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REVIEW: Movie Thor and Destroyer

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Here's some quick pics and review for the new Thor moviemates pack w/ Destroyer.





The helmet and hammer sculpt is great. The detailing is perfect, and i'm real glad DST didn't go with a big chest piece for the chest armor.



This one is kind of hit-and-miss. The figure is crisp, and the non sculpted head is a great design. The detailing is excellent in one sense, but at the same time, actual sculpted spikes would have been much better. Of course I would have preferred him to be a 2.5'', but that's out of the question. So in one point the figure I great, but actual sculpted spikes would have made it much better.

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cool pics Pun, cheers

I do like the both mates, but I get the impression the Destroyer is supposed to be pretty huge, and this brings up the whole issue of bulked up mates again. Sure, he's no Hulk or Thing is terms of importance, but that doesn't mean he won't end up getting lost amongst a big collection... shame.

God... I genuinely cannot wait for this film.

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