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Prowl-Ar's Customs: Last and Galactic Avengers

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I've amassed a sizable collection of customs so I thought it only right that I share them. Due to the number of customs I've already posted it has been suggested that I do something to organize them so I'll post all of them here on the first page in categories. It might not be the most logical, but at least they'll be sorta organized.

Marvel Customs

Nova Centurions: Asgardian, Bittyn, Burnout, Cybernetic, Dark Stone, LioNova, Plodex, Shi'Ar, Skrull, Spyx, and Zombie.
01 Novas by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Shield Agents: Sharon Carter, Alison Blair, Clay Quartermain, Phil Colson (616), G.W. Bridge, Jimmy Woo, Kimberly Taylor, Nick Fury, Quake, and Valentina Allegra de Fontaine.
02 Shield Agents by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Zombies: Cyclops, Deadpool, Doom, Guardian, Iron Fist, Mandarin, Nova, Puck Sabertooth, Song Bird, Thor, and Venom.
03 Zombies by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

X-Men: Beast (First Class), Forge, Hope, Moira, Prof. X (New X-Men), Storm (New X-Men), Prof. X (Secret Wars), Quark, Sauron, Shadowcat (Days of Future Yet to Come), and Colossus (Ultimate)
04 X-Men by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Deadpool: Borgpool, Jivepool, Superior Spider-Pool, Deadpool the Kid, and Zombie Pool.
05 Deadpools by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Avengers: Black Widow II Yelena Belova, Battlestar, Hulkling, and Sersi.
06 Avengers by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Fantastic Four: Johnny Storms and She-Hulk
07 Fantastic Four by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Marvel 616: Ka-Zar, Maddison Jeffries, Ursa Major, and Savage Surfer.
08 Marvel 616 by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Spider-Man: Spider-Girl, Slinger Dusk, Spider-Thor, and Swarm.
09 Spider-Man by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

New Mutants: Amara, Doug, and Sunspot.
10 New Mutants by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Marvel Movies: Cyclops, Iron Man Remote Armor, and Armored Pepper.
11 Marvel Movie Mates by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Other Marvels: Agent of ARMOR Road Trip (OC), Kree Outlaw Imm-Age, Blood Witch (AoA), Iron Hulk, Peter Parker Spider X, and Marvel Fan.
12 Other Marvels by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Marvel What if? Warriors X: Lord Frost, Pyre, Raven, Slim Troll, and Valkyrie.
13 What if Warriors X by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Marvel What If? Days of Futures End: Dr. Hulk, The Reaver Elsie Dee, Loki God of Thunder, Peter Parker Venom, Sam Guthrie Captain Earth, Stark, and Shield Director Patch.
14 What if Days of Futures End by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Marvel What if? The Original X-Men Never Return: Colossus, Havoc, Rogue, Thunderbird, and Wolverine.
15 What if All New X-Men by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Walking Dead: Riot Gear Andrea, Hershel, Glenn, and Michonne. Zombies: Riot Control Rico, Survivalist Scott, Outbreak Scientist Steve, Beach Fun Freddy, Mail Room Manny, Office Lurker Langston, Pimp Daddy Diego, Street Walkers Rose and Violet, and Rock Rummer Drag.
16 Walking Dead by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Femme Fatales: Amelia Earhart, Joan of Arc, Rhiannon, Sacacawea, Euryale, Ophielia, Briar Rose, Cinderella, Red the Huntress, Rose Red, Snow White, and Winter Princes.
17 Femme Fatales by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Battle Beasts: Carrion, Kodiac, Varan, Pteras, Korrin, RC, and Tegra.
18 Battle Beasts by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

G.I. Joe: Outback and Cobra Ice Viper.
19 G I Joe by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

G.I. Joe Adventure Team: Badlands, Paradise, Villain Bad-Ass, and Villain Blow-Up Doll.
20 G I Joe Adventure Team by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

DC: Oracle and The Question (Vic Sage).
21 DC by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Ghostbusters: Male and Female Rookies.
22 Ghostbusters by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Ballistic Ecks vs. Sever: Ecks and Sever.
23 Ballistic by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Other Properties: Amalgam Diana Prince Agent of Shield, Ultraverse Nightman, Nintendo Toad, Aliens Captain Maytland, Street Fighter Joe, Naruto Might Guy, Matrix Neo, ThunderCats 1st Appearance Panthro, Venture Bros. Brock Samson, Star Trek Captain K'Tarr.
24 Other Customs by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Marvel Gender Reverse Universe

X.S.E. Xavier's Sentinel Enforcers: General Xavier, Godbuster Sentinel, Patriot Sentinel, Titanium Sentinel, Magnus Sentinel, and Prisoner Magneto.
25 Gender Reversed Universe Xavior's Sentinel Enforcers by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Ex-Avengers: Dark Damsel, Iron Maiden, Quicksilver, Scarlet Warlock, Thunderstrike, and Wolfsbane.
26 Gender Reversed Universe ExAvengers by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

X-Factor: Dazzler, Electra, Forge, Frost, Reverb, and Weapon X.
27 Gender Reversed Universe X-Factor by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Howling Commandos: Cage, Dakota North, Dr. Octopus, Fury, Hawkeye, and Shane the Savage.
28 Gender Reversed Universe Howling Commados by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Force Works: Daredevil, Green Goblin, Iron Fist, Mr. Marvel, Otthor, and Shadowcat.
29 Gender Reversed Universe Force Works by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

X-Patriots: Arabian Maiden, Blood Debt, Metalsmith, Box Robot, Captain Britain, Pyro, Reynard the Fox, Sabra, Silver Samurai, and U.S. Agent.
30 Gender Reversed Universe X-Patriots by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Warbirds: Blue Jay, Canary, Cardinal, Cooper's Hawk, Mockingbird, Peregrine, and Raven.
31 Gender Reversed Universe Warbirds by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Marvel XL Universe: Alchemist, Avenger, Delinquent, Density, Elemental, Fenrir, Hail, Judgment, Lynx, Marauder, Paradox, Perfection, and Puma.
32 XL Universe by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Thunder Forces Universe (ThunderCats)

StarHunters: Armor, Chase, Cougarra, Doc, Drive, Pilotlight, and Riot
33 ThunderForces StarHunters by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Outcasts: Cat, Cheater, Dire, Drone, Forge, Hunter, Lionel, Maverick, Mihos, Princess Tethia, Quest, and Smelter.
34 ThunderForces Outcasts by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Void Pirates: Bubblegum Princess, Deadhawk, Dreadhawk, Goldilocks, Gary Gentleman, Major Chaos, Outlaw, Party Girl, Refuge, Smiley, and Technician.
35 ThunderForces Void Pirates by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Elemental Justice: Absolute Zero, Deuterium, Plasma, Plutonium, and Uranium.
36 ThunderForces Elemental Justice by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

ThunderMystics: Captain Nimravi, Gatare, Master Ingwe, Nonyx, Oaka, Rufus, Servala, and Tigris.
37 ThunderForces ThunderMystics by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Other Thundarians: Bounty Hunter Madcat, Criminals Smoke, and Mirror.
38 ThunderForces Thundarians by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Fairy Tale Universe

Over the Rainbow: Aluminum Axe Man, Dictator of Oz, Dr. Emmy Raile, Emerald Enforcer, Frick, Frack, Scarecrow, Detective Ruby Grace, Toby, Monkey King James, Erika North, Priestess Patricia, and Wiccan Wendy.
39 Over the Rainbow by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Secret Agenda Universe

Soldiers of Horror Control: The Master and The Guard.
40 Soldiers of Horror Control by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Soldiers of Horror Command: Chief, Caliban, Barbarian, and Mascot Scott.
41 Soldiers of Horror Command by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Soldiers of Horror Ghost Team: Leash, Brayve, Darkage, Dracula, Geist, Phosphor, Rags, Tech, and Xenophon.
42 Soldiers of Horror Ghost Team by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Soldiers of Horror Beast Team: Muzzle, Abby, Abyss, Blue, Frank, Howler, Jersey Devil, Slasher, Tiki, and Wasteland.
43 Soldiers of Horror Beast Team by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

A51 Aquatics: Agent D6, Bruce, Gofish, Hammerhead, Humboldt, and Manta.
44 A51 Aquatic by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

A51 Madness: Agent X, Bones, Klankster, and Oggle.
45 A51 Madness by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

A51 Droids: Agent Zero, Hydro, Sniper, and Thermal.
46 A51 Droid by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

A51 Vipers: Agent 13, Gaze, Overbite, Rex, and Thorn.
47 A51 Viper by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

A51 Shifter Lions: Agent Alpha, Buster, King, Lead, Pilot, Royal, and Tech.
48 A51 Shifters Lions by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

A51 Shifter Eagles: Agent B1, Falcon, Hawk, Osprey, and Raptor.
49 A51 Shifters Eagles by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

A51 Shifter Apes: Agent Sergeant Silverback, Congo, and Pounder.
50 A51 Shifters Apes by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

A51 Shifter Crocs: Agent 51, Basher, Master, and Ripper.
51 A51 Shifters Crocs by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

A51 Shifter Ravens: Agent Poe, Lifter, Reward, and Scout.
52 A51 Shifters Ravens by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

A51 Shifter Wolves: Agent A, Alpha, Bounty, Execution, Slayer, and Strike.
53 A51 Shifters Wolves by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

A51 Shifter Others: Agent Omega, CC, Joker, Toxin, Beatdown, Jurassic, Medic, and Quetzal.
54 A51 Shifters Others by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Gatherers: Anubis, Deadbot, Knight, Demon, Empty, Gauntlet, Gun Runner, Indy, Merc, Tamer, and Tauros.
55 Gatherers by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Crime Time: Dr. Diabolic, Dr. Hands, Enforcer, Lackey, Mangry, Mr. Big, and Toady.
56 Crime Time by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Neo-Olympians: Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Bacchus, Hades, Hera, Hermes, Poseidon, and Zeus.
57 Neo Olympians by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Rejects: Dead Ferret, Fanatic, Goldsmith, KaTech, Mr. Fabulous, Pain, Reverb, Roswell, Sputnik, and Tabula Rosa.
58 Rejects by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Sisterhood of Misfortune: Anarchy, Calamity, Chaos, Confusion, Discord, and Trauma.
59 Sisterhood of Misfortune by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Travelers: John Doe, Kid, and Puppy.
60 Travelers by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Reality Runners: Freefall, Breakdown, Ghostdance, Hardline, Knockout, Redzone, and Wildside.
61 Reality Runners by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Fanatics: Fanatic Commader, Retribution, Fanatic Trooper, Martyr Commander, and Martyr Trooper.
62 Fanatics by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Cerberus: Bow, Broadsword, Fan, Gladius, Kris, and Rod.
63 Cerberus by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Z-Day Universe

Survivors: Collin, David Stone, Dee, Dr. Lisa Jones, Isaac Irons, Jay Lin, Josh, Maria, Mr. Steele, Riana, TJ, and Sparks.
64 Z Day Survivors by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Road Reapers: Charon, Death, Famine, Master Reaper, Pestilence, and War.
65 Road Reapers by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Hew Hope: Bishop Smith,m Brother James Smith, Brother Mark Davis, Sister Elizabeth Wiggins, Sister Maggy Smith, Sister Mary Davis, Sister Smith, and Chuck.
66 New Hope by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

LARP: Fleet, Gauge, Ironwood, Master Talmun, Sir Wulfric, and Ultimas.
67 LARP by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Other Survivors: Denim, Diana, Monte, Rebecca Abrams, Slash, Smash, and Tim.
68 Other Survivors by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

Collected Universe

Collected: Ahrm, Graul, Savina, Marcus Arcturis, Mejai, Mossberg, Ross West, Jacob, Jason Hunter, Flare, Dr. Aaron Dial, Cobalt, Comet, Jade, Hardware, and Chronos.
69 Collected by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

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I'm going to start off with one of my biggest projects to date. From the alternate universe contest comes the Gender Reversed Marvel Universe.

General Charlotte Xavier and the history of the Gender Reversed Universe

So many things can be changed by the smallest ripple in the time stream; this is especially true when the reality is already different from ones own experience. In the GRU (Gender Reversed Universe) time flowed parallel to the 616 Universe. The only exception was the gender of every last life form was the exact opposite.

The single ripple took place when two stepsisters stumbled into a cave containing the Crimson Jewel of Cytorak. Kate Marko became the unstoppable Juggernaut and Charlotte Xavier lost the use of her legs. From that moment Xavier vowed to do everything in her power to protect humanity from the treat of super powered beings even if it meant the sacrifice of a few million human lives in the process.

She knew her war would not be easy. After all super beings came in so many different forms: aliens, gods, mystical, enhanced humans, mutants, et al. and many of them were revered by the humans they has subjugated. However she was smart and started her campaign by befriending fringe groups. People of wealth and power like the Inner Circle of the Hellfire club and military resources from agencies like Department H. She also made sure to make the right connections with people like the mutant Magneto and Belledonna Trask.

Not all of these disparate alliances would prove worthwhile since Magneto quickly realized that Xavier wasn't working for the benefit of mutant kind. Even after trying to tell Xavier that if she continued on her crusade she would have to kill herself since she carried the X-Factor gene. After this falling out Magneto started forming the X-Factor cells to disrupt Xavier's plans and protect both humans and mutants.

With the Rising tide of anti-mutant sentiment the Mutant Registration and Control Act was easily passed and funding was made available for the first generation of Sentinels. Registered mutants were placed on secret watch lists while those that refused to register were hunted down and place in special detention facilities where they would be tried for their crimes and then moved to "The Vault". A suspended animation storage facility where they could be safely stored until a permanent solution could be found. Of course not all mutants could be removed from society what with the registration loophole and their ability to find safety in other countries.

With the coming of Galactus and his subsequent defeat by the Fantastic Five (Ms. Fantastic, Human Torch, Grimm, Invisible Man, and Spider-Woman) the Anti-Alien Invasion Act was passed. All super beings were required to prove that they were human and that their powers weren't derived from alien DNA. This meant that all super powered individuals were required to submit to genetic testing. Of course this meant that they were added to the mutant registration lists. Though intended only to apply to extraterrestrial aliens the act was soon amended to include time travelers and individuals known to come from parallel dimensions and universes. The act was eventually further expanded to include non-American super beings. Most extraterrestrials voluntarily chose to leave Earth deciding that there just wasn't anything of value that they couldn't return to harvest once humanity finally imploded from its own stupidity

Using technology seized from alien sources Xavier had her legs replaced with cybernetics and a helmet fashioned that would protect her from mental manipulation. Given the honorary rank of General she was placed in charge of the newly formed XSE, Xavier's Sentinel Enforcer, units and finally joined the front line ranks hunting down super beings. The XSE preformed this function so well that sentinel units were soon sold United Nations member countries for the purpose of dealing with their own growing super villain problems. It was such a success that even S.H.I.E.L.D.'s combat units were completely replaced with sentinels. Nicole Fury retired in protest.

Compared to most of the earlier acts the False Gods Act was relatively easy to enact. After all, the worlds three great religions all agreed that there is only one God. This act also included all super powered beings that derived their powers from a mystical or magical source. This act took many heroes by complete surprise since, unlike the earlier laws, it didn't allow for registration. Instead the use of magic, being a god, or even the descendant of a god meant immediate incarceration if not outright extermination. While a minority claimed that the act is unconstitutional it has yet to be repealed. While many targets were given priority Xavier personally hunted down and dispatched the supposedly unstoppable Juggernaut.

While Xavier was on a False Gods mission, codenamed Ragnarok, an individual "escaped" from The Vault and made her way to Washington to plead for the release of the Inhumans on the grounds that if released they would leave Earth. When she arrived she was met with an overwhelming sentinel force. She quickly retreated to New York to beg for help from her former allies in the Fantastic Five. escaped" from The Vault and made her way to Washington to plead for the release of the Inhumans on the grounds that if released they would leave Earth. When she arrived she was met with an overwhelming sentinel force. She quickly retreated to New York to beg for help from her former allies in the Fantastic Five. As she arrived a preemptive strike was launched against her was overkill since it killed her but also destroyed Five Freedoms Plaza. Killing not only the world's most famous heroes but also the children of Richard's School for Gifted Youngsters. Compounding the destruction Black Bolt's death scream obliterated everything in a hundred mile arc to the North.

The remains of the city quickly became an inferno as sentinels and super beings, villain and hero alike, poured in. Some came hoping to find that their children had been spared by some miracle created by Dr. Richards. Others take out their anger and aguish for all the wrongs that had been done to them. At the center of it all was the worlds last official super hero team, the Mighty Avengers. Captain America, Weapon X, She-Hulk, Iron Maiden, Wasp, and Giant Woman. They were holding their own until the mutant known as Nuke exploded, destroying the rest of the city, killing the Avengers and nearly all of America's remaining super heroes.

Xavier returned from her successful mission to Asgard to find a Super Human Control Act, covering all beings with greater than human abilities had been passed. She was given a waiver for her cybernetic legs so long as she agreed to continue hunting down the remaining supers. She readily agreed and departed for Ground Zero to locate and retrieve one of the nation's most powerful relics. Unfortunately she quickly discovered that the artifact had already been recovered.

In a world where all super beings are super villains one team still fights for the ideals that their foremothers gave their lives to preserve. The Ex-Avengers: Dark Damsel, Wolfsbane, Quicksilver, Scarlet Warlock, Thunderstrike, and Iron Maiden fight not just to survive, but also to remind everyone that once heroes existed. X-Factor: Forge, Weapon X, Electra, Frost, Dazzler and Reverb. The last of Magneto's mutant cells work to prove that the control acts have been built on a lie carefully crafted by Gen. Xavier. Commander Fury and Her Howling Commandos: Commander Fury, Shane the Devil of the Savage Land, Hawkeye, Dakota North, Dr. Octopus and Cage. Primarily enhanced humans who have lost friends and loved ones to Xavier's war. They fight to prove that there are still super heroes in the world regardless of whether they have super powers or not.


X.S.E. Strike Files: Ex-Avengers

The X.A. are the renegade remnants of the former heroes known as the Avengers. While more research is needed on the group as a whole it is known that they often use known hero and villain hideouts. To date they have been routed out of such bases as the Avengers: West Coast Mansion, Stark's Works research laboratory, remains of Shield Helicarrier in Iceland, and the remains of Dr. Doom's castle in Latveria. While their current location is unknown it is believed they are operating from a location somewhere within the Continental United States. It is Imperative that they be neutralized within our boarders as there are still some countries which believe they are heroes.

X.S.E. Strike File: The Dark Damsel (Dana Whitman)

The Damsel is an accomplished swordswoman and athlete. She is once again using a dark sword. The general populace believes the blade is the cursed Ebony Blade. We are making sure this rumor sticks. However, we know for a fact that the original is safely contained within the Vault. This new blade is composed of an amalgam of adamantium (from a portion of Weapon X's skeleton retrieved from Ground Zero), vibranium (stolen from the XSE protectorate of Wakanda), and an unknown mystic element. The blade can be summoned at will much like Asgardian weapons it returns to the Damsel's hand when in close proximity. However it also can teleport directly to the Damsel if she wills it. It also has the ability to create a limited cloak of darkness, and gives her invulnerability while holding it. We believe that the metal is Olympian considering Asgard has been neutralized.

Other weapons she carries include a combat knife, a pistol with Forge modified "Sentinel Killer" bullets, and the energy blade she used after being freed from the original Ebony Blade. Unfortunately the most dangerous weapon in her arsenal it the stolen shield of Captain America. We must recover the shield since it is a rallying point for super beings as well as humans. So long as she carries the shield she is seen as the legitimate successor to Captain America.

Remember, while she is conscious (or alive) she can summon her sword. Use greater numbers firing energy weapons from a distance to subdue. Once down continue to fire until the subject is completely neutralized. Collect all weaponry for analysis and storage within the Vault.



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XSE Strike File: Wolfsbane (Randle Sinclair Talbot)

Randle is a mutant monomorph, a shape shifter with a single transformation path. He is able to change from into a wolf at will. Often confused with a werewolf, a fact he often tries to use to his advantage going so far as to change his last name to Talbot, his abilities are mutagenic rather than mystic. He relies primarily on a M-14 assault rifle with "Sentinel Killer" ammunition and his wolven nature. However, when pushed into a corner, he uses a pair of Asgardian daggers he refers to as the Fangs of Fenris. One gives him control of the eternal cold of Ragnarock and the other the unquenchable fire of the great wolf's anger.

Randle is a founding member of Magneto's X-Factor unit known as the New Mutants. After the Mutant Control Act was passed the group was hunted down. Both Daniel Moonstar and Wolfsbane retreated to the safety of Asgard. We believe that during this time he continued his training as a warrior and received the twin daggers known as the "Fangs of Fenris". During the Ragnarok mission to Lady Thor's Realm Moonstar fell with his fellow Valkyrie. We believed that Randle was likewise eliminated. However we now know that he was returned New York on a mission to deliver another of those accursed hammers to one of Lady Thor's human hosts, Erika Masterson.

As best we can piece together the two of them escaped from the city through the deserted Morlock tunnels before New York was completely obliterated. This is also likely the way in which the group returned to the area to rescue the Iron Maiden and steal Captain America's Shield and a few of Weapon X's scattered adamantium bones (see entry on X-Factor cross reference Weapon X). We have since taken measures to secure the caverns should anyone else try to use them.

There are no special tactics for dealing with Wolfsbane, just put him down like a mad dog and be done with it.


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X.S.E. Strike File: Thunderstrike (Erika Masterson)

Erika Masterson is a human that had the unfortunate experience of being possessed by the false god known as Lady Thor. Once Lady Thor returned to Asgard we stopped tracking Masterson. In hindsight this was a mistake. It seems that the Norse Gods foresaw their downfall and had one last weapon forged and sent to Earth. Unlike the other hammers Skybreaker is a full sledgehammer and when swung packs the punch of a bunker buster. So far it seems to bestow all the same powers as Mjolnir as well as being able to draw mystic weapons to Masterson. To date we know that she is now in possession of Mjolnir as well as a second as yet unknown hammer. We are still investigating how Mjolnir was removed from its storage location in the Vault however the fear is that Masterson may eventually be able to use the weapons to resurrect their owners.

While difficult, the best strategy is to separate Masterson from her hammer long enough for her to loose her mystical powers. Once she is human again dispose of her in the regular manner. If the first method isn't feasible then use the methods employed during Ragnarok. While it is frowned upon use the "God Buster" sentinels with mystically charged ammunition.



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That Hammer is awesome! Where did you find it?

Thunderstrike is a damn nice QC.

Thanks. The hammer is from a 3 3/4" fire fighter figure I picked up at a dollar store in the mid to late '90's. I just carved the handle down so that it would fit. I tend to pick things up that might be useful later, even if later is more than a decade

down the line.

X.S.E. Strike File: The Iron Maiden (Antonia Stark)

It was assumed that the Iron Maiden died when the Avengers fell. Unfortunately an unknown pilot was in control of the suit at the time. Still the XSE forces were quick enough to seize all of Stark's known holdings and all but one set of armor. We've since used the information to upgrade the Sentinel units. Surprisingly this upgrade was even more effective than when we shut down Doom and integrated her technology.

Unfortunately even with the loss of her company, facilities, and fortune Stark will likely continue to upgrade her armor. This makes her a priority target. However, Stark is still a human with vices for alcohol, money, and men we need to exploit this. Otherwise the only viable attack is to use swarms of Sentinels to rip the armor from her.

The Armor is unimportant however Stark must be recovered alive and relatively undamaged. Unlike the other Ex-Avengers he genius could be of use. With the right persuasion it may be possible to sway her to our cause. If not I'm sure a few years in confinement will change the mind of a jet setting playgirl like her.



Heh, fixed that little mistake, I never said I was a perfect writer.

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X.S.E. Strike File: Quicksilver (Petra Maximoff)

Petra is a mutant with a long and complicated career. She is the daughter of Magneto and was extensively trained in the use of her mutant super speed within the X-Factor cells. She joined the Avengers before the Mutant Control Act so she was registered and allowed to continue working with the group. Eventually she married the Inhuman known as Crystal and had a human son named Lunar. Quicksilver's loyalties were called into question once the Inhumans were included in the Alien Invasion Acts. With the Inhumans in conflict with the XSE we had hoped we'd be able to, at the very least, detain her.

Crystal divorced Petra and gave her full custody of Lunar ending the conflict of interest. Quicksilver continued working with the Avengers until her brother William was arrested under the False Gods Acts. She rescued him and they became fugitives hiding in old X-Factor bases. The possibility of using Lunar to draw them out was considered and later rejected due to the fact that he was human. He was also enrolled in Richard's School for Gifted Youngsters and The Fantastic Five was nearly universally loved.

The original plan likely would have worked since she was one of the first to arrive in New York after the destruction of the school. Her mutant speed was what allowed her to escape from the ensuing destruction. It is unknown how much she knows about the true sequence of events however she should be neutralized as quickly as possible.

Unlike many of the other terrorists Quicksilver relies almost entirely on her mutant speed, martial arts, and special vibranium gloves. She does carry a knife but to date we have never seen her use it. Because of her speed the best way to neutralizer her is to fill the area with as much flying debris as possible and hope to get a lucky hit.


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X.S.E. Strike File: The Scarlet Warlock (William Maximoff)

The mutant known as the Scarlet Warlock is Quicksilver's twin brother and the son of Magneto. He grew up training with the mutant X-Factor groups. His mutant ability allows him to affect probability fields. This makes him exceedingly dangerous since, in effect; he can control reality in a localized area. Due to the possibly devastating effects that have, and could again, take place William has turned to the mystical arts.

He, like his sister, was spared from the Mutant Control Act by their membership in the Avengers, however that reprieve was canceled with passage of the False Gods Acts. He was taken into custody in a media blitz (organized by the XSE to keep him from using his powers in a blatant act of terrorism) however he was rescued by Quicksilver and they escaped custody. We were immediately questioned as to whether we planned to use Lunar to capture them. Before we could formulate an answer Ms. Fantastic released a statement that Lunar was completely human and therefore the XSE didn't have the authority to do anything about him. Furthermore he was enrolled in her private school and so was under her protection.

William joined the Ex-Avengers after Lunar's death. It is important to note that since New York is still a wasteland there may be some limit to the Scarlet Warlock's reality warping abilities. However it is still a top priority to remove him from existence. With the apparent neutralization of Dr. Stephanie Strange, without the destruction of her cloak and jewel, a new Sorcerer Supreme will eventually be chosen. The last thing we want is for the Warlock to gain ultimate magical mastery along with his mutant powers. Currently there is no known way to neutralize the Scarlet Warlock. For now use the God Busters and mystically charged ammo.


With the completion of the Ex-Avengers I'll start writing up strike files on the other two teams X-Factor: Forge, Frost, Weapon X, Electra, Dazzler, and Reverb or Commander Fury and Her Howling Commandos: Fury, Savage, Cage, Octopus, Hawkeye, and Dakota. If there is a preference let me know and I'll work on those write-ups first.

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X.S.E Strike File: Commander Fury and Her Howling Commandos

Fury and her Howling Commandos are either human or enhanced human. While not specifically falling under the control acts their terrorist activities allows us the leeway we need to engage them. While we are not allowed to us lethal force against the humans in the group, when dealing with such extremist individuals there is always the possibility that casualties will occur.

I believe that Fury elected to form her group out of humans for the specific purpose of being a thorn in the side of the XSE. She ran Shield as though it was her own little dictatorship and wasn't happy when we replaced her. While the powers-that-be believes we should focus only on groups like the XA and X-Factor I believe that Fury's group may be our greatest threat. They are consistently showing other hero worshipers that normal humans can stop us from ridding the world of the super human menace.

X.S.E. Strike File: Commander Fury (Nicole "Nick" Fury)

I've been made aware of rumors circulating among the human members of the XSE that Fury is as old as dirt. While not strictly true, she is a veteran of WWII. She has been enhanced with a derivative of the super soldier serum that was used to create Captain America. This has slowed her physical aging; do not under any situation underestimate her just because of her age. Her extended lifespan has allowed her to make contacts in every country, nearly every super human, and master combat and martial arts skills well beyond ordinary.

While she was in command of SHIELD she worked with the XSE, however once SHIELD was disbanded she supposedly retired. We soon discovered that she organized an underground organization to help know terrorists avoid XSE detainment. This included the mutant Forge's escape and destruction of the SHIELD helicarrier. Though there were no crew fatalities the overall cost to the XSE both monetary and psychological have been astronomical.

With the destruction of New York and the extermination of most of her former allies she has been forced to recruit fringers of the hero world. Before the formation of The Howling Commandos if a file on the P.I. Dakota North or Shane Plunder had come up I'd have filed them under non-threat. Now our intelligence division is stretched to the limits keeping tabs on human supporters such as Mathew James Watson-Parker, Martin Mactaggert, and Rhonda "Ricky" Jones.

The only consolation is that since Fury is an enhanced human so she can be dealt with in any way we see fit. While capture and interrogation is tempting, there is just too much risk in her escaping or being freed by her allies or enemies. Eliminating her before she has a chance to surrender is our first priority when dealing with The Commandos.


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X.S.E. Strike File: Shane of the Savage Land (Shane O'Hara Plunder)

We are still investigating how Savage survived the purification of the mutant sanctuary formerly known as the Savage Land. If that wasn't enough the trek across the Antarctic Wastes should have finished the job we started. So far the best explanation is that since he is human he must have stowed away on one of our own troop transports. Once back in the civilized world he moved rapidly to liquidate his late wife, Lady Plunder's, estate. That is the primary funding that has been used to keep the Howling Commandos in business.

While our records state that he fore swore the use of modern weapons, it seems he has rethought this decision since the destruction of his former home. Savage is completely human with no special abilities or enhancements. While this may seem like it would make him an easy target to capture he does use Sentinel Killer ammunition. Also because he is human we are required to use non-lethal force when capturing him. Once he is in custody we are required to turn him over to the authorities for trial. Considering the assets at he has to mount a prolonged legal defense it would be best for both the X.S.E. and American taxpayers if he were to be killed while trying to neutralize Cage or Fury.


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X.S.E. Strike File: Doctor Octopus (Dr. Octavia Octavius)

Dr. Octopus has had a long career as a super-villain, often clashing with Spider-Woman and the Fantastic Five. She is a brilliant, if slightly maladjusted, physicist. She is considered an enhanced human due to the cybernetic arms grafted to her spine. She also has advanced knowledge of cybernetics as demonstrated by the armature pack. Like Stark, from the Ex-Avengers, it is important that we capture her alive. Her knowledge and skills could prove to be an asset to the X.S.E.

I find it interesting that Fury found a way to convince her to join her commandos. As far as we know she has no reason to throw in with the heroes or super powered being in general. Fury must have some information on Octavius and is using it to keep her working for him. If we can find out what this leverage is perhaps we can top Fury and bring Dr. Octavius under X.S.E. control. Primary battle strategy should be psychological rather than open conflict. If we avoid targeting her perhaps we can drive a wedge of mistrust between her and the other Commandos.


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X.S.E. Strike File: Carla Lucas a.k.a. Luca Cage (Cage)

Cage is an enhanced human with steel hard skin and super strength. Yet again a mistake in the search to recreate the super soldier serum that created Captain America. Unlike Fury's other commandos we are allowed to take Cage down. Unfortunately having permission and actually being able to accomplish the mission isn't the same thing. Cage has only one known weakness. We have to hit her hard and continue to do so until she suffers from massive internal damage. Her invulnerability to minor injury is a liability if she requires surgery. Overkill is the rule to use when dealing with this troublesome commando.



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Wow - that Warpath hair looks great on a female minimate. Nice work.

Thank you, Cage is actually the second time I've used it that way. The first was a custom based on a friends G.I. Joe custom, known as Blow-Up Doll, where he used a Baroness figure as a base. There'll be more on that when I get to my G.I. Joe/Adventure Team customs.

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X.S.E. Strike File: Dakota North

North is former private investigator that has had contact with a surprising number of heroes and villains. Whether it was this association or some other reason that led him to join Fury we may never know. What we do know is that he has trained to the peak of marksmanship and martial arts but, like most of the Howling Commandos, is completely human. That means we are only allowed to detain and hold him until the proper authorities can take him into custody. My greatest fear is that with his investigative skills and Fury's connections it won't be long before they discover that it was the XSE, and not Blackbolt, destroyed the Fantastic Five and Richards' school. Should that information become public the repercussions would be dire. If at any time it seems that North knows the truth, kill him. It will be far easier to cover up the death of a relatively unknown individual compared to the political backlash we would experience if the general populace were to discover that the deaths of the martyred Fantastic Five and all the children in Richard's school was engineered my the X.S.E.


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X.S.E. Strike Files: Clementine Barton (Hawkeye)

Barton, is human; however I'm unsure how it's possible for a human to seemingly die and be reborn as many times as she has. While we don't have the authority to take her into custody, what the government doesn't know won't hurt us. Capture Barton, don't bother killing her you'll just be wasting ammunition, and bring her in for testing. There has to be some, as yet unknown, reason for her self-resurrection powers.

She has been trained to the pinnacle of human perfection when it comes to athletic performance and marksmanship. While the other Howling Commandos, and most "heroes" in general, are using firearms and Forge's damned Sentinel Killer ammunition she is still using her trick arrows. Do not think that she is less of a threat because of that fact. She is making as many, if not more, sentinel kills as the rest of the Commando's combined with those arrows.


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Thank you, everyone, for the compliments. I'd considered waiting a couple days before posting the next group, considering the fact that I hadn't yet written up the Strike Files for them yet, but with all the encouragement I've gotten a good start on them so I'm moving on to my final Gender Reverse Universe Team, X-Factor.

X.S.E. Strike File: X-Factor Cells

X-Factors are mutant terrorist cells created by Magneto in her deluded quest to live with humanity. Over the years many different cells have been dealt with including: The New Mutants, The Mutant Sisterhood, X-Force, X-Factor, X-Calibre, and X-Men. Imagine; a fighting force made up of only men, Magneto truly was a madwoman.

Up until the destruction of New York I was happy to report that all X-Factors had been dealt with. However after the destruction another team seems to have risen from the ashes. While this new group doesn't have the overwhelming power of the earlier teams doesn't mean that they'll be easily dealt with.

X.S.E. Strike File: Forge

Forge is especially dangerous the all XSE forces. She is a mutant machine smith. Her mutant power gives her the ability to create any technology that she needs when she needs it. Just before the passage of the mutant control act Forge started working for Shield giving her immunity form the act. After Shield was replaced by the XSE, Forge made the transition easily by working for us. At the time it seemed like a good decision using mutants to hunt mutants. Forge hast to be credited for making many upgrades to our sentinels as well as the integration of many unique technologies.

Of course it couldn't last since she was still working for Fury and eventually she caused more damage to the XSE than we could ever imagine. While the crash of the helicarrier may have been the most public, the most damaging was a virus that destroyed all of our files. Because of this action it is possible that some "inactive" super powered beings may be overlooked in the short term and there may be other repercussions as we re-obtain information that we should already have.

Perhaps the biggest problem is the fact that she has the infuriating habit of turning our own trooper's armor into weapons and our sentinels units against us. It should also be noted that Forge has some form of mystical power, however we have yet to document this power in action; or if we have the information has been "lost".

While some think it would be best to take Forge alive, so that she can be forced to use her put her powers to work for the XSE once more, she has proven to be too much of a liability. There are other mutants in countries that have yet to fall in line with XSE ideals that can provide the same services. To take Forge down hit her from long-range with ordinary heavy ordinance. Keep pounding her until she can't power a force field or build a shield. At that point continue firing until there is nothing left but a smoking crater. There isn't a jail cell on the planet that can hold her and no one wants to entertain the thought of having her escaping within the Vault.


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X.S.E. Strike File: Frost

The entity known as Frost is actually the combination of two separate mutants, Emit Frost and Roberta Drake. During an XSE raids both mutants were killed, or so we thought. During the fight that saw the extermination of the X-Men, Emit's body was destroyed. However, being a telepath, he was able to transfer his mind into the body of one of our troops that he had left mind wiped.

Eventually he found where we were studying Drake's liquefied remains. Frost took the liquid and transferred his mind into it. As he solidified Drake's body reformed into that more closely resembling Frost's original male body and Drake's original ice powers. However he now has blue skin and vastly reduced telepathic powers.

While we don't know how much power Frost may eventually develop, currently he isn't very powerful so the best option will be to recapture him using the same methods originally employed against Ice-Woman. Once captured, he will be kept liquefied and permanently incarcerated at the Vault.


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I know, I know the character is overused but at least I killed off Parker from the Fantastic Five. After all no universe would be complete without a wolverine clone or two and I had the perfect parts for it.

X.S.E. Strike File: Logan (Weapon X)

The fact that Weapon X is still alive is a testament to her amazing mutant healing abilities. Though no one knows how old Logan really is there are sparse reports of her fighting in the trenches of WWI. However, most of our records come from the files Canada's Weapon X program and Department H "shared" with us.

Logan served in a black ops unit until the formation of Canada's super team Alpha Flight.

However, with Alpha Flight's latest dissolution, Captain America invited Logan to join the Avengers. It seemed strange that Stephanie would offer a position to a known killer like Logan but she seemed to fit in well with the team. We've now discovered that they actually worked together during WWII.

I believed that Weapon X had been killed along with the rest of the Avengers when New York was destroyed. We were even able to recover the adamantium bones from her right hand. Even the Ex-Avengers believed that she was dead when the Dark Damsel used the adamantium from Logan's arm as part of the amalgam that created her new Dark Blade.

We have discovered that the X-Factor Logan is the real Weapon X, and not a robotic construct created by Forge, from the battles we've had with the group. Disposing of her is going to be a real problem. It may seem barbaric but we're going to have to use medieval tactics to deal with her. Use high power energy weapons to burn the flesh from her bones; separate her limbs form her torso, and skull from her body. Then bring everything, in separate transports to the vault for an extended acid bath. After that each bone will be stored in separate locations just to be sure there is no chance for regeneration.



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