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  2. Ordered. Congrats, Luke! Hope to get a classic Madrox some day, too.
  3. Yesterday
  4. I’ve never read X-Factor, but I bought a set with the Multiple Man pack to support the army builder exclusive. Such a great idea. I didn’t go overboard, but I may buy more in the future if there are any left over.
  5. Complaining about complaining is still complaining. And just because someone’s opinion isn’t positive does not mean that it isn’t valid
  6. Awesome exclusive! I preordered the wave and the Madrox set. I haven't been this excited for Minimates since I can't remember when.
  7. Nice! I'm glad to see an army builder set that people are excited about. Hopefully they sell well and this is something that we can get more of in the future!
  8. ordered two sets. one of my favorite comic moments was in x-cutioner's song where he had the one man congo line going. i had actually written to DST about making an army builder pack out of this figure for shows and what not. cool to see my idea was deemed viable enough for someone to attempt. thanks!!
  9. Three sets ordered. This is such a great idea!
  10. Thanks guys! We are hoping to be able to do this with future army builders.
  11. Ugh, the complaining.... Very cool sets. Glad you were able to get an exclusive Luke!
  12. Great job, Luke! Here's hoping this is a success and we can get more exclusives like this in the future!
  13. Kudos to Luke and DST for finding a way to do an exclusive like this, it's very cool and leaves open interesting possibilities for the future. That said, it's super-disappointing that the regular wave Madrox doesn't come with any alternate heads. Those kinds of extras have kept me interested in minimates and losing them, even for a build-a-minimate, seems like a bad deal to me.
  14. I'm not sure if he comes with them or not - I am hoping Zach can chime in on that.
  15. So... I'm guessing that's a no to the alt Madrox arms...
  16. 3000 orders, now thats a tidal wave of multiple men!
  17. great job Luke and Thanks!
  18. No, only the one head. We tried to get alternate expressions for the 2-pack, but we would have had to order 3000 instead of 500, which was too many for us. We are very happy to be able to have gotten these 500.
  19. Do they come with extra heads?
  20. Those of you who guessed a Madrox 2-pack were correct! We were able to get 500 army builder 2-packs from Diamond.
  21. Sweet! Ordered my X Factor set from Lukes!
  22. *Me, refreshing Luke's website every 5 minutes*
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