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Prowl-Ar's Customs: Last and Galactic Avengers

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Prowl-ar, I am liking the Star Trek Officer, K'Tarr. I wish I had the parts to make one of him for my collection, but I never got any of the Thundercats sets so thus do not have the right parts to make him. However, I do like him and wish I could add him to my collection. Thank you for sharing him with us.

Live Long and Prosper!

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Thanks Captain Paco, an alternative Caitian officer would be to use the Marvel Blastaar'S head and hair. And then waiting for the Battle Beasts Bull for a proper tail or finding a Sony Ratchet tail and then clipping the belts down to fit.

I'd like to have used the Sony Ratchet tail since it has the tuft on the end but I'll have to make some changes to other customs if I go that route.

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While I haven't been writing up bios for my customs, like I should, I'm tired of just waiting around for inspiration so I thought I'd show everyone the WIPs as well as a couple of really irreverent customs I came up with while looking through my parts cases.

First up, from the DC/Marvel Amalgam universe I present Diana Prince special agent of S.H.I.E.L.D


Amalgam Diana Prince Agent of Shield by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Next up, proving that there is life even if you are a "red shirt", is Borg designation Zero of Zero Borg Pool. Resistance may be futile, but for those planets that absolutely refuse to join the collective the Borg send in the ultimate weapon. By the time Borg Pool is done any survivors quickly join the Borg just so they can drowned out the constant noise within the rest of the collective.


Marvel Zero of Zero Borg Pool by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Now on to the WIPs. First up are the Void Pirates: Lord Outlaw, Bubblegum Princess, Goldilocks, Refuge, Smiley, Gray Gentleman, Party Girl, Major Chaos, Deadhawk, and Dreadhawk.


WIP 01 by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

This group finishes the Void Pirates group with Technician. Next up are the Thunder Mystics a group of Thundercats that split away from Thundera and focused more on the magical aspects of their heritage: Captain Nimravi, Gatare, Master Ingwe, Nonyx, Oaka of the tree people, Rufus, and Servala. THe last custom finishes out the Outcasts team and is a former bounty hunter named Mihos.


WIP 02 by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Finally in this set is the energy based team known as Elemental Justice composed of Captain "Dew" Deuterium, Plasma, Plutonium, Uranium, and Ensign Absolute Zero. The next three still don't have a group or universe to fit into but I have settled on the names Cobalt, Comet, and Jade. Last of all are two new customs of Barbarian characters that are so new that they don't even have names yet.


WIP 03 by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

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Nice Job! The WIP's you shared are nice and I wish my customs were half as good as your WIP's. I always enjoy seeing your postings.

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Thank you, dr baghead and Captain Paco.

Now for the last of my WIPs. The first is an as yet unnamed space suited cyborg. The second is my version of a Skrull Nova Corpsman, whether he is a member of the Nova Corp or not is open to interpretation. The final custom is a new Battle Beast named Pteras.


WIP 04 by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

This last custom is just waiting for Hiemdal's head and a bit of white paint to complete a Shield Agent G. W. Bridge. Other than that the only thins left on my to do list is to pick up a Marvel vs Capcom She-Hulk to finish my Fantastic Four She-Hulk and the Age of Ultron box set to complete my Agent of Shield Nick Fury.


WIP Shield Agent GW Brige by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

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I have a couple more WIPS and even three completed customs this time.

While I'm not a big Deadpool fan, for some reason I have this compulsion to add to the Deadpool army so here are a couple of really rough WIPs. Deadpool the Kid requires his jacket to be painted black and red and I'm going to change that belt as well. As for Fatpool, considering the amount of painting and my lack of skill, I'm seriously considering scrapping him.


Deadpool the Kid and Fatpool WIP by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

These WIP's I put together and I still have no story as to why a child is hanging out with a Werewolf. However, what I do know is that when I get around to their story Puppy with be the level headed responsible one and Kid will be an out of control little savage.


Other Horror 03 by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

After the discussion on Zombie Villains I felt the challenge to do a couple of heroes and this was the result.


Zombie Heroes by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr


Marvel Agent 616 Road Trip by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Codename: Road Trip

File Name: Walker, William

Classification: Temporal Anomaly

Hometown: Castleford, Idaho

Primary Specialty: Cultural Anthropology

Primary Ability: Photographic Reflexes

Road Trip, while testing as baseline human, is perhaps the most unique person in all of the multiverse. He was born at an instant when all reality was on the verge of destruction. When he took his first breath it wasn't "air" that he inhaled, instead it was a powerful mixture of exotic particles from infinite realities. His second breath found him in the loving arms of his mother safely ensconced in the reality designated 616. As he aged he often found himself, as many children do, wandering through worlds of wonder and occasionally terror. It wasn't until he was ten that he discovered that other children just imagined these worlds where as he physically transported into other realities.

As he got older he noticed that the world often seemed to change around him in extreme or exotic ways yet he always remembered exactly how the world was supposed to be while everyone else seemed to be part of the changed world. Eventually, fearing that one-day reality would dramatically change and then not revert back to normal he began to try and make contact with known super human groups including the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. No one ever had time to listen to his concerns. A couple years later he found himself waking up at a table in a small room with a two-way mirror. This time when he explained what he had been experiencing all of his life not only did his unseen observer take him seriously but even wanted as much detailed information as he could provide.

Within hours of his interview Road Trip was given the designation A.R.M.O.R. Special Agent 616 (Road Trip). Due to his ability to move freely though any alternate reality, his primary responsibility is as a retrieval agent pulling other ARMOR agents out of otherwise inescapable situations. Since he has no problem blending into just about any reality he spends a lot of time traveling in order to document the heroes, villains, technology, and any other differences that may be of interest.

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Thanks, emperorshotz, I would have done more but most of my spare bodies are of characters that have already been released or soon will be so I'm not going to bother customizing them with different looks though as soon as I pick up a couple more Zombie packs I might try Zombie Guardian and Zombie Puck. And after a few more series 50 packs Zombie Nova Centurian, Zombie Zemo, and maybe Zombie Songbird.

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Deadpool the Kid is a great custom. I def want to make one.

He's currently at the top of my needs to be finished list. I'm hoping for early next month, I have to pick up another walking dead set to give him a gunbelt, now that I clipped off the one on the jacket, and I have to paint the central area of the jacket red.

I'd already have the parts but I was able to get the Tomb Raider wave and new mates will always trump custom fodder packs.

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the zombies are great! Keep em coming :)

Thanks, Nessex. It's funny that you mention more Zombies since I do indeed have three more to share tonight. Unfortunately this is it until I get a few more Hero bodies. While it's true that I have plenty of Spidey, Cap, Thor, Iron Man and Wolverine I also already have all of them so I won't be doing them again.

So here are Guardian, Puck, and of course Iron Fist to complete my Zombies for Hire.


more zombie heroes by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

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that female green pirate is scary!

Is it the mini skirt, the chain leash, combat boots, big freaking hammer, bigger smile or the fact that her code name is Party Girl?

Yeah, I had fun with that custom, I tried to come up with a green skinned alien that even Capt. Kirk would feel that the challenge wouldn't be worth the risk. She's good with children and she absolutely loves pets, especially with sweet and sour sauce.

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So I couldn't help myself. Even though we're getting Zombie Villains I couldn't help but put a few together until the box set goes on sale.


Zombie villians by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

On the one day that Dr. Doom decides to take a break and sent his Doombots out to have his armor washed waxed and detailed is the same day as the zombie outbreak. You and almost hear him moaning "Daaamn youuu Riiichardssss".

Zombie Mandarin always had it rough against Iron Man but now that he is up against one fueled by Galactus flesh even with ten rings he may be completely out of his depth. Perhaps it is time to switch to Zombie Wasp or Headpool.

Sabertooth is always ready to tangle with Wolverine Galactus powered or not.

Venom, while believed dead, is still around. the symbiote moves from zombie to zombie draining them of the small stock of adrenalin they have in their system and then moving on to his next victim. His ultimate goal is to find a host that is immune to the zombie virus or another non-infected human.

I'm still not sure whether I want to try and better parts match a pantless zombie Kingpin or use the dragging zombie piece but for now I thought I'd go ahead and put up the WIP.

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Deadpool the kid looks flawless, like DST made it themselves. The Jackal warrior looks cool with the darker skirt and shirt. Lastly let me say thank you for the smile you put on my face with the zombie Kingpin, it's awesome.

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Thanks, Phiz.

Considering how relatively easily the parts came together it wouldn't surprise me if he ended up in the next Deadpool box set. I just hope it will include Panda Pool with parts to transform him into Battle of the Atom Deadpool, Dog pool with micro Squirrel Pool,Celestial Deadpool, and Deadpool the Kid.

With the Jackal I was going for a darker look with a nude torso. Not sure the blue muscle tone works that well but it was the best I could come up with.

Anyone that can't grin at the absurdity of an undead, underworld, crime boss with no pants has no sense of humor what-so-ever. Even I find it funny and it is very likely what I'd end up looking like if I became a zombie.

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Hey, I am really liking your Deadpool the Kid. I am thinking he could possibly be made officially one day.

Your Jackal Gaurd is really nice and I like the accessories you placed on him. Is the sword a lego sword or from another minimate?

I like your Marvel zombie customs and think the Mandarin looks nice. I didn't realize that King Pin was not wearing pants and so that makes him the comic relief amoung the zombie, right?

Thank you for sharing.

Looking forward to your future customs.

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Thanks, Captain Paco.

The sword is the one that goes with the Lego Anubis figure.

As for the Kingpin being comic relief among the Zombies, no. Comic relief as a custom, maybe. As I said I'm still considering using a dragging Zombie innards/base for him. Still, if you think about it, the last thing an over weight zombie crime lord is going to be worried about is a pair of pants.

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At last, my Deadpool the Kid has reached the point where I'm satisfied.


Marvel Deadpool the Kid by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Now while I'm at it I'll post my latest two A-51 customs using Lego Chima Parts.

Pounder is the group's muscle,


A51 Pounder 03 by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

and C.C. (Crowd Control) is in charge of clearing the area of unwanted observers.


A51 CC 07 by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

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