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  1. Considering these are being sold through the specialty market, I'm envisioning 4-packs that come with one army-builder that Luke's Toy Store can sell as 2-packs or 4-packs, similar to what happened with Multiple Man. DST simply made more figures for Luke and altered the existing packaging. That could work here.
  2. Amazon has renewed Invincible for a second and third season. More Minimates might interest retailers.
  3. Welcome to my world. 🤓 Given the responses I've been reading, it seems this line could go on for quite some time. I'd just like to see a cardback that shows upcoming designs, a willingness on DST's part to take the line farther than they did with The Munsters or Lost in Space. I also couldn't help noticing the figure designs are based on the comic. Looks like someone may have made the conscious decision to make GI Joe blend in with the other comic-based lines.
  4. So there have been Mini Mates HORSES all this time and I'm just finding out about it NOW? Where are the Mini Mates TIGERS?!
  5. Imagine being offered a Yeoman Rand Minimate five years before Captain Janeway. I have no problem launching a line with big guns but when your line is made up of an arsenal of big guns, it doesn't hurt to build some consumer confidence by teasing more than half a dozen in a promo piece.
  6. Would anyone be interested in humanoid characters from the Godzilla flicks? Astronauts and Planet X aliens would be a hoot.
  7. I believe DST still has the license. I'm a little surprised they haven't at least offered an assortment to tie-in to the show.
  8. Blind packaging is evil but, yes, there's plenty of good material left to mine.
  9. Nice to see they're making use of that 1,000,000 BC Phoenix hair. Gotta amortize those Xpenditures across the line.
  10. When it's this early in the line, I don't see how they could lose by showing concept art for the next couple releases, even if those series aren't set in stone. Just show the art without assigning them series. I'd just like to see something to build consumer confidence, to get collectors off the fence because the manufacturer doesn't seem committed to delivering more than four of the big players in a line brimming with popular characters. If they can launch Marvel that way, why not GI Joe? Imagine launching a line of Star Wars figures with just Boba Fett and Darth Maul. Oh, wait
  11. LEGO minifigures have used cloth goods for decades. Maybe it's time for DST to look into using fabric where it makes sense.
  12. I thought Legacy was the way to go from the beginning. Give us characters from every era. But by the time Legacy came out, the line had already been so TOS-heavy that even a pseudo movie tie-in couldn't save it. It's long past time to give TNG-era Minimates the spotlight, especially since TNG, DS9, and VOY were the longest running series, not to mention that new shows like Picard, Lower Decks and the upcoming Prodigy are set in the same timeframe.
  13. Would anyone be LESS interested in GI Joe Minimates if DST showed us designs for the next two assortments? Back in my day, I'd pick up a cool toy at retail and flip it over to see what else was in the line. Sometimes they'd show stuff that was "COMING SOON!" I don't recall ever seeing what might come next and deciding, "Oh, they're going to offer even more cool toys for this line? No, thanks!"
  14. I think it'd be challenging to launch a line of Star Trek Minimates a third time without Kirk. However, it doesn't have to be Shatner's Kirk and, as Captain Paco said, it could be an alternate version from any number of popular episodes. But I agree, Shatner's Kirk is pretty low on my list thanks to all the Minimates I already have of him.
  15. Congrats, Carlos! This is one of the few 'mates I was tempted to leave in the packaging because of that retro vibe. Very cool. 👍
  16. #BlackLegsMatter DST has offered stands. I was hoping that would at least lead to accessories and tiny props. (Gimme an arsenal of firearms or melee weapons or PEW PEW! FX.) For some reason they (Chuck) are reluctant to offer blanks. I'm guessing it's because blanks might be perceived as a construction set and that distinction is what has kept Marvel and other licensed properties in their portfolio.
  17. I think I've already posted at length about what Kirk variants I'd be interested in so I won't bother Wishlisting them all over again. Suffice to say episode-themed sets would be welcome from any era so long as they didn't retread what we've already gotten SO much of. (Offer a "Best of" assortment for the uninitiated if needed.)
  18. They definitely need to move away from TOS. There's so much more material pre- and post-TOS. Hell, gimme Arex and M'Ress from TAS or ANYONE from Lower Decks before yet another ShatKirk in uniform.
  19. I lost track of how many sets from Series 4 I picked up. That was a pretty solid series. Got lots of Fury 161 inmates out of that one set. 😉
  20. I hate it when the studio starts with an arbitrary release date. While I'm sure they must have something in mind, they didn't disclose the creative team or any of the cast. That said, I'd be happy if Paramount just made a Star Trek movie on the sly and suddenly released it. That way I wouldn't have to hear all that incessant bitching from prejudiced "fans" leading up to the premiere. But, yeah, Star Trek Minimates! Gimme more.
  21. How appropriate. 😬 I never considered myself a huge fan of this franchise but, damn, I have a hard time NOT buying every Alien Minimate I see. If DST ever gets the chance to continue with Alien 3, Resurrection, Isolation, and whatever Disney cooks up, I'm there.
  22. Well, dang it. Now I need a Sharon Rogers. 🤓 👍
  23. I got your Hydro Amour right here. ❤️ 🤓 #AllArmorsMatter
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