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  1. Welcome to the board from the self-proclaimed King of the Newbies.
  2. I'm going to go ahead and say DONNIE DARKO! You could have a two pack of Donnie (alternate skeleton costume body) and Frank the Bunny.
  3. I noticed your new avatar today. I would kill my two youngest children (its an inside thing) for some Amory War 'mates. I GOT THAT! XD. And it thanks for the compliment on the icon.
  4. Is it just me or do Ghost Rider's gloves make him look kinda like a gorilla?
  5. My newest obsession is The Amory Wars, and they'd make some pretty good minimates. As far as I'm concerned the series' for Second Stage Turbine Blade could go: Series 1: Coheed Kilgannon (civilian clothes)/ Cambria Kilgannon (civilian clothes) Miriah Antillarea/ Jesse Claudio Kilgannon/ Wilhelm Ryan Mayo Deftinwolf/ Red Army Soldier VARIANT: Admiral Vielar Crom/ Red Army Soldier Series 2: Coheed Kilgannon (Aboard Gloria Vel Vessa)/ Cambria Kilgannon (Aboard GLoria Vel Vessa) Claudio (Shylos Ten)/ Cecil Coheed Kilgannon (Monstar)/ Cambria Kilgannon (White Ruineer) Ambellina/ Prise VARIANT: Paranoia/ Prise Exclusives: Josephine Kilgannon/ Patrick McCormack Newo Ikkin/ Claudio Kilgannon (End of Second Stage Turbine Blade) Box set: 4-pack of Priests: -Priest sent to Shylos Ten -Priest sent to find Ambellina and Newo -2 Priests sent to Paris: Earth
  6. I dont see any pic with your post so do you mean these? Not played the game so dont know how accurate they are but I feel the Batman is a bit to blue on cape/cowl/boots etc. The feeling I get for the game is very dark and the colours just seem too lively. Joker just looks like Joker nothing new really. Scarecrow looks very different I can understand the gasmask but the hands have me stumped. I dont know what his latest look is like so the metal and the weird hand I dont get. Harley Quinn I really like the gothie nurse look....Furrh, Humm....Nurse The screens! The reason Scarecrow has the metal hand is because that's the contraption he wears on his arm to spread the fear gas. There should be syringes at the end of his fingers, but he would use that glove to inject the fear gas into his victims (including Batman, multiple times).
  7. I'd like a Human Target 4 pack. Hell I'd buy it just for the Jackie Earle Haley minimate.
  8. I have a question, which may or may not have been answered already, but this still confuses me. *MINOR SPOILERS (I think)*
  9. That's so cool. I love the Iron Monger and Iron Spidey in there, it adds a nice touch.
  10. Your Dr. McNinja custom is great, as with your other customs. In fact it was you who got me into Dr. McNinja and Watchmen.
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