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Remember those folks that put together an X-Mansion at the Lego Ideas site? Y'know, the one that goes up for review in September and'll hopefully get made?

Well, they've got a STRANGE set up for support now that a lot of us may be interested in.

Doctor Strange's Sanctum Santorum!

I especially like the inclusion of Defenders members in the other images. Please give these guys some support. This set would be amazing with Minimates.


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I'm showing my favoritism but if I had to pick one of them shown so far, it'd be the Dr. Strange set.

That said, I'm happy to pay top dollar for both it and the X-Mansion set.

Of course, my dream is the top four floors of the Baxter Building...

If I had to pick this, the mansion or the Wayne Manor i'd definitely pick the Sanctum Santorum as well. My dream set though would be a modular Avengers Mansion. Hell, why make just one? Why not start a superheroes modular line? It'd sell like hotcakes! You've got the Sanctum, the Baxter Building, Doom's Castle, Avengers Mansion, Avengers Tower, the Panther's Palace, the Helicarrier,Knowhere etc...

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