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  1. I would definitely buy it if it makes it past the approval process.
  2. I have to say the rest of the royal family are definitely my biggest wants right now. I would love a Crystal/Gorgon, Karnak/Triton, and Medusa w/Alpha Primitve troop builder. I am thinking Frightful Four as the variant Medusa. With an Updated Black Bolt/Maximus although I find the Black Bolt we have to be perfect, I think it would be the only way we would get Maximus.
  3. I am actually curious if it will be scaled to minimates, would make a cool display
  4. I think I may get these depending on how the sets look. Does anybody know if they make sturdy sets?
  5. . I actually just picked up the Aerialbots and the Stunticons from my local Target on clearance for $3.28 ea. They are pretty cool but combined all though it looks cool the big guys are flimsy.
  6. Mine is definitely Who framed Roger Rabbit, loved when I saw it at the theaters and actually own it on Betamax, VHS, LaserDisc, DVD, & most recently Blu-Ray. To me it fits so many different genres, and funny enough one of the few movies that is better then the book
  7. Does anyone know what the thing on Janeways right arm is? I so should have jumped back a few pages, as it was answered so please ignore., ps I am really excited for these, the 1st run of Star Trek are what got me collecting minimates.
  8. Did anyone notice this looks almost exactly like the old ewok village from the Kenner line?
  9. Wait I thought that the energy form was beyonder and was that not the figure used for sunspot in the new mutants box set?
  10. Hey Zach, do you know if the new Sisko and Picard bodies match up color wise with the previously released ones?
  11. Errr... did you mean Nova, Nate, or am I not familiar with a nickname?. I think he was actually talking about ZEMO
  12. Oh my god, I am choking to death from laughter from that last one, awesome start to a new year. Professor Jean kissed me ( classic )
  13. Those are my most wanted box set for Diamond to make as a 4-pack, I love me some classic Starjammers.
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