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  1. I'll take Machine Man and Jocasta however they come. I seem to recall reading that MM had been ruled out of any Marvel Zombies waves, so I guess it won't be that way though.
  2. Just popping in again to once again wish for a Machine Man and Jocasta pack. Or stick them in with a new classic Ultron and an Alkhema.
  3. Or you can check his stuff out on the customs board, I'm sure he links to his stuff in his thread. Plus you can see what his work looks like too.
  4. I'm sure I read in the past people have used a black wash. Put it on heavy, then wipe it off. Should leave just the black in the cracks. If that made sense.
  5. Someone else I'm surprised we've never seen has been Jarvis. MJ gets figures, H.E.R.B.I.E has two that I can think of. Even Aunt May got, an admittedly terrifying, Famous Cover and two minimates.
  6. For fun I made a minimate version of that Flatman in my custom thread. I'd like to mention Jocasta, poor always forgotten Jocasta.
  7. I haven't been keeping to up to date with things, has anyone taken any comparisons shots with the original GSX set yet?
  8. That would work, but fundamentally the issue is still there. If Nightcrawler's skin is blue, make the head from blue plastic. That cover is amazing Mini_Myte, I love the changed title.
  9. That pic is a serious evidence of why parts should be cast in the actual colour needed rather than painted.
  10. Mystique and Jubilee do, but Marrina has bangs/a fringe.
  11. Well we never got them over here in the UK. And I refuse to pay getting on for £20/$25 for a single, loose mate.
  12. That's a good point about the secondary market. I still haven't found a non-extortionately priced Janeway and Seven. I thought the Mirror Mirror set was a great idea, 4 or 5 mates/crew in a box set, then release a tie in series to support it with a couple of alternate heads and one of looks.
  13. I had been thinking of casting a skirt in latex or something, your idea sound much better, hadn't seen Finklestein before, so I looked him up on the database. He looks like the ideal solution, plus I can his chest as the basis of Dr Horrible - of sing-a-long blog fame! Result.
  14. Poor Uhura, having to stand for her entire shift. I'm determined to devise a way to let her sit down. She's the total opposite of Nichelle Nicols, who was chained to her station during away missions and had to stay behind when they did pick up shots with Shatner as Uhura could be seen over his should behind him.
  15. I think the shoulder flares make Colossus look bulked up enough. I always picture him as tall rather than bulky. .
  16. This might be the first wave where I order all of them straight off the bat. They all look amazing, Colossus doesn't seem too different to the original, but the others are all welcome update/new mates. Storm in particular looks perfect to me.
  17. I was thinking the same thing, she looks good, but needs more volume in the hair department. I'm going to swap out a repainted Snowbird hairpiece.
  18. I don't have the MvC Shulky, but I've added a second version of the FF costume, that should hopefully watch the rest of the FF if that helps in anyway.
  19. Been trying to update a few older mates, and use up some left over parts. So I made a, hopefully improved, chest for the Indiemate Dawn and a generic jacket that should be colour matched to the X3 Jean.
  20. I had that for nearly everything I tried when I posted my entry. Also despite being a small file the uploader on here didn't wan to work. Spent about two hours trying before it worked.
  21. I have been hoping to get this posted in time, but through various reasons I couldn't so she's about 50/50 custom to photoshop. I'll revisit her after the deadline.
  22. Thanks MM! I've been thinking of doing the same on Doom's cape but didn't know how to go about doing it, your pics helped a lot.
  23. I always like seeing how people improve on articulation, Herc looks much better without the awful shoulder bits. Same with the capes, could you give a bit more detail on how much you took off?
  24. Been out of the loop as of late, but had five hours on a train with nothing better to do, so here are some WIP for a FF She-Hulk and Titania. Wizard is an update of a previous design.
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