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Toyfair 2011


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AFI has photos up of Mattel's DC stuff. Wave 18 of DCUC, as rumored, is Super Friends themed, with El Dorado, Samurai, Black Vulcan, and SF style Toyman, with Apache Chief as the C&C. The other two figures in the wave? Bronze Tiger and Captain Boomerang, which I predict will be the only two figures in the wave to sell to anybody anywhere. What a terrible wave. :(

Better news is that Wal-Mart will be carrying a Crime Syndicate box set. Oddly, Ultraman, Owl Man, and Superwoman are in the modern Frank Quitely style, while Power Ring and Johnny Quick are in their Silver Age outfits. Whatever; that I buy. :biggrin:

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Wow...that was...underwhelming actually. Two different Caps (the one with the classic Shield is likely underneath the leather jacket), Bucky, Dum Dum, another Command (Nick Fury????????), the Hydra guy, and Red Skull. And they aren't too visually striking either.

They really won with Thor...but with Cap, the ball has been dropped. A comic wave/box set will save this.

And...that's it?? Sure...they might be staggering reveals...but i really expected more. At the very least...why not show Wave 38 instead of 37??

On the opposite side of the spectrum, DC Stuff looks fantastic. CSA Boxset is phenomenal.

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Dum Dum looks ok and the guy with the big machine gun is a new figure?

I think they are Flame Throwers. They feature briefly in the Cap Trailer & will be available in the Army Builder dump bin.

does anyone else think Red Skull looks kinda like Pin Head with sunburn?



Maybe he'll come with his puzzle box cosmic cube? :blink:

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boring. nothing new??

I agree, I don't think that's all that was there though? Where are the sony minimates, the other halo stuff or the real ghostbuster stuff that we already know about?

I'll wait until tonight to see if the big sites have anything else that was missed, but going on this and the "huge" Marvel vs Capcom news I'm really not that fired up about the next year or so of minimates right now.


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I guess this is the first time we get to see movie Cap in his USO costume. I'm glad to know we'll see more of it and not just hidden under a leather jacket as seen in the several movie stills.


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I'm loving the cap movie mates, I would dare say they're the best movie mates yet...

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