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  1. Aaah! I see. Fair enough. They don't seem any more dangerous than other minifigures, but what do I know I shall have to check out Luke's Toy Store thanks guys
  2. Wasn't sure where to put this, or if it had already been put up, but I just wanted to know how far behind the UK is on getting a set, compared to the USA & ROW. For example, do the USA get a set first, & then we get them shortly there after? Or are all sets available worldwide at the same time? Also, are there any UK Toys R Us shops that sell them? The only place I've seen them in Liverpool is Worlds Apart & Forbidden Planet (which is basically the same shop anyway) If any fellow scouse know where else sells them, let me know!
  3. Frank Turner, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Misfits....the list is endless
  4. Hopefully they'll do the many versions of the turtles maybe starting with the (god awful looking) film, and working backwards. Who knows. But they have plenty of history and characters to pick and choose from. I want a Rat King!
  5. I'm flying over to St Louis next week! And while I'm over there, I'm doing a tour of Busch Stadium, so I'm going to see if I can get a couple Cardinals figures (of these sets) while I'm over there
  6. They should do a SModcast podcast set! I'd love one of Kev & Mo as they appear on the poster The Clerks set of Jay and Silent Bob are what got me into minimates, so I shall be doing my best to get as many of the View Askew sets as I can
  7. Well, I do only have one set (so far) but I gave in and cracked em open! I thought having them all (when I no doubt surely will have lots) scattered around my room would look pretty cool and Much better than having them stuck on the wall in the packaging
  8. Thanks guys! More Englishmen than I thought there would be!
  9. Ha! Yeah. I have been 'worried' about that I'm also still debating wether I should keep them in the package or take them out. What are your personal preferences?
  10. Very new to the world of minimates (from reading up on everything it looks like I have a good decade to do so!) but better late than never, right ? Always been a toy geek, especially minifigures (big time when I worked at Legoland) but have not collected anything for a few years, until now. I'm a HUGE Kevin Smith fan (love the SModcast podcast network) & I finally saw (in store, which is rare in these parts) The Jay & Silent Bob minimates set (even better is that it is the Grey SDCC version) so I had to pick them up! And since then (which was only last week!) I have been bitten by the bug I'm not going to go on a mad rampage & try hunt down every single one, but I am definitely going to start collecting minimates I like from now on. Look forward to up coming sets (especially the TMNT figs.....if they look good) & finding out more
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