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  2. They may not be in your part of Brooklyn but I have found them around Jay street before. Also come into the city! They were everywhere around downtown up until 14th.
  3. Are the Spiderman mates in stores as well? I saw someone on ebay post the Doc Oct/Spider-Girl pack.
  4. Yesterday
  5. found 4 packs in Western WA Crimson Widow & Dracula x2 Dr. Strange & Ghost Rider x1 Hammerhead & Venom x1
  6. No luck in Tucson, AZ. I found kraven and hobgoblin packs (series 9) but i've only seen them a few times. I got them, even though i don't normally like the animated style. I got to say, these are growing on me.
  7. I finally found Wave 10! In Santa Monica! Which is super far away from my house and a pain in the butt to drive to (I was there for work). They had a complete wave, or they did, until I snatched up that Adam Warlock and Rocket two pack. Good luck out there!
  8. That's ok. I have yet to see a single MCU wave anywhere in in my area. Like, not one, ever. The distribution algorithm makes zero sense.
  9. People are finding Waves 10 and 11 and wave 9 is finally showing up in metro Detroit a mere 14 months after people reported finding them!
  10. Found part of the Superior Spider-Man wave (Spider-Man, Cap, and Black Panther) at one of the 4 DR/Walgreens in my area. No Adam Warlock wave yet in Downtown Brooklyn.
  11. Yep. Fegenbush and Outer Loop. I only grabbed Ghost Rider and Dr. Strange.
  12. Last week
  13. Checked 10 Walgreens around the Knoxville, TN area yesterday while running errands. Found 5 stores had varying combinations of wave 10 (2-4 packs random) but also finally I found 2 stores had suddenly stocked packs from Wave 9 which I had never before seen in this area. All together it was a magical day of me finding toys I've been searching for: Walgreens gave me all of Minimates wave 10 and finally wave 9, also picked up MMPR Pink Ranger at one Best Buy gave me a Vintage Card Storm Target gave me the Transformers Rainmakers 3 pack Gamestop gave me a Colossus/Juggernaut 2 pack and Wal-Mart gave me a partridge in a pear Ezra Bridger to complete my Black Series needs for now. The moral of this story is never give up, never surrender...and maybe just maybe the toys you've been searching for will finally get put on your local shelves.
  14. Found wave 10 in Des Moines area, 2 out of 3 Walgreens I checked. Looks like the same deal here with the case distribution, duplicates of some and others missing entirely. Managed to get the entire wave from multiple stores at least.
  15. Not for nothing, but a box set of Ghost Rider (traditional), Daimon Hellstorm, Satanna, and Blackheart, seems like the perfect tie-in set to release around halloween next year. I doubt it'll happen, but one can hope.
  16. There's no way they bring an old canceled wave back. We'll probably get him though. Maybe a couple supporting characters like son of Satan, since he's getting a show too
  17. With the announce of the show and since the molds are made, what’s the over/under that our long missing GhostRider wave may reemerge? I’m hoping for a 4 pack at the least.
  18. Checked like 10 stores mid-state in Wisconsin, and just old stuff.
  19. With everyone finding these, I'd like the hammerhead set if any one can help me out
  20. Found 1 each of Dracula, Hammerhead, and Adam Warlock in the 'burbs of Denver. No Strange/Rider though.
  21. Does anyone know if the wave 37 thing face matches the transforming thing face color?
  22. Checked 5 stores in the Kansas City area, and 2 of them were stocked with wave 10. The cases must be randomized or something, because one store had 1 Strange and 3 Venoms and then the other one had 3 Rockets and 1 Venom. One store rang the sets up properly, but the other one had to manually enter the price. Even scanning older waves wasn't working for them. It's weird how my stores completely skipped waves 8, 9, and the Endgame stuff, but these decided to show up. 🙄
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