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  2. No, we'll see, the only accessories that we've seen are Havok and Polaris' effect piece. Ah yes, he has that annoying puffy shoulder piece, I didn't notice that at first glance.
  3. So, is it official, we're NOT getting alt arms for Madrox? (also as someone pointed out, it wouldn't work as Guido has the wrong type of arms, big sleeves iirc, for jacketless Madrox)
  4. DST's other actions with vinimates suggest they might be an easier sell than minimates for a lot of retailers.
  5. I thought they were supposed to curl in? I don't think I'd like them as much if they were straight. But I do like the new wings
  6. Yesterday
  7. The next Luke's Custom Squad Contest is here! The rules are simple: create a custom Minimate of an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE VERSION of a character. It can be an existing alternate universe version (like Age of Apocalypse) or your own idea completely. This must both be a new creation from the start of this post. Send me a picture of your custom by Monday, June 17th. The following day I will put up a gallery of the entries on Facebook and people can vote for their favorites. The winning customizer will receive a $30 Luke's Toy Store gift certificate! The 2nd and 3rd place customizers will receive a $10 certificate, and one random entry will also receive a $10 certificate. One entry per person, please. You can do anything from quick customs (no paint) to something with paint, stickers, and/or sculpting. So track down some parts and get those customs started!
  8. Having you tried warming them in hot water, molding them to the desired shape, and then shocking them in ice water?
  9. I'm going to be interested to see what Guido parts are in each 2 pack. I thought of something that would also be efficient on DST's part in buying multiple multiple men. If the archangel/multiple man pair is packed with Guido's arms then you'd have the opportunity to display a Jamie w/o a trench coat.
  10. I actually said this a while back (probably way earlier in this same thread) but I'm honestly thankful that Archangel is paired with Multiple Man. I wouldn't mind having multiple Warrens to update the wings on some of my older Archangels. I can't stand the wings on the older figures. Mine are constantly curling inward and forming a metal shield tube around him. At least I'll at least get some use out of those multiple Warrens! Honestly, I'd probably buy one or two just for the wings even if the two-pack IS Multiple Multiple Men.
  11. Well, this changes nothing for me as I still need 3 sets pending Luke’s exclusive being a game changer.
  12. I know reserves and there's a whole number of reasons as to why these got scrapped, but... It's super frustrating to see a set of Minimates get cancelled, but the Vinimates for the same license get solicited a few weeks afterwards. That'd be like Sonic getting no more support, and then DST making Shadow or Knuckles as Vinimates instead
  13. Cyclops & Havok Jean Grey & Polaris Beast & Wolfsbane Archangel & Multiple Man BAF Strong Guy This is an easy pass for me, unfortunately. I would've bought Beast & Archangel if they were packaged together in one set but I don't really think the old ones I already own need updates enough to buy two more 2-packs. Meanwhile Marvel Legends has been absolutely killing it with their figures (especially X-Men).
  14. According to BBTS, each member of the 80s team is packaged with a member of the 90s team. Dick move, DST.
  15. My worry is, even with pre-ordering, this wave selling out fast... I know I’m planning on getting 3 full sets unless the companion 2 pack is multiple... Multiple Men. Then it will just be 2 full sets for me.
  16. Toyark has pictures
  17. i will order it blindly. but waiting a day isn't going to kill me. question is do you have a bundle deal with the full set?
  18. Are hints allowed? x)
  19. Diamond has asked us to not reveal it until tomorrow.
  20. My next WWE custom was supposed to be up for preorder this month, but I have been too busy with Minimate Showcase Day, our store's new exclusive 2-pack (check the Series 78 thread), and other items, so it will be released next month instead. Roddy Piper will ship in 2 weeks.
  21. My 2nd movie custom was supposed to be up for preorder this month, but I have been too busy with Minimate Showcase Day, our store's new exclusive 2-pack (check the Series 78 thread), and other items, so I am putting it on hold for now. Next month will be the start of a new Marvel year of customs with optional subscription. William Wallace will ship in a few days.
  22. Is the exclusive two pack known yet?
  23. Ours will go up for preorder tomorrow along with the exclusive 2-pack that is a companion to this series.
  24. I don’t know if anyone saw but wave 78 went up for preorder on BigBadToyStore just this morning! Says expected release is September 2019
  25. Last week
  26. I still find it so strange that I found the animated wave 11 at the one store months ago now but never again since. My favorite of the wave is Dr Strange.
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