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Prowl-Ar's Customs: Last and Galactic Avengers

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For Doomstar that just leaves the right arm from Spider-Man Noir and right hand from Vulture, and belt from Baron Zemo. For Guntigerthe Head is from Ultimate Agent Venom, Ifinity War Falcon goggles and guns, and IW Captain America Wakanda shield hands and belt. The waist is also from Sabertooth.

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Inspired by Avengers BC I couldn't help but build up the roster with a few more members.

30989632257_b60c055c57_z.jpgAvengers BC by Prowl-Ar Nightiger, on Flickr


Archer (Hawkeye) not only invented a new weapon for hunting but she has taken it to a new level since joining the Avengers.


Brute (Beast) isn't at all what he seems. Gifted with great intelligence, strength, and dexterity he is constantly trying to prove that he is more valuable to the Avengers as a thinker than a fighter.


Captain Marvel:  A member of the first Kree expeditionary team to explore Earth. Captain Marvel was ordered to remain on the planet to observe until a full science team could arrive, however he decided on his own to interact with the alien species.


Carnivore is a normal human encased in a living suit that is slowly consuming his sanity. While he is a member of the Avengers he really joined the team so that they could stop him if the alien ever gained complete control.




Now for a few other customs:

30989632657_7d067f7e24_k.jpgvarious heroes by Prowl-Ar Nightiger, on Flickr


With so many people around the world vanishing the remnants of the U.S. Government scrambled to rebuild a super team. Arachnus, formerly known and the Prowler, and Electro were recruited for a special mission to travel into space in order to ascertain whether Iron Man had survived the vanishing. Arachnus is outfitted with a backup Iron Spider Suit while Electro, now a being of living electricity is given a Stark Industries designed contain containment suit allowing him to safely interact with the world around him.


Not much is known about Valor his partner Scarlet Spider other than they hale from the future. The little that is known is that Valor is the son of Flash Thompson and it is speculated that his symbiote suit is either a future version of Venom or a spawn of the Venom suit. It has become rather obvious that they share a true symbiosis as the speak in the singular and when separated the suit shows no inclination of bonding with other subjects. The Scarlet Spider is Valor's guardian and mentor. A Life Model Decoy of Peter Parker the unit's technology is beyond that of all current LMDs. While the two do perform heroic deeds like most super powered heroes other actions have been observed that seem counter productive. It is theorized that these actions are meant to steer the future on a path that only they can foresee.


Finally just for fun adding to my Marvel Swimsuit customs comes Black Panther, Out of the Shadows.


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The raccoon is a work in progress. I've been planning on doing a Furry Shield Agent. As soon as Animated wave 10 comes out I'm switching out for the more colorful head and tail. I also need to touch up the tie so that it matches the shirt, though I'm thinking I need to paint the tie itself to really make it pop.

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Prowlar, nice work on your recent customs.  Loving the third and fourth in the top row.  I also like most of the Starforce customs.  So good work and I only wish I was that creative and had the funds to purchase the numbers to make the many customs.

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Thanks, I only really get maybe a pack week just to keep the pegs clear for new product. I only pick up more when it is to complete a new wave. Of course the trade off is that I only order single sets of the LCS waves online. With the exception being when I can find then at clearance prices.

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My newest creations, The Nubian Avengers, are a direct response to Luke's Alternate Universe Custom Contest so there is one more member of the team, but I won't be posting that one until after the contest. Still, after the first one I couldn't help creating a full team and this is the result.


When Jerusalem fell to the Babylonian Empire the Nubian Empire rose once again. First expanding through Sub-Saharan Africa and then into the Congo, eventually controlling all the territory of South Africa. With the fall of Rome, Nubia invaded continental Europe. Eventually the great expansion ended when the Russo-Cathay Alliance stopped them at Bengal. With the known world accounted for the Age of Wars came to an end and the Age of Exploration began. Most explorers were European slaves. When the New World was first discovered many of the slaves rebelled joining the native tribes. Unfortunately the problems old world followed them and soon both South and North Americaans was controlled by Nubia to the eastern edge of the Great Mountains with the West controlled by the Cathay Alliance. Even now with the rise of super heroes the greatest battles are often the fight for civil rights and equality rather than with super villains.


Captain Americaans is a symbol fueled by the faith and support of the Americaans people, most in the Alliance Free States. As long as there is hope for freedom and justice, he will remain one of the greatest Avengers and a hero to all the oppressed citizens of Earth. 


The worlds greatest spy is a reluctant member of the Avengers only joining the team after her "handlers" decided to have her "retired". Now she uses her unique skills to help slaves escape to freedom.


A mutant slave taken by En Saba Nur and turned into one of his Horsemen, Warren, eventually broke free. Saddened by the loss of his biological wings and his actions as Archangel, he has taken on the new codename, Falcon. He can manifest either two or four energy wings.


A product of the secret Weapon X Project, Cage was subjected to experiments that gave him invulnerability. However, they took his memories leaving only barely controlled berserker fury.


King Bar'ton, is the leader of the hidden free nation of Wakanda. Gifted by the Goddess Bast with the powers of the panther. While the Avengers are based in his country he prefers to allow Captain America to lead the team.


The Scarlet Witch was born with a mutant skill in telekinesis but as she grew into adolescence she discovered a talent for manipulating magic.


Originally the Champion of the Northern Isles, Crusader Britain joined the Avengers in order to protect all humanity.

01 Nubian Avengers Capt Americaans Widow Falcon Wolverine Panther Scarlet Witch and Crusader Britain

Avengers: Endgame Captain Marvel: A quick custom to replicate Carol's Endgame look


Iron Widow: Based on the Iron Spider suit, Pepper modified this suit for Natasha, unfortunately it wasn't delivered before their journey through Quantum Space. Since the end of the Infinity War there have been rare sightings of this new version of Black Widow.

02 Endgame Captain Marvel and Iron Widow

Infinity: An entity created by the Infinity Gems in order to protect them from continued tampering.



Kuolema: One of the Daughters of Thanos, Kuolema claims that she is the only true daughter of the Titan, she claims she was born through the power of the Infinity Gauntlet, from Thanos and his consort, Death. One thing is for certain she brings death wherever she goes. 



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Really like your concept of the Nubian Avengers.  They are a great Alternate-Reality creation.

Always enjoy your posts and the concepts you put into your customs.  Thank you.

Seems like your locale Walgreens got Endgame MiniMates, wish my local stores would get them.

Captain Paco

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Thanks, Paco. Now that the contest is over I need to get Fury god of Thunder posted here along with his backstory blurb. Just to keep things complete. Yeah, but It's been a pain trying to get there before the Thanos/Iron man pack sells. They've restocked at least five times between the two stores and I've only found Thanos twice.

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  • 7 months later...

I have stories for each of these new customs but with the computer upgrade and file transfers I seem to have misplaced my notes. Still I wanted to get these posted before I lost them as well.

49559898047_8142f5a09b_k.jpgoddsnends by Prowl-Ar Nightiger, on Flickr

First up are my odds and ends. Fury God of Thunder, Venom Tech Spider-Man, Prowler II, Shuri Black Panther, and Death.

49559896542_bd04da7a90_h.jpgFreedom Force Air Hammer Water Witch Rock Hound Fire Bomb by Prowl-Ar Nightiger, on Flickr

The New Freedom Force Air Hammer, Water Witch, Rock Hound, and Fire Bomb.

49559657491_ed5d2f32a3_b.jpgX-Factor by Prowl-Ar Nightiger, on Flickr

X-Factor Bobby Drake, Quicksilver and Val Cooper.

49559160608_e573c6a45e_h.jpgNeo-X by Prowl-Ar Nightiger, on Flickr

Neo X, this group has been in development for some time so I have a pretty good idea of what the story is. After the disappearance of the original X-Men Prof. X is forced to form a new team. Lead by James "Wolverine" Howlett (Still working on the custom) Havoc, Polaris, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Thunderbird become the Neo X team.

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  • 3 months later...

I Haven't been doing as many customs lately but that doesn't mean I've stopped.

49976511187_ced7bbf49f_k.jpgLogan Shockfox Vengence CatSpider Octobot by Prowl-Ar Nightiger, on Flickr

First up is the last member, and team leader of Neo-X Logan. Then for my long ago Reality Runners series comes the furry Shockfox, drone expert.

The final three are the Slayers. After the murder of Peter Parker, M.J. sought out Venom and bonded with a symbiote of her own becoming Vengeance. She tracked down and brought the killer her own brand of justice. Joined by Felicia Hardy, now wearing a modified version of the black suit she made for Parker they proceeded to hunt down the rest of Spider-Man's foes ending them once and for all. Finding their blood lust unquenched they modified an old Doombot using tech gleaned from a multitude of sources to create the Octo-Bot. Running on Octavius' mindprint the dimension jumping robot takes the slayers to alternate universes where they continue mission.

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Always cool to see tour customs an the backstories make them even better.

Shockfox and Catspider standout for me of these. Shockfox just looks so right the parts the colours etc. An Catspider a punk Venom oh yea, looks like a great foe for Spider-Punk from the Spiderverse stuff.

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Thanks, MiniFiend. When I was putting Cat-Spider together I wasn't even thinking about the punk aspect. I was just focused on how Black Cat would look if she took on the Spider role. Since, if I remember correctly she was the one that put together the replacement black costume after Parker removed Venom.


As for Shockfox, yeah I put a lot of work into him and I'm still not sure he's just right yet. However, I do have a couple of pictures of him with the rest of the trio.


49979234791_fc8bccaf0a_c.jpgShadow Runners front by Prowl-Ar Nightiger, on Flickr


49979490152_1eece38265_c.jpgShadow Runners Back by Prowl-Ar Nightiger, on Flickr

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  • 2 months later...

Prowlar: I just wanted to say, I am still finding inspiration in your customs that have been posted.

While I don't have a lot of spare mates to cannibalize for customs, I am still finding time in between life and work to tinker with minimates and made characters for my personal collection based upon your artistic endeavors.   Thank you and once I can share pictures, I will do so.  

Have a great weekend.

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10 hours ago, Captain Paco said:

Prowlar: I just wanted to say, I am still finding inspiration in your customs that have been posted.

While I don't have a lot of spare mates to cannibalize for customs, I am still finding time in between life and work to tinker with minimates and made characters for my personal collection based upon your artistic endeavors.   Thank you and once I can share pictures, I will do so.  

Have a great weekend.

I'm working on a few more Slayers characters, Jessica, Julia, Natalie, and Gwen. Most are just hair swaps representing the characters from different dimensions. Really I'm just killing time until Walgreen gets in something new to work with. As for other customs I've been building a lot of Bandai HG 1/144 Gunpla kits. My most ambitions is the beginnings of a full custom build.

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  • 1 year later...

Wow, it's been over a year since my last customs? I guess I need to get these posted then.


More Spiderslayers: Jessica Drew / Huntsman, Julia Carpenter / Psi-Spider, Anya Corazon / Arana, Gwen Stacy / Jumping Spider, Betty Brant / Recluse, Charlotte Whitter / Hobo Spider, Luisa Alvarez / Tarantula, and the Sable Spider.


Next up is the Last Avengers

Last Avengers


Elvin Haliday / Star Fighter, Peggy Rogers / Captain Freedom, Steve Rogers / Ultron America, Iron Angel, Star Guardian, and Lila Barton The Archer.

A few odds and ends:



Abigail Brand agent of SWORD, Comet and Starfall.

And finally my newest customs:


Cobra has a new Commander and she is more cunning that the last and Tengu Shiro Elite Ninja Vipers.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Prowlar, I do like the 'Last Avengers' and these latest customs are nice. I always enjoy your work.

Thank you for sharing with us. I do hope to see more in the future.  Take care and thanks again.

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I have got to know what you did with all the doc ock mates! lol

Your stuff looks amazing!

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