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I too, have the Kreon bug! they are really fun to play around with, and the combiners are surprisingly well contructed, and can be posed in all sorts of cool ways. there is a lot more you can do with these than you can with lego minifigures.

I just missed out on the free for all over the class of '84 set, but managed to snag a hound (the top pick in that set for me) on ebay for about $10 shipped

all of the gi joe sets ,and other lines (except for TF) have been clearanced for the last week, and i grabbed a hanful of those.

can't wait for the terror-drome later in the year.

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I actually did miss the 1984 set at Comic Con, but got lucky enough to snag it when it was up on the Hasbro site for like 5 minutes on Monday before it sold out. Still waiting for my shipping notice, though, so I'm a little antsy...

The two current waves of Micro Changers appear to be mostly movie characters, or classic characters with "inspired by the movie" deco. I really hope i'm not jumping onboard with these right when Hasbro is winding the line down. I should probably know better than to trust Hasbro to keep any line going for more than two years.

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And, I'm getting to experience the sensation newcomers to Minimate collecting must feel you can gorge yourself on so many figures that have been released already, not having to be patient or wait for new stuff, because everything is new to you. On the flip side, I'm also feeling the pain of hunting for older releases that are going for kind of crazy prices on the secondary market, or are seemingly impossible to find at all.

That's a very interesting point and provides a pretty good deal of clarity on a problem I've been having lately with Minimates. I didn't start out at the beginning, almost a decade late to be precise, and have felt a huge drop off lately with my excitement with the brand. But it's because of what you pointed out. I jumped into a brand that had a ton of figures spread out over many lines that I was interested in owning figures of. Now, after collecting for a little bit and putting my collection together, I'm finding that I feel like my wheels are spinning a little bit. But that's because I'm not in the same position of having *10 YEARS* of a catalog to work through.

Looking at things through that lens makes it almost impossible to keep up the enthusiasm that someone new to the brand would have. But readjusting expectations, which I should have thought of but, embarrassingly, hadn't before, completely puts things into a much better perspective.

Thanks for that post, Lobby. It was actually a tremendously helpful insight that I had no expectation of finding in a thread about Kre-O.

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These are out in the Philippines already. Trek Kreon Wave 2.


And yes, that is a Salt Vampire Kreon.

A. Salt. Vampire.

Sweet! I'm thrilled they're steering away from JJ Abrams franchise.

Lobsterman, what was the retail price on the Class of 1984 set? Just so I know what how deep the eBay shark tank is that I'm diving into.

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Booooo...Microchangers replaced by random historical Transformers.

Makes the poor choice from the two AOE waves hurt even more, especially with so many good characters still to make (Tracks, Grapple, Skids, Smokescreen, Blurr, Wreck Gar, Cosmos, Real Ultra Magnus, Blaster, Whirl, Roadbuster, Astrotrain, Blitzwing, the rest of the G1 Dinobots and tons of Beast Wars characters)

What a let down. confused.gif

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Yeah, they could satisfyingly finish out the G1 cast with a couple more waves, and having dug pretty deep for guys like Highbrow and Sandstorm in the last few waves, one might expect they had plans to keep the G1 goodness coming for a while. But Hasbro is notorious for leaving semi-key characters on the table and killen teh lein.

I was really hoping to see an Omega Supreme and Metroplex in the combiner size/scale, since they seem to be branching into characters that are built rather than minifigs, but not like large build kits.

Le sigh. I am still amused by Cowboy Optimus Prime, I suppose.

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