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  1. People are already picking up wave 10?! I still haven't seen wave 7! In fact I have been to every TRU in Oregon and haven't seen a anything past wave 6 in over two months...
  2. I hear you, your points are very valid. Forgive me for being one of the older members and really not trying to doll out advice. My story I'm a semi adequate singer, tons of stage work, musicals, sang with the opera for years, the money I made barely paid the self employment tax at the end of the year. I have MANY friends who are trying to follow thier bliss, not wanting to sell out or become a corporate drone. In the end it's a lifestyle choice. I work for a fortune 50 company that pays well (well maybe pays ok) have a home, car, blah blah blah. Do I love my job? No. But it becomes a means to an end, it serves a purpose, and I have chosen to live a lifestyle that requires more than the few dollars I made at my passion of singing. If you ave a gift at writing, use it! Continue to write. No one says when you're done at work you can't continue to write. And if you keep at it, odds are you'll have some success. You might not be the next JK Rowling, but if you keep at it there's certainly some satisfaction knowing you're doing what you love. Being a corporate sell out I often question what's the point, what's going to be my legacy when I'm gone (aside from my formidable minimate collection). I can't answer that, though I think that's a lifelong struggle to find the point. Please, keep writing, don't give up.
  3. I work for Sprint and carry the Samsung Epic, got it mostly for the super AMOLED screen and slide out qwerty, though I use Swipe for most all of my messaging now.
  4. Minimates_checklist_11_10.xls Hey gang hope this is kosher I did a little updating of the Excel spread sheet, I'm sure I missed something, hope this doesn't offend anyone...
  5. Just so I'm clear (been distracted for a while) the Universal Monsters box set each contain one original mate along with re-relelases of three we all scoured TRU to get our hands on, correct?
  6. Aapje ,you may have spelled that wrong............... & I'm hoping you meant 'puked' . Oh no, I think he meant Pucked, most definitely!
  7. Adma Corolla show is a lot of fun, plus I do a few NPR shows Car Talk, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me are a couple fav's.
  8. I've got an ax for you. I know a special way you can mount it...
  9. Shatterstar, Shatterstar!!! Really I would LOOOOVE a Longshot and Mojo! Sorry off topic BUT STILL!
  10. Let's make it a real action movie, Director John Woo starring Tom Cruise!!!
  11. I don't rmember Slimer ever getting blown, at least not in the version I saw. Maybe it was the unedited sequal "Ballbusters" or "Ghosthummers" ?
  12. Wow it's so big!!! At this rate we'll only need 37 of them to hold our entire collection. Not counting 3 inchers. Or two and a half inchers. or... Still it is nice they threw in a preview of the pirate mates!
  13. Add me to your fans I've used your site numerous times to keep tabs on what I have and what's missing, really thanks man!
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