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  2. 4 of my Walgreens stores are closing and I am annoyed. They are usually the best ones with toys.
  3. I am genuinely pleased that Vinimate sales are strong & I know that there are a lot more than 250 people interested in them hence my dismay that only 250 of each exclusive were made.
  4. Previewsworld has these on the list for 10/23. Oh joy!!!😃
  5. This was the question that prompted my response. Obviously 250 people were interested. We would have sold out Thursday, but we allocated for as long as we could with such a limited release. People were still looking on Sunday. I wasn't referring to the obviously limited exclusives, but to specialty releases. Orders have been strong on the brands I stated, as well as at shows.
  6. Last week
  7. Yeah I don’t get how they picked who got what but here we are. I have painted a Wolverine hair piece and am waiting patiently...
  8. im seeing a few more of both of the venom packs around if anyone needs them
  9. Looking at the tray shots again, it's too bad Strong Guy's arms don't come in the Archangel/Multiple Man pack, any extras would've worked as jacketless arms for Madrox.
  10. I believe 200,000 people attended NYCC whilst 2 x 250 exclusive Vinimates selling at $10 each ,sold out on Saturday . I am glad that certain Vinimates are doing so well .
  11. bzorio


    There are 2 more cartoonish options: Mighty Muggs and the recently announced Pop! from Funko.
  12. Gutted I missed this one. I miss all the ones I really want. Stingray, Moondragon, Nuke... I bet I'm conveniently away when a Diamondback is announced...
  13. Oh, Rahne isn't using the old 90s Beast hair - awesome. Though I'm still not sure I like this one either.
  14. The Marvel Universe 3 and 3/4 line has an even BIGGER Galactus... (that's it on the left with pitiful little ML on the right) There was also a darker colour scheme variant for miserable people who think Galactus is too colourful
  15. UK ebay has always been something of a graveyard for older minimates & there has been a listing for both MAX figures for many many months , I wont say that the price is cheap but I would say that I haven't seen anything 'as cheap' anywhere else . I am not the owner nor do I know the owner but I feel that an 'offer' would secure these if anyone wants them......I would organise any shipping to the US if the seller were unwilling to send to the US . I would also be very happy to save shipping costs & bring them as hand-luggage on any US-bound flight from the UK
  16. With 80 apparently being street themed I know it’s not gonna be X-Men related but not gonna lie I’d really like a House/Powers of X Wave Xavier/White Queen Magneto/Cypher
  17. If it's any consolation, Galactus is on my to-do list for character cut-outs, and he will be 7" tall. I know that isn't the same thing as a figure, but at least he will be in the Minimate style.
  18. 1) Despite current going rates, the original Minimates Max polystone statues sold very poorly. They never released wave 2 due to sales and lack of interest. Before they went up in value they were clearenced out at a lot of places. 2) DST doesn't have the Marvel vinyl license (Vinimates scale) and doesn't have confidence that the Gallery scale statues in Minimates style would sell through. Remember, we can't even get 2" Marvel Minimates convention exclusives anymore, so they aren't going to take any risks on $40+ vinyl statues of Minimates. 3) DST doesn't have the Marvel bank license, that's Monogram.
  19. Things I don’t get. 1. Why they don’t rerelease the statue versions. 2 why they don’t make them in PVC format. 3. Why they don’t just make it as a piggy bank or what not. Or maybe I am over estimating demand given that the original figure sells for hundreds of dollars.
  20. Same here. Until DST manages to get the Marvel license for Vinimates (or deigns to offer a Minimates-styled Galactus in their Select line), that version's my stand-in.
  21. Annoyingly, the X-Factor Polaris and Havok Marvel Legends Teo pack that was solicited AFTER our minimates is now shipping. Positive though is we will have X-Factor minimates some day.
  22. Thank you ,I can see that now (In my mind) I was always looking at Nicholson's 'face' but the clothes etc. now make it obvious , Vinimates don't have chins & although I can now see the 'implied chin ' on the W2 Vini Joker it had never occurred to me that ,it is quite clearly, a Marrshall Rogers Joker . Many thanks.
  23. I think that's meant to be more of a Marshall Rogers Joker, like the DCD minimate.
  24. Serious question : Isn't the Wave 2 Vinimate based on the Jack Nicholson Joker or is that just my conception ?
  25. It appeared in Venomverse, I believe, but these are based I believe on the cartoon, Maximum Venom.
  26. DSTZach

    DC Vinimates

    No plans for a Joker that I know of. And I have a production set, so by end of year.
  27. lopez888

    DC Vinimates

    Will there also be a Jack Nicholson Joker to go with them?
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