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  1. I'd no idea who Mr.Geppi was until that wonderful Minimate promo arrived on the scene but I took the opportunity (then) to read 'his' wiki page . I am long enough in the tooth to not absorb & believe everything I read on a wiki page but it is worth reading . Penguin ,the new distributor, is also an interesting company to read up on but I'm guessing that by the time you've got your head around Geppi then you'll be less interested in Penguin. My personal conclusion is that on the face of it nothing much will change with the actual distribution of the merchandise. BTW you might also want to read up on the Sherman Antitrust Act which the US congress passed in 1890 which has no bearing at all on the distribution of comics. No sarcasm was used in my post .
  2. Unusually ...I have been lost for words (about your collection) ....let's try 'stunning'. Wonderful.
  3. I see that there is GI Joe Retro range , are the vehicles, Minimate compatible ?
  4. I really appreciate your swift post Zach & I also apologise unreservedly for shooting from the hip .
  5. In my mind one of the best if not the best vinimate so far. In other news from BBTS , Iron Giant (attack mode) vinimates were just added to my pile of loot
  6. Always look on the bright side .......the Marvel Avengers Endgame box set was re-run . However .......can you believe how DST continually pisses on its own fireworks ? Instead of encouraging fans old & new to look forward to a new Minimate licence, they perpetuate this lunacy of making their previously poorly-selling toy-line hard to get hold of! Just sell the damn things to whomever want them.....that is good business . If this BBTS newsbite is irrelevant & misleading then forf%cksake ,Zach, diss it immediately because it f£cking doesn't enthuse people it just kicks them straight dead-centre in the bollocks.
  7. I'm betting that these won't be limited in Schaumberg .
  8. Currently I know almost nothing about GI Joe ....bear that in mind as I begin my quest to acquaint myself . So my 'search engines' are in warp drive trying to figure out (for me) what we actually have here (above) & from what I am discovering I am becoming confused. Can someone help ? These are based on Hasbro GI Joe figures , correct ? I am aware that there are various versions of each character but I, the uninitiated, can't pinpoint immediately which Hasbro version each is based on ? It would seem that Scarlett & Storm Shadow are possibly based on the '25th. anniversary' figures ? Then there's Cobra Commander ? I am amongst knowledgable people ,please bring me up to speed a kindly way. Thanks. -buzzer?headsmate
  9. In my daily ebay trawl I noted the Cosbaby version of the Wandavision Halloween pre-sale Witch . Like I said above I haven't seen the show but I was more than surprised irritated to see that the colour scheme of Wanda's leg apparel looks identical to that of the earliest Minimate version . Maybe it's me ??
  10. My customising skills are lame so I shan't be in touch but that is one awesome project & I hope it finds the right home. It would also be a wonderful pattern for somebody who is into making further articulated large minimates ?
  11. I haven't seen the show but the reviews are very good. Regards a 'Wandavision' two pack ? It still might happen . Regards both characters as Minimates , Wanda has been portrayed 5 times , 2 of them are amongst the worst Marvel Minimates ever made . Vision has had enough versions IMHO & it is perhaps because I dislike Bettany's portrayal of the Vision that I dislike all the movie versions , they're nice Minimates but they don't hit the spot with me . BTW I struggled to get my fix of the SDCC 2016 versions, they were initially tough (for me) although I'm now covered. Despite my comments above I liked that set & the fact that it exists is perhaps why we are not getting a 'Wandavision' pair...too similar?
  12. A little research showed me that non-transforming Transformer merchandise is common, I shot from the hip, I accept that. I have ordered them , that's the best that I can add .
  13. A dropship would be great but a 'bridge too far' in the current climate whereas a 2-pack series finisher would seem far more realistic . I have tried to feel some love for Minimate vehicles , the BSG items came close , but I have little . I would ,for example,have much preferred all of the Munsters family rather than the 2 Munsters koaches & 2 Hermans that we got !!
  14. Many thanks This birthday was a milestone because I'm officially a pensioner now , I don't know whether to laugh or cry ? It's been a tough year for just about everybody but I know things will get better . This morning I got my Covid vaccination , I made my choice & I believe I made the right one. I however becoming a little pissed off that I am now being pushed into getting an APP (proving I'm innoculated) which will allow me to travel abroad !! I chose several years ago that I do not want a mobile phone .....absolutely no political or conspiracy reasoning.......I just have no need for one , but now it is almost mandatory .
  15. Army builders ,for many of us, are just great & I hope this proposed line delivers. DST have,historically, tried the army building approach before . Was it successful , who knows ? LOR Elven warrior 2-packs & BSG Cylon 5 packs were heavily discounted 'in the day' ...just saying! Crazy 88's ? Again I'm not sure.
  16. Generally speaking ,the Minimate 'hand' often spoils an otherwise beautifully designed Minimate , significantly the hands look strange ,IMHO, on these Transformers. The relatively minor addition of sculpted hands/gauntlets/claws would go some way to making these robots look more robotic . Over 10 years ago DST produced what I consider to be the best (technically speaking) minimate ever made , it had its flaws & was also almost inarticulate but it was superb ....TRU W7 Hulk Buster . 10 years on & I find myself trying to figure out WTF I can constructively say but I'm unsure whether to get my usual case from Luke or wait until these show up at McDonalds .
  17. I ,truly,want to be convinced into 'understanding' these 'mates . Apart from reading up about Transformer history the original toys passed me by , I've kinda enjoyed the movies & I know there is a huge following . Minimates ? I think I am capable of holding a conversation about them . Looking at those pictures I surmised that they were incapable of transforming. I was however totally sure that they probably suffer in the same way that all Minimates suffer when heavily bulked-up with slip-overs , they become 2 inch Vinimates.
  18. MGS ? I struggled there for a minute , Metal Gear Solid . Once again, Medicom produced some beautiful MGS kubricks ....& some not so interesting G.I .Joes . That is not to say that the G.I .Joe Minimates won't be interesting , I hope so. I own a set of 6, G.I . Joe kubricks , they're the only Joe toys that I have. The only interesting thing about my set is that I have never ever seen another set for sale anywhere .....& trust me , I am always looking. I know of the great love amongst many here for Joe merchandise , I hope it meets your expectations.
  19. Who knew? I accept that this is an homage of Transformers but I personally don't quite get it ?
  20. I'll wait for the pictures of these in their transformed guises before commenting too much. It's all in the wording ,'Mimic' and 'multiple' points of articulation kinda say it all.
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