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Oh Lord Have Mercy, that is the funniest thing I have seen in ages. I mean it.

If DC wans to continue to commit retail suicide, at this point be my freakin' guest. They have the best known hero properties, but for the life of them they figure out ways to screw up retail success over and over. They're only good at selling ridiculous Batman variations, and they can't even manage to do that successfully anymore. I loved DC mates, but at this point good riddance.

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This is what happens when the people in charge of licensing at corporate don't give a $#!% about the brand or the property. Brand management is more than just licensing out a property to anyone with a dollar. You should take care to preserve future value and align yourself with interests that make good business sense. Russian Matryoshka dolls would be better than this.

At this point, DC is just embarrassing.

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These Squatz remind the episode of South Park where they all got really into World of Warcraft. Add some pimples to Hal Jordan and put a bedpan under him and you have a spitting image of Cartman from the end of that episode.

Absolutely horrible looking toys (figures?).

<sigh> good ol' DC Minimates.. there will never be a better DC minifig.. but they sure as hell try.

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