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  1. i got the Grey Krillitane and wolf figures today, why is there a grey and a brown one ? can anyone explane for me i have not seen that episode yet.
  2. all the best for you and your family man.........
  3. ah well, glad i never went..... we went to chester for a day out and got some pixar cars and a darth vader unleashed figure realy cheap! and a zam wessle 12 " that my son was totaly chuffed with. good day out we had............
  4. cheers ady, gonna give it a miss i think...if there were lots of figures etc i would have taken a trip to take a look.
  5. i was thinking of going to this one ady but not too sure now..if you think that its a waste of time i wont bother as i have things to do. what kind of things would you expect there to be there m8 as i have never been to one before. its about 25 miles from me so may be worth a visit anyway?
  6. yeh i know but a minimate set would be so cool. i love the kubricks and have a few but they get damned pricey....
  7. ebay item Item number: 110028825512
  8. cool! first time i have seen these. i realy like the 1K Brix Macrofig .
  9. i use the BT internet browser and the fave colum is "bookmarks" not impressed with it i must say. but overall BT is ok.........for now!
  10. not sure if thats right but here goes............ how many toes do autocrons have ?
  11. some of our collection. sorry about the quality but our camara is getting on a bit!
  12. we were lucky to find more of the variants yesterday and got two of everything, green romone, blue lightning, sarge, leakless, DJ, etc and put a few on ebay. the sarge is a great money spinner at £10 to £15 a time. saw a £3 jigsaw go for £16 yesterday. *wow*!! man these are hot.
  13. fantastic stuff son has watched it time and time again and loves it. nice work.
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