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Group or Team photos

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6 hours ago, emperorshotz said:

Far be it from me to work some thread necromancy, but I feel like this thread should make a comeback (uhh... kind of like I have, I guess, on account of not posting in ages).

I just finished a custom AoA Nightcrawler and wanted to show him off with the rest of his brethren.



I want these and demand they be released post haste!

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On 7/14/2017 at 0:00 PM, Polarboy said:

I want these and demand they be released post haste!

Are you listening, DST? You've got 2 confirmed sales. That's enough to manufacture a box-set, right?

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16 hours ago, Heinous said:

What's the hair piece on the top right? That looks great 

Thanks, guys. The hairpiece is custom sculpted.


14 hours ago, Nessex said:

Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar, Age of Apocalypse, X-Factor & Malice - oh my! These are just brilliant. You've even got a Muir Island Lorna! 


I am an über X-Nerd. I still definitely want to do Classic Purple Shi'ar and Genoshan. 

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LOVE these Excalibur shots! Question has anyone ever tried to use a Black Queen Jean head and painted it purple to put on Betsy before? I think it could pass for he bun look but not so sure.


ce02cf6c6741f3dfae08f8f3f56d992b--candy-fig0922flg.jpg (Hail Ivan)

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27 minutes ago, thereasonsy said:

Does anyone have a a team photo of all the Asgardian characters? I wanted to make a check list but not doing so great. 

I could do one for the comic versions if you give me a minute. Do you need every version of Thor or one of each character is cool?

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12 hours ago, bigvis497 said:


Here you go! 

Just characters with direct Asgardian origins plus Bill and the Olympians for fun. Didn't include villains who fought Thor, just Asgardians.

Epic! Thanks so much! 

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3 hours ago, BuffaloDelorean said:

I've never particularly liked Thor, but that's an impressive group of minimates. Aside from Valkyrie and maybe Bill, I've never felt the need expand past the Asgardian basics I already have, but they do look great together.

I'm on the same boat. Thor has never been a huge part of my comics diet outside of the Walt years although I have been getting more interested with the female Thor. 

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I feel Thor is unique because while not a "team" book, he has the highest amount of periphery characters that have at least some relevance. You really can't say the same about Iron Man or Cap, who have great supporting casts in their own right, but not the sheer volume of Thor's.

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