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  1. They are very much still marketing that outfit. She's simply gone from "Slave Leia" to "Hutt-Slayer Leia." 😎 Even as someone who despises the gimmick, I could see blind-bagging an assortment of Stormtroopers but two of them are Luke and Han.
  2. Yes, a variety of price points would be awesome. A Kenner-inspired Imperial Troop Transport with figures would be terrific.
  3. So long as those vehicles are considered "value-added premiums" (IE - pack-ins), it shouldn't be a problem. (You know, the same way DST offers vehicles like the Goblin Glider and Professor X's chair.)
  4. I picked up the Gamerverse 'mates last night. There were only two sets.
  5. I think it'd be a fun challenge to design Star Wars characters for the Minimates aesthetic. However, it would require a significant investment by DST. For every army-builder they leverage (Stormtrooper variants galore) there's the obscure background alien that requires a unique sculpt. I also have to wonder about playsets and vehicles. Hasbro's under-scaled, proportionately adjusted ships could work, either from the 1/18 scale line or Galactic Heroes. I'm not sure DST would need to offer anything beyond figures.
  6. If they offer a Deadpool movie assortment WITHOUT Negasonic Teenage Warhead, I'mma take a trip to Maryland...
  7. From a design standpoint, yes, many Star Wars character designs would be very challenging. Original Trilogy, less so since most of those were simply people in costumes. Still, I'd definitely NEED to see the line use multiple size bodies. Chewbacca needs to tower over Princess Leia. He's a lanky character so I can imagine him using extensions (an elongated torso, extended forearms and shins). But don't try to give me a Wampa that's not on a 3" body. Characters like Artoo-Detoo would require special sculpts but could be reused to amortize the cost over the course of the license agreement.
  8. Well, LEGO didn't suddenly decide to reinvent the wheel by switching focus to 3" minifigs. Hasbro should have stuck to the 1/18 scale figures, vehicles, and playsets. Seems like they lost more collectors than they gained.
  9. If the Disney Store wants DST to make Star Wars Minimates, yes, DST will get to make Star Wars Minimates. The trick is to convince them that there's demand. That means letting them know by shooting them an email:
  10. I have zero love for the X-Men animated series so this might be the first Marvel line I skip in a long, long time. It's difficult enough to find the 'mates I do want. (Looking at you, Agent Carter.)
  11. Sounds like it's time for a profile pic of the real Commander Shepard. πŸ€“ The Right Stuff is one of my favorite films. What a time in history.
  12. I'd love to see a set of Marvel Monsters (Frankenstein, Dracula, Man-Thing...) but with how difficult it's been to get anything out of China, I don't expect any unsolicited surprises in the specialty market.
  13. Hopefully it means we can get more authentic designs as well as characters that weren’t finalized until well into post-production. (I’m looking at you, armored Whiplash.)
  14. Indeed. The 3" size would have made me a LOT pickier. Key characters and that's it. Then again, maybe that's all that would have been offered.
  15. If the 3" 'mates had remained the standard, I'd need a lot more space. Would we have gotten vehicles?
  17. I'll be very happy to add a Negasonic Teenage Warhead to my Minimates collection. Fingers crossed.
  18. DST has offered awesome dioramas for Ghostbusters and The Munsters in their Select line. But when it came to Star Trek, a franchise that demands a command bridge, they offered floor pieces with the figures. They weren't even transporter pads.
  19. Same here. I'm still looking for the Cap/Agent Carter 2-pack.
  20. Nice redirect. πŸ€“ πŸ‘ I'm very interested in DST doing anything "based on old movies," even Marvel's. Considering there are Marvel films DST didn't even touch (Deadpool) and others that feel unfinished, my curiosity is piqued. As for "new TV," I'm guessing we're talking about one of the Disney+ shows (The Falcon and The Winter Soldier?). Let the speculation commence!
  21. My question is if this represents a shift for Walgreens from the Animated side to the Gamerverse brand. Obviously offering Marvel's most popular characters is desirable so if there aren't any viable variants from the cartoons, it's time to look elsewhere.
  22. It makes sense if the state of Marvel animation is in flux or has been tapped out. Being able to offer the most popular Marvel characters will be a plus for Walgreens' toy buyer.
  23. Has anyone been to one of the two TRUs in NJ or TX? The one in NJ seems like a glorified kiosk with an extremely limited selection. All style, no substance. I'm thinking they should be pandering to consumer nostalgia aesthetically while focusing any rebuilding efforts on infrastructure. I'd sooner drive five hours to the one in Ontario.
  24. My TRU has been bastardized into an Ocean State Job Lot. I made the mistake of wandering in while my wife was at Joann Fabric next door. It was heartbreaking. They don't even stock toys. You can never go home again.
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