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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 minimates


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I see minimate dreams all the time this is the last i remember:I was at the san diego comic con and was walking down the dst booth.There i saw the return of dc mates! first appereance batman,Red son green lantern,a catwoman,gotham by gaslight,a batmobile,joker and many more were on display.Then i recieved a box full of minimates and then the box opened and all of the mates were alive!Then we had a birthday party at a mountain at the beach.

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i haven't bought any of the previous MvsC minimates yet, but i am looking forward to a few from Wave 3... MODOK, obviously, but also X-23 so i can put the X-Force X-23 with the rest of the Uncanny X-Forcers. And She-Hulk, not because i have a problem with the old She-Hulk mate, but because i'd like to give her hair to Polaris. for some reason, the hair on the Polaris mate has always bugged me, and makes her look so huge next to Havok.

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What was the reason you only got this one? Surprise reviews on YouTube?

Actually, I had ordered the Cap/Ryu one along with the other non-exclusive set and the HALO Series 5 ones, but they all got thrown onto back-order. It's a shame, really, because I was looking forward to them a lot more.

And why yes, I was going to review this, thank you very much. :teehee:

Thanks for the pics! Ryu looks great, but I don't want another Cap so I will wait for the SFxTekken one.

You're welcome!

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How about some Doom/Wesker pics?







Easily the best looking Doom yet. His cape is one piece, the holster on his side doesn't have an opening on the front (making the figure look better) and he's got newly designed gauntlets and boots. And I know nothing of Wesker, so I'll just say he's also the best Wesker we've ever gotten.

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I liked it Zach. I think whoever wrote it is a genius who understands not only the characters but how best to have them interact effectively in such a short space. I would love to see them write something longer because I ffel the are truly gifted in that area.

I forgot to ask first what brown-nosing will get me. It really was good though and it was a pleasant change from Spidey and his amazing friends. I'd love to see dioramas again though and maybe that could be a cool contest. The winner gets their diorama pic in a pack-in poster.

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