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  1. So any other good sites for minimate news?
  2. >Spiderverse So think they would do spider-ham in minimates form?
  3. I bought a revoltech skeleton v2. It's based off of jason and the argonauts. You guys hear figma is making a robocop figure? I'm glad to see japanese companies doing more american intellectual property's.
  4. The way i saw him was a big square piece with a eye on each side and six modified Scorpion tails as the arms. At least that's the way I saw him when I was thinking about doing a custom.
  5. I will buying a super-skrull. I hope they make shuma-gorath. I so want him.
  6. That's a whole lot of assumptions you got their buddy.
  7. That's me. Tho sometimes if it's weird or different I keep them.
  8. The jets look ok. The rest not so much.
  9. Sure. With legos you can build almost any scale. I've see full size lego desks. I don't see any reason why you couldn't.
  10. Can't wait for the sequel. The scarecrow levels were some of my favorite in the game.
  11. Sorry I'm just a blockist.
  12. When I was browsing threw some toys I found this. Qee futurama and mega blok marvel.
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