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So I like to display minimates in their teams or groups that go together. I grew up loving the 90s X-men so I am familiar with which minimates are part of that group. However, even though I have all the other Marvel minimates my knowledge of which ones properly go together as a team is very very limited. So I was wondering if all of you more knowledgable members could put up pictures of minimates with their teams, or minimates that go together being from the same series etc. Hopefully what I am looking for makes sense.

I think this would be really cool to just see the pics and also help me to better set up and display my minimates. I know there are some random pictures here and there that have been taken but I didn't find a dedicated thread for this purpose.

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I'm eagerly anticipating this thread taking off... while I can't take photos at the moment, I am someone that loves displaying their mates in proper teams, whether it been a particular X-Men roster, certain period Avengers or Justice League ( with JSA & Titans either side); this is the kind of thing that got me into minimates.

I still think its a little weird how much pleasure we get from looking at someone else's version of figures we have in our own homes.

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I love putting teams together. I think it is one of the coolest things about Minimates. And I've taken some team pics here or there.



This one needs to be updated:


(and another one that needs updating with Changeling and Terra. . .)


and from my very earliest days on the board--2 teams in one pic!


I've got my New Mutants set up, so maybe I'll take a pic soon and add it. I should also do my Justice League and updated Justice Society now that I've found Dr. Fate.

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Here's an old pic of my New Avengers with a custom Sentry and Luke Cage


and this is a group shot of another Purple Man custom with his harem


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My New Mutants display, the last of my Minimates left to be packed before I move :)

very nice group shot. Bummer it has to be brought down :( .

All the group shots rock ,this has been my favorite thread the last couple days for sure :biggrin:

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I need to get that Warlok 2 pack. Those New Mutants look great.

By the way Gambit. I got those cases at Ikea. They are an accessory for the Billy bookcase. Sadly though, they have been discontinued. I wish I had more than three because a lot of my mates dont get displayed because I have nowhere to put them. :(

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I just set up my new shelves and have been setting up my minimates by team alignment as best I could. I think I'll use this as an excuse to share some photos. (this will also be the first time I show any of my All-Star Batman related customs, lucky us!)


All-Star Batman and Teen Titans characters (Gordon has 6 swat officers with him)


Defenders/Fantastic Four related characters


Superman characters (yes, some unaltered Vault Guards are behind Lex and that's an Action League Bizarro and Lobo isn't really Superman related, but, deal with it)


Spider-man and Friends and Foes!


Ironman movie cast (the Armory is a Star Trek teleporter) Vanko has his bird (sorta) and yeah, that's Stilt-man in the background, the missing movie characters:


are at the Stark Expo presenting!


In progress GL shelf (Sinestro needs a logo on his chest, got a few more custom GL and Sinestros to add, want to make Dex-Star to go with Atrocitous [the crown of my collection right now], Kilowag and crap Arkillo will be replaced with the Action League versions when I they come out... basically I'm just posting this because it's a 'group')... and yeah, Hal's eatting a hot dog, I told you All-Star Batman customs!


Batman Rouges with a cast-iron gate like they just broke out of Arkham (and yeah, there's two Riddlers and Mandarin is pretending to be Ken Watanabe... it happens!)


A seemingly random assortment of heroes they collectives make up the Justice Leagues (either Batman's or Superman's) in the Various Dark Knight books (well except Booster and Beetle, they just snuck into the team... Witchblade too for that matter)


Finally some X-Men! I think Jubilee needs to go, she's blocking Rogue and Sabretooth.

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lovely pictures dr.b... could look at those all day. Really great set-up, I've looked in your customs thread many times, but have managed to miss a load of those... that Batman is wonderful, like a really modern style Adam West.

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Those Vault Guards sans helmets really make for the perfect Superman enemy grunt. Seems like the kind of guys Luthor would get together in some fancy bio-suits to go rob banks or something.

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]Here are some of my current displays


Justice league on my desk.


This one is Mighty Avengers and New Avengers. I just need wasp. Sorry the pic was hard to get. I might need to take the case of cause you cant really tell the poses.

Next is in my glass curio. This is my favorite display. X-characters

Top View


Bottom View


I'm hoping to get the avengers moved over to glass curio and start a DC section.

Thanks for looking.

Here's an old pic of my New Avengers with a custom Sentry and Luke Cage


and this is a group shot of another Purple Man custom with his harem


Always loved the purple man pic. He's a pimp

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