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  1. I always read this thread & I continually ask myself why the avenue of 3D printed Minimates isn't fully exploited . As always I probably need to explain that I'm not patronising or criticising those people who are making such fantastic 'pieces' , no way, I am in awe. I am questioning quite why someone hasn't fully exploited what must be considered to be the future of Minimates ? That's a question .
  2. The Skeleton Crew discussing zombies ! Maybe that's a message .
  3. I would have loved a "Deliverance' box set . er....just saying .
  4. My usual order is with Mr.Porter & I look forward to seeing them .
  5. Sadly due to time differences I may have missed the bunfight although there may be time left to pour some gasoline water onto the fire. This zombie-pack ,for me, came from out of nowhere, a complete surprise . A disappointment ? I guess it was but as somebody has implied, any product in this current climate is welcome IMHO . Ultimately even I have to get down from sitting on the fence. IMHO = in my humble opinion. I am not a moderator despite what it might say in the 'Moderator's list' . I have had more than my fair share of jousts with fellow-members , DST officials & moderators for that matter . I am therefore not casting any stones at anyone . The 'cost' of Minimates ,the 'price rise' ? On the face of it is substantial but as someone who has recently built a house, price rises have been the highest this 67 year-old has ever seen . People are exploiting this but I ,personally don't think DST is . They are however 'preparing the way' by touting a 'recommended selling price' . Forgive my use of '....' but I have learned long ago that what I type in British gets confusing for some colonials . "When I was a child ,I spoke as a child ,I understood as a child,I thought as a child : but when I became a man, I put away childish things, including the fear of repaints ,packaging & price rises " .....with apologies to C.S.Lewis
  6. It's difficult for me to remain interested in this licence when all I recall about Power Rangers when it was on the TV was my gratitude for a nearby TV remote. That's my age & my honesty ..& not anything nasty or snarky. The product & their reception, by those that obviously love them ,is far more important . So ,the one thing that caught my eye on the packaging for these is the different looking Minimates Logo. Had people been criticising the old one?
  7. There's a company called `Sonner Toys' who are advertising them .
  8. My feelings were made in the post above but I realise that many of us are completely divided .....that's the way the world has gone unfortunately on everything .....on the relevance of packaging . A word of warning to DST , there have been several documented accounts of 'blistered' Minimates where the blisters were shoddily applied...they regularly came off . If these 'flagship' packaged mates fall into that category then the whole concept will crash in flames .
  9. I'm genuinely pleased for those that are pleased with the announcement of these wrestling 'mates.
  10. Blinking marvellous Luke. I couldn't think of anything cornea. -blueeyesmate
  11. Fortnite ? Micronauts ? Battle Beasts ...relaunch?
  12. I've run 'nrobots' post past the gynecology dept. & they've positively confirmed what I was thinking about him & his post.
  13. ..& are now known as the not-so-young Avengers ? ...& are perhaps the Newer Champions ? I can't wait for the Not-so-Ancient One & The Less than Eternals , Younger Man Logan & Tony Stork * -ol'butt *Get it ?
  14. Bad-ass in so many ways. -buttsun-drilledmate
  15. I'd give up beer* for all the Minimates that could have been . * & lying
  16. the Kronan Stone Man (of Saturn) which was the Thing with a different moulded head .
  17. I'm not entirely sure which Marvel characters appeared on Disney +, costumed . I am entirely sure that the Netflix Minimates weren't as popular as DST might have hoped , I am being polite . One of those Netlix box-sets commands a premium on & that is probably because it was produced in fewer numbers . I cannot confirm that with any certainty ....except that I'm usually right . I see a lot of Netflix 'mates on UK ebay , often a sign that secondary sellers are buying from UK discount stores who have had dumps of unsold US stock , similar to the current WG glut . Netflix Minimates are abundant on US ebay at nigh on original price,apart from the one I have mentioned . Personally I felt that the Netflix 'mates were well produced,full of accessories but ultimately civilians. Netflix ain't Disney so I hope we get some costumed Minimates because costumed minimates are what I feel are the 'mates that people desire . I could have just posted just that last sentence but I was in the mood.
  18. Thanks WB , Newsworthy I had my suspicions that B & M would eventually be a major outlet for the WG mates . UK ebay is awash with WG 'mate listings now & they were obviously being retailed somewhere !!
  19. I'll definitely let this go after I say just this.... Minimates are designed for interchangeability ,I get that I really do but which Minimate would anybody want to put 'Thing's' separate headpiece onto apart from another 'Thing' ? Who would put an actual hairpiece on to a Thing head ? It ain't 'appening Just mould a one-piece sculpted head ,paint it & be done ?
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