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Calico Jack Pirate minimates

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I picked up all four today. They are starting to grow on me. I like the zombie pirates the best.

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So I went by TRU today. Don't know why, force of habit I guess. Anyways, they had all these guys, and the Sony Mates, and First Class. :( I hate being broke.

(That's gona be my new tagline)

See, I can find none of those at my local TRU. (Or RGB, if those are out yet)

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I got the two packs I ordered from TRU today (the two with the zombies), and they are quite cool, and feel like a much better value than your typical Minimate. Each figure has a tampo on his chest under his sculpted outfit, which opens up options for display. Loads of newly sculpted parts, of course. The one nit I would have is that the plastic of some of the accessories/sculpted parts feels extremely cheap and flimsy. One of the swords seems like the flimsiest Minimate accessory I recall running across.

Old Dad's claw is so close to being a Vega claw (from Street Fighter), except that it goes all the way up his forearm. Too bad. For a minute, I thought it might be foreshadowing a Vega figure of some sort with the MvsC line. But he's not even in any of those according to wikipedia :(

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For those finding these, are they located in the Minimate area, or somewhere else?

No signs of these in Greenville just yet (along with X-Men First Class).

It's a crapshoot. When these came in to my closest store they were on a odd shelf in their "True action hero" aisle, near the polic military and generic pirate stuff in boys. The X-men first class minimates were on a random shelf near batman brave and the bold toys.

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It's a completely sculpted head, so nothing removable there sadly (including the hat).

Judging them as figures alone--not considering license or familiarity with the character or anything like that--I might agree with you. Like I said previously, I definitely feel like you are getting your money's worth here, anyway. Though I did skip out on the two more boring looking packs. . .

BTW, the peg leg is longer than the regular footed leg. This might be by design, as mine seems to balance himself pretty well in the way you see in the pics.

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