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  2. As a subset of that Ultimate idea, an Iron Man Mark 50 from Infinity War with every weapon or attachments he used would please me dearly.
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  4. I’d buy the hell out of an Ultimate Mr Fantastic but only if I knew I’d be getting the rest of the FF in that costume as well. [glares at Best Of Mr Fantastic] Ultimate Venom with tentacle attachments, exploding symbiotic base, and an unattached symbiote accessory as well as a Spider symbol chest and a blank chest? Plus the ability to make him hella buff or a skinny boy.
  5. My read from Zach is that regardless, they'll trumpet the 80th series as a milestone. To answer his prompt though: no, I don't think highlighting the longevity of a series is a deterrent to new collectors. But you do want to toe that line, and have folks spend less time on eBay, and more time in LCS and Walgreens buying new product. Devil's Advocate thoughts: 1) Zeroing out the count with a big re-launch could be an interesting push for the line. 2) Exploring different form factors would be cool - I love the BAF model, but what about singles in the form of "Ultimates" - marquee characters with multiple heads, bases, all of the accessories from the past. I'm thinking for example: Spider-Man with half-mask head, Peter head, stressed expression, web wrap base, web grab hand, thwip hands, camera, backpack, web lines, web shooter accessories, etc. Or a totally gonzo Mr. Fantastic with tons of limb accessories. Punisher with an insane armory. This could also be a sub-line rather than a formal re-launch.
  6. Bastion arrived yesterday, and he looks great! If any X-Men fans missed out on him, I'd be willing to make a trade for one of Luke's earlier customs. Please PM me if you're interested.
  7. This seems like 3 pages of hoping for something that's probably not going to happen.
  8. DST can select most of the A-list characters and a few B- list, even a couple of C-list, all in classic outfits, like first appearances or drawn by renowned artists in the golden age. Or, instead of the Best of / Greatest Hits wave, select the most wanted minimates, new or redo, whatever. Or do a mix of new Greatest Hits characters together with the most wanted.
  9. I went to the Target in Herald's Square (Pure Hell) and they told me they sold out! PROGRESS! I also want another set as that couch and Penny hair are two things that I always have use for.
  10. THIS! And just make them available on the online store, Luke's and Amazon..
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  12. Its always a good time to start a Minimate collection!
  13. Any update on when these are coming?
  14. Wave 80 with a tie in with Marvel 80th then yea I can see that 80 by itself not so much. I'm not thumbing the idea down just 80 seems like a weird number. 50, 75, 100 I can understand. As for if the wave number and back catalogue would stop somebody start collecting I would say no if someone sees a figure they like they will buy it no matter what comes before. Minimates of the core marvel figures are available or being cycled back into production in new ways (Last Hunt Spidey.) In my eyes there is only small percentage of early exclusives that are hard to get and maybe they now could be revisited seeing as even the stores they where exclusive to no longer exist. In the end promote the hell out of wave 80 as there is no thing as bad publicity or so they say.
  15. Trekker 42

    wave 79

    Okay I know what you meant but I now need Gamera in Guardians 3
  16. Angela, no. Gamera just came back but I don't remember her costume. The rest of them are accurate though! I'm all for this Gamora, but I would've much rather gotten current Groot or Beta Ray Bill.
  17. We are going to need another tag team for them to wrestle though...
  18. Any chance we could get a tray shot to hold us over? 🤓
  19. Has Angela shown up, or Gamora in this costume? I can understand the rest of them, but those two seem out of place, especially since there's no Groot, Beta Ray Bill, or Phyla-Vell.
  20. Awesome. They are so colorful and superhero-like, that I've thought they would make great Minimates for many years.
  21. It makes sense if you're reading the current Guardians run!
  22. Putting the Greatest Hits waves on the insert would make sense to me, instead of a handful of recent waves that make it outdated fairly quickly.
  23. Supernatural Marvel's not really my thing, but I would like another chance to get a classic Doctor Strange. Modern Doctor Voodoo would be great too. This wave's lineup still doesn't make sense, but I'm excited for Star-Lord and especially Moondragon. I just wish she wasn't the BaF.
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