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  2. Mine arrived today. Thanks so much Zach! Pricey shipping for such a small package. Just curious, did you have to pay out of your own pocket or do you get to expense it as some kind of promotion?
  3. Last week
  4. My stores had at least 30 of the Spot packs. Possibly more I just stopped counting after that point. My guess would be that the warehouse was shipping them out to stores to clear the back stock.
  5. I’d imagine in store returns of online purchases but it’s 2020 so who knows.
  6. one of my local walgreens has a bunch of Spot/Iron Spider, and Madame Masque/Holo Tony packs for some reason ??????
  7. Ah well that makes sense why I never saw them! D'oh! I must have missed that somehow. At least I can stop looking for Spot now, lol. I've never had any luck finding Minimates on Walgreens website, so I'm sure I never bothered to look. I saw Luke had decent-ish deals on some. I still like the idea of actually being able to go into a Walgreens and finding them, though. Maybe I'll hold out a little longer for the Ghost Rider, there was such a mix of figures it's certainly possible one may show up otherwise I guess it's secondary market.
  8. I would prefer classic Gen X before any other iteration.
  9. Welcome back, SCW. Hope we'll reward your investment with some cool releases in the future.
  10. Awesome! I have kinda slowed down on Minimates a few times, but they are always on my shortlist when toy hunting. I think it happens to most of us over time. Welcome back!
  11. Spot wave was not in stores, it was only online. Spot/Iron Spider, Madame Masque/Holo Tony, and NOW Cyke/Rogue were the rescued TRU assortment, and were the only ones offered in that format. FWIW, and I forget who's in what assortment with the animated stuff, but Luke has a fair number of animated MM, many for less than retail. Not the Spot wave, which I went there to check for, but he has Ghost RIder/Strange and Crimson Widow/Dracula, plus most of Series 6 and one from Series 8.
  12. i'm old and forgetful, but i think the spot wave was only online. as for the later animated waves, yeah, Houston seems to get them last but i have seen the ghost rider wave probably more than previous waves. last time i saw it though someone had stolen the ghost rider. made me wonder if that was a good thing or a bad thing that someone wants a minimate enough to steal it. i went with ultimately wrong b/c they're denying the chance for someone who would pay for it to get it.
  13. Hopefully this is the right place for this. A couple years ago I went pretty crazy into Minimates, I was a late starter and not the type to complete series or groups or anything, just bought stuff that I liked, some junk for customs, etc. Anyway, at the time I spent a fair amount on Minimates. A lot of it is still in boxes, but I digress... Over time I kinda lost the passion for it. I'm not a huge Marvel guy (nothing against Marvel, I like them and the Mates but it's not a huge thing for me) and so I mostly collected TMNT, Aliens, Predator and the oddball stuff, Beetlejuice, Elf, etc. I was happy as a clam when the Classic TMNT was set to come out and I kinda stopped buying mates in anticipation of spending a few hundred dollars on all the new TMNT mates I was gonna get. Yeah, well, we know how that went. Then I was super stoked about Bruce Lee mates, and then, well, you know how that went. Anyway, slowly I lost interest. Again, with Minimates sort of just becoming a Marvel thing, I bought less and less. Picked up some Spidey stuff here or there, but it fell to the back of the list. I'd still look on occasion at Walgreens but some of the characters I didn't know or were outfits I didn't care for, etc. Anyway this is a POSITIVE post... Point is, I recently decided to make some new customs. Which led to me needing a few different figures, some different pieces, buying some stuff. Then I fell down the damn hole again. I went from buying stuff for my customs to, oh hey, I'd like a set of those, and hey I can get a few of those for a good price and hell I never even knew they made those but that's cool... And over the last few weeks I've dropped a couple hundred bucks on Minimates. So what's the point of this post? Just to say that I love Minimates and I hope things continue to grow. It's a line you can kinda fall away from and rediscover and waste lots of your paycheck on.
  14. Hit every Walgreens in town today trying to find Wave 10 Ghost Rider set, but to no avail. The new Black Widow movie mates are everywhere and a hodgepodge of other stuff, but I've never found the Spot wave or much of 6, 7 and 8. It's frustrating.
  15. Will do. They are scheduled to arrive Friday but the post office here has been running slow due to the current global situation so more than likely Saturday or Monday.
  16. same here! I have the sci-fi set in my cart just in case I like the set I got.
  17. Happy belated recycled birthday!
  18. Very curious about the Sci-fi set! pics please when you get them!
  19. hmm. I wonder if it was an import capsule figure.
  20. Over 10 years later, I’m curious since the pictures won’t load. Whatever happened with this glider and who made it?
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