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  1. I loved BSG & I would have loved to have seen this hex/6 concept back in the day .
  2. Oh ...that need Subtlety (that really is a shit word to spell) can mean everything to a sometimes cynical collector . I'm not a big fan of NBX 'mates but I do appreciate them , this set I understand .
  3. Different facial expressions make these a bit more desirable . Although I know exactly what it is between the Clown's legs , I still can't help myself giggling like Beavis .
  4. The NBX set is a bit more logical & that Clown is a bastard to find in the wild . 1000 sets ! I've said it for years but here's some actual confirmation of how limited many Minimate releases are.
  5. SDCC always brings out the best in all of us .... people Fortunately,this year, there appears to be an absence of those great joy-bringers that unite the common man ,promos. Who can forget the joy that those Gold Alligators & Vorins brought us Oh how I wish I could have been at one of those private parties with good ol' Digger. I'm not sure whether I commented at the time ? Lessons were learnt & at SDCC2017 DST gave us the last Turtle to complete our collections ,that worked well , I remember it being Nickelodeon's fault ,not DST's. There won't actually be anybody at SDCC this year will there ,so selling 2000 of these on line might be a good decision ? Scalping Diamond Cardboard Collectors exclusive might be a winner. -butthurtsmate
  6. The fact is that the last Marvel minimate box set was Avengers Endgame , that was 2 years ago . Personally, I have kept up my Marvel Minimate collecting in the last 2 years with Walgreen releases & quite why WG 'mates aren't revered is yet another mystery to me . IMHO WG 'mates are that 'pinnacle' that I alluded to in an earlier post, they're stunning . An SDCC ,updated ,Endgame set is the first box-set after a 2 year drought , when compared to what I'm seeing in the WG waves , they look ordinary , very ordinary. I'm going to a pub next week for a beer ,the first time in many a long day . Despite the wait & despite the novelty I will still want good beer not just any ordinary beer . BTW ..........Ou est Le Falcon ?
  7. Did I forget 'our' 81st. Iron Man ? I wasn't sure whether he'd be our 81st. or 82nd. I've read that there will be 1000 sets of these (source : Dorkside Toys) & ,each & every site I am finding, limits your spending to one set .......there is one ebay seller however that is prepared to sell you a set for $154.98 & appears to have 8 cases of 12 in his future inventory. 1000 sets ? IMHO that wouldn't be the first time DST has produced such a small number of Minimates . Obviously.
  8. I hear you. Those of us that weren't late to Minimates might add to our collections our 15th Hawkeye or Black Widow ,our 31st Thor ,our 49th Hulk & our 50th Captain America. A boxed set of A+list SDCC Marvel Minimates should be the pinnacle of everything that has come before , here's the rub (for me at least) none of them is going to be a classic or a must-have & that speaks volumes .
  9. A nice bunch of 'mates, that said...... 2 years after Endgame, so I'm a little surprised at the choice of characters , obviously these are A+ big hitters but surely Marvel has moved on since then ? Or not?
  10. The POA kubricks were amongst the first released by Medicom & are accordingly quite naive . Regards buying them ,I would suggest buying a 'collection' rather than hunt them as individual box sets. Collections often appear on ,very reasonably priced . Many people here would love POA Minimates but I think it is a bit too late to hope for them . If we did get POA Minimates I can't believe we'd get a Minimate horse . Kubrick collectors got a kubrick POA horse 20+ years ago .
  11. 2 factors must always be considered when deciding whether a Minimate licence did well many were produced & how many were sold , that might sound obvious but it's not quite as simple as it sounds. IMHO Godzilla sets were produced in relatively low numbers ,command high prices with comparatively few listings years later. I'd guess that they were produced in very low numbers . Whether Godzilla 'mates were a commercial success for DST is debatable but if they sold out then,I guess, they did well .
  12. The Green Turtle was the first Asian American superhero . Who knew ? I happily remember reading the Master of Kung Fu comics (early 70's) & I'm wondering if I still have them in the vault ? I wish the film well & some 'mates would be nice.
  13. I've just gotten hold of Wave 12 & the Winter Soldier 'mates . WG Mates are undoubtedly difficult to obtain but it is most definitely worth the effort because the quality is just stunning , a credit to DST . I'm not convinced that the artwork on the reverse of each pack is worthwhile ? It's nice to see but I can't help thinking that a bit more imagination could be employed .
  14. Imagine being offered an X-men First Appearance box set at LCSs without Angel & then finding its being offered as the variant in a contemporary wave.
  15. Medicom also used 'cloth' which enhances the displayability ( is that a word?) but their playability/durability is limited .
  16. So say we all. That particular pack is, I believe,an homage to the original Kenner pack. Medicom did the same with kubricks,several years ago ...they however produced a big 400% f8cker as well as the normal sized version,both had almost identically styled packaging. I mention this because it is fascinating to have watched, over the years ,some ebay sellers contriving to photograph their 'normal-sized' packaged item in such a manner that the uninitiated might think they are buying the big 'un. Just saying.
  17. I think I've posted at length about what Kirk variants I'd be interested in so I'm happy to say it all over again date we have had 14 Kirks ,13 of which have black pants/feet/boots/crotchpiece . Star Trek isn't my favourite line but I do appreciate that it is a line with legs albeit black legs. The above is lighthearted hereon I am being pragmatic as usual. Isn't it about time that DST released a set of generic pieces , a customising package, that fans old & new could utilise ? Regards the 'shirtless' ....... I can think of several bare-chest Minimate characters who could donate.
  18. Thank you guys ....I'm smiling from ear to ear & y'know I'm laughing at myself. I continue to replay that youtube link continually ..... what an inspiration.
  19. For those of you in the US who are looking for Series 4 ,the TRU wave that never got sold at TRU, they are fairly plentiful on UK ebay .....& cheap.
  20. The last year has been pretty weird ,the lack of Minimates not helping , I have however been pretty successful at hunting down some kubricks that were missing from my collection . The damnedest thing about kubrick collecting is that you're never sure what is actually available or been available . There are also some kubricks that, by rights, you are unlikely ever to own purely because they were issued as part of a package or promotion . Ol' butt had just about given up on ever seeing them but collecting is all about patience & just recently I have scored 2 out of the 6 or so 'impossibles' & I'm inclined to believe that both came from sources that had no idea what they were actually selling ! Do I feel guilty ? Nope , I like to think that I am a fairly decent human being but when it comes to toy-collecting....... . Both of those kubricks are from the Ultraman licence & although I knew little about it ,I'm becoming more & more intrigued by it. Anybody into it?
  21. Over the years I have read that many people collect 'Minimates' because they can be displayed 'easily' . Your looking for your 4th shelf & I said..... I am in absolute awe of your collection ...I look forward to seeing your 5th & 6th Me? I'm building my 2nd warehouse for my sad collection of unopened Minimate cases.
  22. I still buy the occasional old Minimate from ebay if it's cheap enough it interests me, 'dump' chases always come into that category . This week I received 6 Alien dump cases which included the 3 human figures which I always go for . They were described as 'new' & the 3 human figures were as described BUT ol'butt nearly threw his toys out of the pram when he noticed that the Alien figures were almost bursting out of their little cases! On inspection I noted that they were still taped,obviously unopened, so WTF had gone on ? You know...but I didn't ....that back in 2014 somebody must have realised a bit too late that the box was a wee bit too small for the xenomorph , Ivan's site confirms . The reason for posting this is that it's kind of sad that it's taken 7 years for me to realise this ....I must also add that I had the TRU xenomporphs versions (in hand) way before I had the dump cases so there was little reason for me to inspect mine. ITS BEEN A SLOW NEWS DAY HERE.
  23. I recall 3 TRU Michonne releases & I am discounting the 'Riot' of those packs is the most prolific 2-pack that I have in my entire inventory collection but I am damned if I can remember which one it is ? If any body is wondering why (?) well .....that's because of's infamous salesmanship often seemed that whatever I ordered they just sent me what they wanted. In this particular instance somebody was just having a f*cking laugh at my expense . I laugh about it now. That aside ..... that custom is bloody stunning especially as all this talk about Michonne's hood accentuates the amount of customising Luke has done to it !!
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