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  2. I suggested remaining thread to Walgreens minimates months ago...
  3. Very cool, Mattalica! I have been playing with my Vinimates! Trying to shoot my advance samples of the Halloween COmicFest variants.
  4. Last week
  5. Nobody been playing with their vinimates of late?
  6. Yeah, they're probably hanging out with Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster.
  7. Yeah. It’s looking like my symbiote box is getting fuller. First-world problems.
  8. Between this, the Through the Ages set, and all the symbiote variants there's definitely enough to merit it. That, or split them up.
  9. Selects/IMG_6269__scaled_800.jpg Many of my Minimates are archived by character. Hulk gets a box, Cap gets a box, Spidey gets a box. Where am I supposed to put the Maximum Venom ‘mates? And should we retitle this thread to Walgreens Minimates?
  10. I think it depends on how you are defining confidence. We have to remember that we are a small niche community and there are other Minimate collectors that don’t engage with us and may actually be happy and not have any worries.
  11. If you include all the Best Of/Greatest Hits/TRU/Walgreens waves, Marvel Minimates are around 150 "waves" without counting any boxsets or convention exclusives. That seems like something a business would want to try and capitalize on, especially when confidence in the brand is at a low.
  12. Counting BAF waves, both existing and announced, and including exclusive BAFs (Wal-Mart Giant-Man wave, Fin Fang Foom wave, etc.), you get 68 BAFs. Plus 9 non-BAF TB waves, plus the Epic Heroes non-BAF wave, you get 78. ...If you include the Vintage waves, ML will be up to 81 once all of the announced stuff hits the market (spring of next year).
  13. Thinking more about this: it doesn't need to land this year, necessarily. Just brand the wave "80 Years of Marvel" and "Wave 80!!" Marvel Legends will soon pass up Minis, but right now no other Marvel toyline has gone this many waves before. It feels like something that should be celebrated.
  14. Not sure of date, I'll ask.
  15. I wonder if Beast comes with an XMen belt?
  16. I've been talkin to my local comic shop guy about minimates. Years ago he had the 24 set and i think an xmen set. Now he's startin to get vinimates. So im hopin whatever wave 80 may be, i hope the shop gets it.
  17. I know someone who has always bought 4 cases of every wave ,looks like he'll only require 3 cases now .
  18. It depends on how many sets retailers sell. My LCS typically sells two full sets from the one case they order. The other set lingers on the pegs until it sells. If they’re getting another set that may collect dust, it may not be worth it to order a full case if the LCS can only move half of it instead of 2/3. I guess we’ll see.
  19. We've only seen one three pack LCS wave. I wouldn't be surprised if that was standard going forward, but there's nothing to really say it will.
  20. Barring the packaging restrictions in the agreement, carded singles would be cool even beyond the 80th anniversary.
  21. I just don’t see the days of 4 pack waves happening any more. Or maybe 4 pack waves are for LCS and 3 pack waves are for Walgreens.
  22. So maybe: Human Torch I & FakeCap? Jimmy Woo? Ditko Spidey & Power Man Brown costume Wolverine & McFarlane Venom Extremis Iron Man & Black Panther
  23. I'd think 8 characters, one representing each decade, would seem like an obvious way to implement the idea. If we're discussing things that are basically impossible a set of minimates on individual vintage-styled cards would be a great way to celebrate the anniversary.
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