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Year End Deals?


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I've noticed that Target has been putting some sets on clearance since Christmas, and am wondering if others are finding good deals and where.

There are several targets in my area, and the markdowns are wildly inconsitent from one store to the next. So far, here's what I've been able to get at 1/2 MSRP:

Prince of Persia Battle of Alamut

Toy Story Woody's Round-Up

Toy Story 3 Train

Toy Story 3 Landfill

and a couple of small Atlantis sets.

I've also seen some sets at 30%, but haven't bitten the bullet (big space cruiser, airport)

What have others been finding?

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I found some DCUC figures for $11 at Wal-Mart, and was tempted by some cheap Toy Story stuff there, but passed since I would have to store it all for 2-3 years until my daughter was old enough to play with any of it. They also had some LEGO Star Wars stuff marked down, but the better looking sets were still full price.

I saw loads of stuff at Target, but none of it was very interesting to me.

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The Lego stores in malls had some nice Star Wars sets discounted. Some Wal Marts also had various SW sets for great prices. I even found some of the big Endor set for $40. At one store, there was a set that was opened and someone had taken out the parts bag with all the mini figs. Lame!

Target had the small bagged Toy Story army guy with jeep clearance priced for as low as $1.00, but only the ones that were actually in the x-mas aisle. If you looked closely, there were two different sized bags for those with totally different sku numbers / bar codes. The smaller ones that are in the checkout lanes were still full price, about $4, but if you could find the larger and wider bagged version, they were the cheap ones. I was able to find a cheap one and took a few of the regularly priced ones to the cashier and when some rang up $1 and some rang up $4, they gave them all to me for the $1 clearance price.

Five below has some boxed and bagged sets which are cheap, but the few SW mini ships they have left are still $4.00.

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