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Fwoosheyman's Customs - Robin, Catwoman, Heatwave, Enchantress & Movie Magneto (5/31/15)

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Been meaning to post these for awhile. Superboy (season 1 & 2) are made from movie Cap head, Extremis Soldier legs and some decals.



Icon is a DC C3 Batman cape, Black Panther face (w decal of mask added to it)


Guardian (Mal) is a yellowjacket helmet repainted, iron man armor (w the shoulders trimmed off) and the shield is a Captain America shield slighted trimmed.


Wondergirl is just a chest decal and the rest is paint.


Rocket is a modified Rogue jacked and the hair/head piece is a combo of a Havok (First Class) and an Angel hairpiece.


I went with a classic goalie mask look for Sportsmaster. It's a modified Iron Man mask with halo armor pieces for the arm guards.


Red Arrow is my favorite from the bunch. Repainted Avengers Hawkeye quiver, glued onto Chris Redfield shoulder straps. Waist piece is from the Bionic Commando.


GROUP SHOT - (I can't take credit for the 2nd season Miss Martian since Luke made the face decal and I just copied the design from the ebay custom guy for the rest).


And when you put them together with the customs Luke made for me you get this......


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I've been working on transformers customs lately so I haven't done many minimates. However, the new Tomb Raider exclusives made it too easy not to make a Silver Samurai.

Recipe is: Storm General gloves/boots, Storm Guard shoulder armor/skirt, Storm Guard helmet with the crest from the Storm Guard Stalker helmet, Colossus chest, Silver surfer arms/legs, Ryu head repainted and a Marvel Universe sword trimmed with a Gambit energy blast attached.


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Here's a few new one's I just finished. Should have some more completed soon.

Crimson Avenger - Face is a repainted Winter Soldier face. Rest is just repainted standard parts. Just another of the seemingly endless DC customs I want to make.


I tried to make Firestorm look less "dorky" by darkening the shade of red and not including the belt. Head is made from a repainted Air Walker head, with a portion of Human Torch flame hair repainted in clear Tamiya Orange. Nuclear blast is made from two hex hands blasts glued together and repainted clear orange.


Mirror Master - Reversed prisoner Michonne torso, AvX Cyclops gauntlets, Protector gun pouches glued onto a standard belt and a repainted Kidpool scarf.


Finally a bulked up World War Hulk. One of my favorite Hulk designs and the original was one of the worst minimates. None of the other Hulks match the green of the World War Hulk so I had to match the paint using a combo of several Citadel greens. It was not fun. Used a Maestro arm for the armored arm and the rest is just repainting and gluing on pieces from the original.


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