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  1. Okay cool, now we're getting somewhere. I assumed step 1, but what sort of correct plastic materials are we talking about here for step two? They don't need to be the exact same as the real ones but close enough works for me. And then also I don't know anything about molds, what do you use? And then you just pour and go? Seems too easy, what's the catch?
  2. Wasn't he just dyeing blanks? Anyways, if you have to ask this question, you're probably best off not pursing the idea.... Maybe he was dying blanks I didn't know, that's why I was asking? And I totally disagree, if you don't ask questions, then how would you know anything? People said I shouldn't go to college, then they said it would be too difficult to pursue nuclear chemistry, Japanese and making neon sign's all at the same time with no previous experience in any of those subjects. I had no background in those areas and now I teach/work with nuclear chemistry in Japan for half the year and I still make neon sign's on the side for fun too. Tisk Tisk too coming from the Staff, I would expect more from you people. So can anyone help point me in the right direction? Come on folks your out there I know it. Do the people who make the minimates toy line read this forum??
  3. everything needed to really mold and cast and make these guys. I saw a post on here where some guy was making clear purple and pink minimates that looked way sick. Do you need everything to be under vacuum too, stuff like that? Thanks everyone for reading
  4. Hello, don't know if this is in an older post, but I was wondering if anyone one knows what kind of chemicals you need to make these guys and the exact amounts and what kind of setup people have and stuff like that? Thanks
  5. Is that a picture of him in your profile picture, can you post that I want to see it bigger? I mean, sure, make him, they only have 1,200 other guys anyways, and you can bet half of those are doubles and up So boring We need more originals!! I like them without the bulky gear and constraining outfits, and more in raw form, like Xavier without his wussy blanket and suit and tie. If they could make the battle beasts like him with tons of detailed paint, and gear, that could be much cooler. Sorry for the tangent Kang would be cool too after seeing him in the Avengers Earth's Mightiest Hero's cartoon. He was right about to tune them up Real hard. He should have one that fight. Also will I'm thinking of it, his boys were pretty rowdy too, they could stop time and do sh*t. How they ever lose that fight is beyond me. They might be cool in minimate form too.
  6. Okay sounds good everyone, kinda silly, but I guess that seems to be the crowd here. Anyway if you made it like where anyone and everyone submits very similar action type poses with white backgrounds and good lighting, I think that would just add to your site and it wouldn't be all that much work for you. I only have about 50 guys so I could do as many as I could and send em over if your about it. Doesn't have to be all at once, but these things take time and slowly adding them into your website would only further befit you in the end. Thanks again for all the wacky responses I got.
  7. Sorry I should have been more specific. I meant geared up with weapons blazing and in some cool pose that makes you want to go buy that figure right away. I think it's one of the reasons I have so many Joe's, had to stop looking at geared up pics, everytime I was trying to convince myself to buy another one.
  8. Hello, I was wondering how to get in touch with the people over at the minimate database. They have no contact info, and I wanted to make a suggestion. I was thinking how cool it would be for them have another picture where the characters and geared up, like on Maybe even let people submit them if they all follow certian standards your looking for? Like only white backgrounds for instance, stuff like that. Any help? Thanks
  9. See, I've never seen Boromir or Merry on ebay, I've only been interested in these guys since like june, but still nothing. Also does any one have any pics of the supposed series 3? Thanks for all the feedback too I'm also still interested in price and rarity if anyone knows??
  10. Hello all, just wondering, did they ever make a Boromir minimate? Seems like maybe, maybe not?? If so, is he rare, and how much does he go for? Thanks
  11. My first minimate and still one of my favorites, Nemesis AOA soo sicky 2. My new wave 28 deadpool, so much detail in 2 inches, who knew 3. Professor X without his suit and blanket or helmet on. His outfit underneath is so freakin cool. and his Chair is weighty 4. Luke's custom NES Mega Man 5. Excalibur box set Juggernaut, so awesome, I don't have him yet though I really like the 90's Sabertooth too,looks just like the cartoon I grew up watching
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