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Minimates fansites naming

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OK, I'm fairly sure that Minimates Central was the first dedicated Minimates-only website, way way back in September 2003, and known at that time as Marvel Minimates Central, as that was what it originally covered.

Since then of course, several Minimates fansites have emerged, and a good thing too as they all rock hard.

BUT, whereas I went with the all encompassing brand-name Minimates, everyone else went with the singular Minimate:

Minimate Adventures

Minimate Headquarters

Minimate Multiverse

So, why did this happen? The guys running the sites, where is your "s"? Did it fall off EACH TIME? Does it make a difference to the readers of the sites? Should I register Minimate Central too?

Or am I reading too much into it? :)

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This place is Minimate Multiverse as it just sounded better than Minimates Multiverse.

Minimates Central flows off the tongue better than Minimate Central paradoxially.

Technically we should all be called Minimates whatever, as the brand is Minimates, not Minimate. Aside from the back of the ECCC I cant recall ever seen "Minimate" on something official its always Minimates, I guess the plural must be Minimi.

(I probably should have gone for Minimates Multiverse though, as people tend to google Minimates rather than Minimates)

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Fujis and I have discussed this many times. I probably should have registered Minimates Headquarters to capture the google rankings long ago.

Actually, I should probably register the name tonight. It's on my huge list of things to do.

I don't know if we will change the name. Probably direct both names to Minimate Headquarters.

Consequently, I've pondered the legal implications and needless to say I'm absolutely clueless. I assume at any time AA could pull a FOX Simpsons and make me shut down. (At least it is in their right to do so if they ever wanted). Thankfully these companies have seen us as a positive, organically growing new media marketing component of their business model. Or they are just plain cool. I think both. :)

The real question is, who is brave enough to get their hands on


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I decided to go with singular instead of plural because, as Ady said, it has a nicer flow. Minimates Adventures seems too odd to me. And honestly, Minimates Central seems odd to me as well. Don't get me wrong - I know that there should be an 's' at the end, and technically you are correct, Danny.

I don't know. I didn't put a huge amount of thought into it. It just never seemed like something I needed to deliberate over. Singular always made more sense to me.

Plus, if I went with plural, I would have had to decide if I wanted to keep it at just Minimates Adventures, or Minimates' Adventures, or Minimates' Adventure, or The Adventures of the Minimates, or Minimates Go To Grammar School.

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Yep, I think Ady summed it up nicely. I've never had a problem with Minimates Central, but the other names just flow better with the "s" deleted. I'm guessing Danny's name works because Central starts with the "s" sound (at least it does here in the States, I've never been to the UK... ;) )

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I'm guessing Danny's name works because Central starts with the "s" sound

That was the thing that always made me feel like it was awkward... has anyone ever seen that episode of Fraiser where Niles was talking with Daphnie about naming thier kid, and Niles went on this rant about the first name ending in the same sound as the beginning of the last name. He made the comment that people would either say it as one solid name that flowed together, or there would be that awkward pause to differentiate the two names...

"Minimatesentral" or "Minimates (awkward pause) Central"

Heh. I'm just playing, Danny. I couldn't resist :P

It wasn't a suggestion to all be the same style of name

Well, if that's all it was, then I wouldn't have gone ahead and reserved the new name. But I did it for two reasons - I never thought of it very seriously before. I always just assumed that everyone else would see it that way (blind assumption). But after you brought it up, I realized that there may be people out there who would be thinking 'it should have an 's'..." So I added that domain name for the people who may just naturally assume the opposite of what I assume(d).

Plus, I felt bad that you were alone :P

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I do run "Minimates" and "Central" in to be one word, yeah.

I'm still perturbed that someone has because when I last looked a few months back it wasn't taken. I guess that it gets enough traffic to be worthwhile to the domain squatters. I typed "Minimate Central" into Google and MMC was still the first one back so I'm not too worried about losing potential readers.

Hmmmm, this has turned into quite an interesting topic of discussion, thanks guys :)

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Interesting, I noticed this a little while back when I was thinking about putting up a site. In the end while discussing it with a member, the S-less name minimate won out and just sounded better.

Minimates Central is an orignal!

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Yeah although Im suffering from S envy now.

WTF is with someone else registering my S-ised domain name. Im sure not enough people miskey this place to make it worth cybersquatting.

In my line of work, we run into squatters quite a bit Ady. I've found them to be looking purely at # of hits - anything new on the radar is going to get bought up. Bastards. :rolleyes:

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