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Mystery Man's Minimate and Lego Modifications

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A few new modifications:

Invisible Man in bathrobe! Huzzah!


Human Torch with that custom cut flame base I sanded/cut and glued together. Also, I trimmed down the old flame head piece significantly to make a head I thought was much more reminiscent of the comic books. Allows for greater articulation too!





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Perceval Pinkerton, of Sgt. Fury's Howling Commandoes!

Here's one that's been sitting on the shelf for a year or more. I had the vision and dj87 was kind enough to paint the tiny mustache and berret for me.

Berret/hair/head were whittled/dremmeled down to make one piece. Then a Pom Pom and badge for the berret and dj painted it up swell!

The final piece for his ascot clicked thanks to a cut-off neckerchief from "Tomb Raider's" Roth. Sliced it offa his harness.


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Minimates are my favorties... and Lego's are my favorites to build stuff FOR minimates with. With that in mind, I always try to modify the sets so that buildings are complete 360 degrees. With that in mind, I've picked up a few newer Lego sets and fixed 'em up.

The Lego "Mystery Mansion":


Featuring my custom spook with a lantern.


The dilapidated greenhouse is pretty spiffy, I think. I also particularly enjoy the tree grows right out of the foundation.


The back "porch" features an overlook area as well as a scalloped window near the roof that a secret room can look out of.


Inside the smaller cabin is an attic with some dusty bones, a vault (full of gold bars) an old, un-used kitchen and the Wolf Man on the prowl.


Dracula stands on a secret passageway platform that spins when the clock hand (other side) is turned. There's also a secret room for Drac's coffin with that tiny window he can fly out of (seen from the back of the mansion).

The silver spikey bit is a giant trap that can swing down and bust intruders inna mouth if need be. it's also easy to remove to use the room it occupies.


Here's more of the Frankenstein Monster on the back overlook along with the interior of the greenhouse, showing the giant Venus flytrap and plenty of gnarly plants and old bones.

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Next up is the Lego "Haunted Lighthouse" which now features the Titanic Captain ghost as the keeper of the flame.

The giant skull formation can move over to reveal a secret passageway (that I forgot to photograph).


Lots of broken, craggy rocks to trip up on.


The busted up steps to get to the second floor...


... full of spiderwebs!


The back passageway to the underground tunnel, grown over with weeds.


The top of the lighthouse opens to reveal a treasure map...


... and the treasure itself!


We've also got an underwater laboratory!


Some good treasure for the Creature to protect:


A remote skiff that carries oxygen tanks to and from the surface for filling.


One of the view bubbles.


The view from above of the entire complex.


The back of the base features a pressurized door (with green/red safety lights) for divers to enter from the deep.




A cut-away from above, showing more safety lights, levers and along the wall are vents to pump in and out ocean water for pressurizing the cabin.


Here's the interior of the facility opened on the hinge.


The one man submersible on the docking platform. It features a working winch and several unused oxygen tanks.


And yes, the sub does fit a minimate.


Using a Lego "fly monster" blind bag figure, here's my quick version of the 1958 "The Fly".


A work in progress Headless Horseman.



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The Lego stuff is satisfying but takes some time since you only have so much direction to go on before you have to improvise in your head.

I wish I could change the title of this thread to reflect my Lego stuff as well since I'm likely gonna start putting all my stuff here to show off.

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In my efforts to put all my pictures in one place, here's the link to the thread I originally posted with both my custom Fantasticar and my Jet Cycle (for the Thing).I'm still the proudest of these two creations over anything else that I've worked on.


Also because the Fantastic Four is my favorite team, I re-equipped the Justice League's "Javelin" for the FF. It's got a solid white body and until I win the lottery and build a Minimate-scale Pogo Plane, this'll have to do.


The front underneath has a neat little bomb bay which can also be used to let the Human Torch out to jet around on his own.


And the interior can fit three...


... or four:


And the neat back-jets:


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Another shot of the October Boy!


Imhotep, the Mummy with a crossed-over arm that he's so frequently seen with, Jonathan Harker, Dracula without cape and with coat-tails, Drac's three brides and the Blob!


Death himself, my work-in-progress old witch, a couple of undead warriors and my spectral lantern-ghost.


Every monster needs a group of angry villagers, so here we go:


Sure I've shown these before but I can't recall where. I never like the limited articulation of some of the capes, so a little cutting/sanding and painting and voila! Dracula and Doctor Doom are ready to move!


Classic FF with Ben in his trenchcoat.


Kang needed a time machine, so thanks to the recent Jurassic World gyroscope I was able to keep it as fully rotating as it was made but with a 'mate inside.


I've never liked this chest piece and am thrilled DST has moved away from using it. However, Hercules still needed a trim to help him with articulation.

And here's one of two Bronze Age versions of Adam Warlock.


Here's that second version of Adam, along with my original Heimdall and Odin that I posted way back in this thread but have long since deleted.


Classic Johnny Storm, Wyatt Wingfoot, teeny Wasp, Zabu (a Playmobil sabertooth tiger) and Ka Zar


The Gladiator, Forbush Man and suited Nick Fury.


Umar, Man Mountain Marko, the Thinker, the Headsman (still working on his flight base) and Mr. Fear.


Sanding down the wrists and doing a small bit of torso-extender cutting/gluing helps make Hulk's just tall enough but ore steady. The body doesn't fall off of the legs. I do this with all my "big and tall" mates and thought you guys might like to see this.


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