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Iron Man 2 'Mates Reviews and pics

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Posted 13 April 2010 - 09:45 PM

Here are some small reviews for the new IM2 mates.


Great sculpting on this mate.but i dont see the Mickey Rourke likeness,which is still fine as it doesnt ruin the figure.the sculpting is highly detailed and is easy to see.
Only 2 cons here.1:The color is dark brown instead of the bright orange as seen in the movie trailers.
2:The whips are sculpted onto the hands which means only 12 points of articulation,but its no big deal

Battle Damaged Whiplash!

Pretty much the same as the original Whiplash.It seem the chest was designed to seem as if the harness on his chessed was ripped of and some of it is still remaining.
Only 2 cons here,same as the original Whiplash

SunGlasses Iron-Man!

Perfect Iron-Man mate.Great sculpting and the SunGlasses Stark is the coooooolest TS head to date.The markVI has new chest sculpting,which looks great on this figure.Ever get the chance to pic these up,GET EM!
Only 2 cons here.1:The knee on MarkVI is inverted and is somewhat hard to balance.2:Like TBT! said,the left arm is loose on MarkVI Iron-Man,but thats about it.
9/10 not much of a big difference then the non Borders Exclusive Iron-Man MarkVI
left:normal MarkVI
right:Borders MarkVI

See a difference?

Mark V Iron-Man!

Yet another great IM2 minimate.at first in the prototype images,i thought this was the worst of the bunch,but now that i actually HAVE these,i now love this mate!this is the suitcase Armor that Happy Hogan has been seen holding.i cant complain with this mate,its to great!
No cons this time,well at least not for me,i love this mate!

if you have any request feel free to PM Me!

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Posted 23 April 2010 - 10:28 PM

here's a review i did on the wave

on my channel theres alot more minimates reviews. and more to come.

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