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  1. That 9th wave probably would have included two of the missing New Teen Titans: Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and/or Changeling. They may have been holding Changeling to go with Terra. Luckily several years ago, Luke customized these for me so my New Teen Titans MiniMates are complete.
  2. Like Essex, the X-Force and New Mutants sets finally have me excited over Marvel MiniMates again! Really glad to see Dani Moonstar and Magma along with Boom Boom and Rictor. Other than those two packs, there really isn't anything else that I love on the Marvel side.
  3. By the same logic, Jane is just a one-time character though (i.e. she's exclusive to Thor) while Colson has been in three Marvel movies already. He is a much more desired character, and has been clamored for since Iron Man. I think it's much smarter to have Jane as the variant, personally. Yeah, you may be right. I had only read the past couple pages, but when I read them all I saw a lot of love for Colson. I didn't put the face with the name, but now that I recognize him as "Richard from the New Adventures of Old Christine" or Jennifer Grey's husband, I can see why there is such interest now. Just to be safe I went ahead and preordered a couple from Luke's. As another mentioned, I hope I don't get things mixed up and we have another Silver Age Angel on our hands. :biggrin:
  4. Luke's has the Jane Foster/Frost Giant set as the variant! I hope that's not the case. I can see folks more interested in a Natalie Portman MiniMate than some old guy in a suit (as others mentioned here). With previous offerings they usually don't have the only female MiniMate as a variant, unless the variant is of the female character herself. Please DST change the ratio on this if this is what is planned! I'm off to Ask DST to post this as a question...
  5. Yeah, I will probably store the customs I have not on display in it. I have way to many MiniMates to buy enough of these to house them all.
  6. That is good news! When I saw that tease for Thor in this month's Previews, I was afraid that they would be Series 38. Now that I've caught up, I see they will be Shadowlands based, which again doesn't really have me excited. But it is more interesting that Thor movie MiniMates (though I'm sure they will be cool).
  7. It was a pleasant surprise to see these at my local TRU today. I hadn't been checking the Multiverse lately, so I didn't know what the pack out ratio was. I did look through them and it appeared to be a full case on the pegs. I didn't realize there were "1 per case" sets until I started looking through them for potential QC issues. I was able to get one of each set including the two Chief sets. Glad to hear that I picked them up since they come with the additional clear torso. I'll open these up tonight and see what I think.
  8. I was disappointed that the Excalibur set wasn't solicited in this month's Previews, but seeing the pics at NYCC confirms it! I was wondering who would be the 3rd and 4th MM in the set, since we assumed Nightcrawler and Meggan were included. I'm happy with Juggernaut, but I don't really get the reason to include another Captain Britain. Also, can anyone tell if Widget is included?
  9. I haven't seen this mentioned before, but I think that DC Direct didn't consider them a success because they didn't sell out (not that they didn't sell). A while back when Luke was selling cases of MiniMates at clearance prices, I noticed the cases were numbered. The MiniMates cases were labeled with a number out of what appeared to be the full run of cases. DC Wave 5 (2000) - Shazam/Mary Marvel, Red Tornado/Ma Hunkel, Hawkman/Hawkgirl, and Guy Gardner/Kilowog DC Wave 6 (1800) - BD WW/Cheetah, Supergirl/Bizarro, Stargirl/STRIPE, and Blackhawk/Sgt. Rock DC Wave 8 (1200) - Red Son Supes/WW, Raven/Cyborg, Sinestro/Salaak, and Question/Batwoman Marvel Wave 23 (750) - Cloak/Dagger, Nova/Gamora, War Machine/Spymaster, and Jim Rhodes/Spymaster Marvel Wave 26 (650) - Wolverine movie wave Marvel Wave 32 (800) - X-Force Cable/X-23, Iron Man/Titanium Man, Yellow Jacket/Kree, and Goliath/Kree If these are the actual run, you can see that DC Direct thought they would sell over twice as many as the Marvel series. I think Georg or whoever decided the production run over estimated the demand and that's why they weren't considered a success. Maybe they needed such a large production run to justify all the new piece molds and use of 2.5" MiniMates, but the SRP was higher on the DCD MiniMates. I think it was that they thought they would be more popular than the Marvel ones and over saturated the market. Of course, now that TRU carries pretty much all the MiniMate lines, DC would have much better luck if they worked out a deal with them as well or just allowed DST to acquire the license to produce them. Either way, I can only hope that DC MiniMates are closer to resurrection!
  10. I met Georg twice and both times he seemed a bit of a prick. Both times it was at conventions (SDCC and WWC) and I know he has to deal with a lot of fanboys and that's not really what the bulk of his job is/was. He did a pretty good job at what he did, but he also seemed a bit clueless to some things as well. IMHO, new blood heading up DC Direct might be a good thing. Mostly, I hope whoever takes over after the dust settles will look into resurrecting DC MiniMates.
  11. I'm just now seeing this thread! Wow, this is AWESOME news! OK, so Nightcrawler and Meggan are pretty much a lock, right? What about Kylun, Cerise, and Widget? Or will they go with a later version of Excalibur? I'm only familiar with the original series and loved it as a kid. Can't wait to see what the lineup is and how these look! Also, I wonder if there will be a TRU set that will go with this boxed set.
  12. I'm only just now reading this and am disappointed as well. Yes, those "busty" characters don't necessarily translate well to MiniMates, but I would have bought them. I also didn't really care about Godfather or Beverly Hills Cop MiniMates, but would have bought those just because they are MiniMates. I'm not surprised they were cancelled, but it does sting a bit. Doesn't hurt nearly as bad as the DC MiniMates though, and because someone brought up Power Girl, that's where my mind went...
  13. Wow! These are really nice. You may be planning more pics, but I'd love to see Eowyn without her helmet and with the hair piece. That looks like a new sculpt (even in the larger scale). I picked up pretty much all my LOTR MiniMates on clearance, so I understand why they weren't able to get enough orders to merit full production. I wasn't that disappointed that the wave never materialized at the time. It seemed like the release date was TBD like so many other DST products. Still it's great that a die hard collector ended up with them rather than them just sitting in a box somewhere. Thanks for sharing!
  14. While I was initially excited about an all Fantastic Four wave, I must admit I was a bit disappointed. As others here have mentioned, it would have been nice to get some redos that were really different, such as the team in their white accent costumes (rather than the black as has been done before...twice). Still, these are a lighter blue which is nice and they are improvements from the original release. While I am glad to have Mole Man, I would like to have seen some other FF villains or allies besides Namor, Atlantean, and yet another Doom. Adding to the Inhumans roster would have been nice as would She-Hulk. Of course, had they done She-Hulk they would have to be in their white uniforms to match, which really would have been ideal. Still, I can't complain. DST has done a lot with my personal favorites, the X-Men. We still have a somewhat incomplete Excalibur (Meggan and updated Nightcrawler) and there are other some characters missing from the Australia-based team (Longshot and Dazzler) as well as costume variants (Storm, Rogue, Colossus, and maybe an updated Wolverine). But it has been a great year for MiniMate Mutants! But, I don't want to hijack this thread with my personal wishlist. I will pick these up for sure as I am an FF fan, but there could be some improvements. It could be worse...the short-lived FF that had Wolverine, Hulk, Ghost Rider, and Spider-man! (photos courtesy of Mile High Comics) I know I shouldn't give DST any ideas, huh? But if we could get those versions of Reed, Johnny, and Sue, I'd buy those too!
  15. Yeah, I have several Targets in my area and the one closest to me does pretty well with exclusives and hard to find figures. The only competition I have is a friend that does sometimes by to sell exclusives on eBay, but he always prices things lower than anyone else on eBay. It's almost like he's helping other folks out (with a small commission). Also, he usually doesn't buy all they have in stock, just one or two extras. However, if he did that with the TRU exclusives MiniMates that would be all of them. Luckily, MiniMates are off his radar. I don't care about the Halo MiniMates, but if Target would start selling other MiniMates, I'd be all for it!
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