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Star Wars Executor

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You know, I've been giving up Minimates for a while. Looks like I shall continue to do so.


Honestly I think it's TOO small. The ISD #10030 was 3' long. This one is only 4' But the real SSD was 5x larger than the standard ISD. So really, there's no way you could get an accurate (15') SSD. But slapping on another 2 feet would have bolstered the length greatly, and quite honestly, the affordability would have changed minimally.

EDIT: OOH! I just realized I can redesign it to stand vertically as the Lusankya!

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seeing as its the Executor, the mini SD that comes with it is pretty much the right scale... that thing is meant to be about 10 times the size

truly a thing of beauty... Star Wars lego is one of the many things I wish I had the money, space and time for.

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The only Original Trilogy Star Wars Lego set I do not have at this point is the Death Star. Looks like this will be the second. The Death Star and this set are so amazing I wish so much I could just buy these but they are just too much for me. This new set would also need to have better construction than the ISD that I already have because pieces break off that thing way too easy!

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