire to follow his calling as a sniper. More often than not, his heart takes him out of the shadows and into the fray, much to his family's chagrin - for every venture he takes into the public eye is a venture his family must immediately work to clean up.

However, despite the frustration Chor brings to his order, and all members of the Hylidae family, they clearly recognize that he is a formidable opponent. One day, he will gain the experience and wisdom needed to become the leader of a new generation of battle frogs, and all his descendants will proudly claim the lineage of Chor of the Hylids.

(additional sketches: Chor leaping into action, and Chor's non-minimate design)



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Stargart of the planet Nexsus

From a long lineage of Nexsusiens, Stargart is the greatest fighter on the planet. With flawless technique, Stargart needs no weapon to beat any challenger. Over the years of fighting on a warrior planet, he has amassed incredible fighting gear, whether acquired from prize fights or passed down within his family lineage. The Nexsusiens are a very proud and loyal race who have experienced a peaceful world because of fighters, such as Stargart, who terrorize anyone who may jeopardize their peaceful civilization. When there are no terrorist running a muck, the Nexsusiens organize tournament fighting in all major cities, this is the only sport this race has and wants. The last man standing in each city's tournament is entered into the Nexsus World Tournament, and the winner of this tournament has the privilege of fighting Stargart.

Stargart is undefeated.

Stargart's Armor:

The belt piece that Stargart is wearing, is worn by that fighter, the fighter who is the best on the planet. The fighter who cannot be beat by any known being.

Stargart's main piece of defensive armor, the upper torso piece was skinned off a defeated terroristic opponent, who possessed skin so tough that, even with Stargart's incredible strength, could not damage or even put a dent into it. That opponent was defeated after a long and grueling fight between two super powered fighters, whose battle lasted 47 days and 48 nights. This was Stargart's closest matched opponent he had ever fought. On that 48th night, Stargart was the victor. The defeated opponent was painstakingly skinned and made into an upper torso body armor piece to be worn in battle with unmatched protection and as a trophy piece to symbolize the continued peace on the planet Nexsus.

With measurables that are far and beyond larger than the average Nexsusien, Stargart's massive hands are a testament to why he is so great in battle. The Gloves of Novasil have been handed down from father to son for century’s and now in the possession of Stargart. These are no ordinary gloves; these are gloves with great ability. The Gloves of Novasil do not wear out, they do not grant anymore strength to the wielder than what that wielder already possesses, but has incredible grip and are extremely lightweight and not to mention, they can deflect laser beams and bullets. Stargart has the ability to see the laser beam or bullet flying at him and can deflect that projectile in any direction he so chooses. Stargart's father, Mocholo, was the Champion of the world before him and wore the same Gloves of Novasil and then passed them down to son when the time was right.

Lastly, the incredible boots Stargart wears are the most mysterious objects worn. All that is know as fact is that they were made on a different planet and were given as a gift to Stargart himself. It has not been revealed to anyone except Stargart himself on all the powers the boots possess and the mysterious materials they were made from. All that is known for sure, outside Stargart himself, is that they don a blue-ish, purple shard at the top of the boot some how empowers the rest of the boot and while only a small margin of their true abilities of the boots is known, what is known is that they enable Stargart to move around with ease as if he were light as a feather, which in turn makes Stargart incredibly fast and the other known attribute acquired by wearing the boots is that no one else can wear them. If anyone try’s to put the boots on, the boots simply will not fit, no matter how hard one try’s, these boots only obey Stargart.

Stargart is waiting for a challenger who can even give him a half decent fight. He is King of Nexsus and adored by the Nexsusiens.

Truly, he is a one of a kind beast of battle.

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Flech was born in to the rabbit thief guild and trained to be the best but after stealing the crown of the pig king the pigs attacked the rabbits killing them all

or so they thought. Flech got away by dressing up as one of the pigs. Not been that smart the pig just let him walk straight pass them.

Now he will do anything for the right price from assassination to robbing a candy store.

The scare over his eye he says happened during the pig attack but really he was using his hunting knife to pic his teeth and slipped, and the half ear that was bit off by his 5th wife after she found him in bed with two of her

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Name: Roderick

Species: Robin

Planet: Valdria

Bio: Roderick’s fate had always been known to him. As a first cousin to the three Crown Princes of Valdria, and himself fourth in line for the crown, he would become a soldier and hopefully distinguish himself in battle so that one day he might join the Praetorian Guard and protect the princes, and the line of succession, with his life. The Wars of Succession had ended generations ago, and now Roderick was on the cusp of becoming the leader of the Praetorian Guard, as his father and grandfather had before him. But fate is a fickle mistress. In what would later become known as The Night of Attrition, the royal family was decimated leaving Roderick as the sole heir to the throne. Unbeknowst to him, his banner was raised and an army gathered to support his claim, a claim which he did not seek. He was captured and tried as a traitor to the throne but the name that stung most was that of ‘Usurper’. Held up as a straw man for the masses by the forces which had overthrown the Royal Family, Roderick was marked as a traitor, had his wings cut off, and he was thrown in the deepest dungeon where he was to be forgotten. Thankfully, fate once again intervened. Deep infighting in the usurper camps saw the castle attacked and Roderick was able to escape but not before raiding the Royal Armory where he procured a set of magicanical wings along with arms and armor. Roderick must now head to Earth to find Merk – the former suitor to the Princess - as he is the only one still alive who might be able to help him clear his name!









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May I present my entry - Surfstorm Shark:


Highly intelligent and refined, Surfstorm is active in several conservation groups, with a special interest in clean water and marine life. Because of his aquatic nature, he is a highly-sought public speaker. With his rich baritone voice and tales of life beneath the waves, Surfstorm can hold an audience's attention for hours, while gently educating them on the environment.

In his spare time, Surfstorm viciously hunts and kills other Battle Beasts, leaving their severed heads on pikes for their loved ones to find. He has been known to collect his foe's blood and entrails and take them with him in his ever-present chum bucket.




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ok folks, here we go, almost didn't make it, and with help from my writer TM2Dinobot, we even have a sweet bio of this dude.

Here is my entry for the Battle Beasts contest


The successful serpentine soldier, Salazar Sh'riani, the Silent Stalker and Sinister Scale of the South (Seven S's) started surviving at a small size. Similar in stature to all Scalers of the planet Slitherak, Salazar remained unnamed until he slaughtered a singular seditionist and received a solo name from his parents. At which spot he swallowed the six remaining of his siblings before they hatched.

Salazar strode straight ahead, growing in skill and speed. Upon his seventeenth celebration of hatching, Salazar possessed six names. He was summarily rewarded with a class seven strikewalker, stabilizing him with legs he'd scarcely studied before. Salazar became unstoppable, swinging a swath of slaughter from the south, stretching from the sand hills of Slaughterlajara to the steppes of Morbid, Slain, scoring a seventh name for the sprachgefhul serpent.

Salazar's custom Stealth class seven Strikewalker can skip along at speeds up to sixty six point seven slithers-per-hour. Strategically secluded stinger missiles ensured short work of anyone stupid enough to stand scale to scare with Salazar. Stealth stabilizers selected for their silent Stealthonics allow Salazar to secretly slide into striking position. Those unfortunate enough to see his face only ever have time to call out "It's SSSSSSS!" before they are silenced. Salazar may seem a small statured threat sans strikewalker, but he is anything but unarmed, and always deadly. Special toxin in his syringe teeth can kill within seconds, and his has been modified to shoot a silicone based acid out of one scale in his sloping forehead.

Stupid foes that stumble into his path should do well to scan the horizon for a red skinned scaler. It just may be the last thing they ever see.








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Okay, here goes:

Meet Master Bahn Anné.


Master Bahn Anné is a member of the long forgotten Order of the Spider Monks. Though all but extinct generations ago, Master Anné was found secluded on a swampy world teaming with under-evolved life forms. This hyper-evolved Simian is believed to be centuries old, his vestigial arms growing to full and useful scale.

The Order of the Spider Monks goes back millenia. Believed a hokey religion by many, The Order is very real. Spider Monks are able to attune themselves to the living beings around them, influencing, and often controlling those around them. They are also able to "see" things before they happen, often predicting events years in the future. Through his meditations, Master Bahn Anné has managed to achieve the highest status The Order has ever had, even if he is the last to know of it. Using ancient scripture and the tome of Onkey, he has taught himself the art of war. A master strategist, Master Anné is versed in every war in the history books and his planning and "insight" mean he never looses a battle.

On the battlefield, his powers over those of lesser and willing Beasts allow him to guide the battle in an almost hive-like manner:


While Spider Monks are very agile and good with blades, they prefer the back of battle, levitating in concentration, directing the outcome to their own ends. Master Bahn Anné is no exception. His appearance in the recent conflict can only mean doom for the opposing side. But can he be trusted, or is he orchestrating the return of the Dark Order of the Spider Monks?


Full Gallery can be found here. I have one more I want to display, but it did not get online. Grrr :(

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Okey dokey... Eleventh Hour submission... I just spent all night finishing him up, lolz...


This is Chilly. (Yes I named him after Chilly Willy, lol)... He's a wise-cracking specialist in Arctic Combat. His teammates can't stand him, but deep down they all love him... and the lady beasts find him irresistibly adorable... and he's not sure if he appreciates that. He's a great diver, and a first choice for aquatic missions. He might not always have the most serious attitude, but when push comes to shove, there's not a more capable ally in the world, and no other beast you'd rather have watching your back.

I went with a penguin because I wanted something innocuous... that you wouldn't normally think of as a "battle" beast. No Arachnids, or Apes, or Lions, Tigers and Bears... something that's looks would be deceiving, lol...

It came down to this or Bunny... and Penguin just seemed cooler (no pun intended, lol).

But I still wanted to try to make him look like a badass... which I hope I succeeded at.

As I said way earlier as well, I'm no customizer... I appreciate the work it takes, because I've tried it and failed horribly, but drawing has always been my thing, so this was the way to go for me. I wanted to do a full design sheet like Diamond does for him, but didn't end up having enough time to work it in between my real job, lol.

Oh PS. If his stature seems shorter than your average minimate, it is. I designed him so his feet envelop most of his leg... making him short... ya'know... like a penguin, hehehe...

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Defense Minister to the citizens of Armadian (Remote Battle Beast Kingdom on the Moon), no experienced Battle Beast would underestimate Colonel Nigel Siege for his smaller stature and vegetarian lifestyle. Colonel "Tail Slap" is a tactical genius and strategist that has been trusted to maintain the defensive walls and fortifications of Armadian from the evil Battle Beasts that continue to hunt for the secret weapon. Naturally skilled at building the greatest defensive structures, Colonel "Tail Slap" also has a personal vendetta against those who would attempt to invade him home. Sacrificing all for his people, Nigel lost his tail and was severely damaged by the Black Mosquito raid of 3099, only a combination of Science and Magic could restore the Colonel back to fighting form for his beloved citizens.

Now Colonel "Tail Slap" incorporates the same Magic and Science into his weaponry and defensive fortifications.

(Would like to thank my wife for helping with the character design and back story)

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Thanks for extending the deadline Lurch! Wouldn't have been able to submit other wise.

There's been a slew of AMAZING entries for this. Mine doesn't even stack up. But I didn't want to give up making him so i'm submitting him anyway.

Bantarr, the Lost King.


Bantarr, son of Lupenux, was destined to one day lead the pack his father had formed. His father, the alpha male, had begun to train him to one day surpass him. On a routine hunt, Bantarr and Lupenux were attacked by a band of serpent raiders. Lupenux fought them off with ease, until he was bitten by one of them, venom filled his veins and killed him almost instantly. The raiders pried the armor off of the now lifeless body of Lupenux and left. Bantarr ran after them and with all his strength, and tackled one of the slower ones. He mauled it to death in a fit of rage and retrieved the parts of the armor the serpent had.




Ten years have passed and Bantarr is one of the most feared and ruthless beings in all of [insert the name of the Battle Beast world here!]. He's a killer of killers, taking down any low-life, scum, bandit, theif, or raider he crosses paths with. Wearing parts of his father's armor, he represents what he tends to become, king.



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