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Ghostbusters Minimates-RGB

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these are genuinely brilliant looking minimates, and are genuinely humbling in terms of nostalgia. Even without the reference pic posted by Jay, these look just as I remember them whilst growing up. Having been just the right age for The Real Ghostbusters cartoons, I can;t fully put into words the emotions these images bring to mind.

That said, already having 'had' to spend an absolute fortune tracking down all the ridiculous priced TrU ghosts for the movie line, I simply cannot justify buying any of these whatsoever. I'd absolutely love them all, but know once I start I will not be able to stop, and this is exactly where the TrU deal will well and truly f*ck me over... and I refuse to get involved in that with yet 'another' license.

I agree, but as a huge GB and RGB (one of my favourite cartoons growing up) I plan on getting them. However I am dreading the "joy" of having to get all of the TRU exclusives. I hope to get help from here or use LTS, especially if the TRU site stocks them. Otherwise I will fall victim to the scampers on eBay, especally being a UK resident... Guess I'll have to wait and see. Might need to get more of the DVDs to refresh my memory of the various ghosts?

Anyone else planning to get dupes of the cartoon GBs and swap the heads with the movie GBs?

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Yeah, I dig that Egyptian ghost the most!

But who's Blackie?

Copy-pasta from Ghostbusters wiki:

Blacky is a ghost of a thief that got cursed by an Egyptian artifact, the Treasure of King Tod. The Detective Philip Spade even as a ghost is still trying to solve the case. The Ghostbusters end up working with Spade to get Blacky.


40 years ago, in about the mid-1940's, Blacky was regarded as the best thief by Spade. Blacky was unafraid of the alleged curse attributed to King Tod's treasure and stole it from the Manhattan Museum of Natural History one night. After concealing it underground in the sewers, Blacky was killed and transmogrified by the curse into a giant monster in the motif of ancient Egypt. He was now anchored to the treasure for eternity as its guardian.

In the mid-1980's, on a Saturday, Blacky appeared again due to what he perceived as a territorial invasion by construction workers up above. The Ghostbusters were unable to capture Blacky and were separated by animated construction vehicles. Despite several clues left by an invisible Spade, the Ghostbusters decided to go underground without confirmation of the entity's identity. Spade appeared to them and volunteered to go with them. While he distracted Blacky, the Ghostbusters drove the cursed treasure back to the museum. They discovered Tod's exhibit archived down in the basement. Without warning, Peter lifted the treasure himself and returned it to Tod's sarcophagus. Blacky was reverted back to his normal form, now a Class 4 ghost. He thanked Spade for saving him. Together, they peacefully dispersed.

In his Transmogrified form, Blacky has shown the power to animate two vehicles by shooting beams from his fingertips. As soon as he leaves the immediate vicinity, the possession expires. The beams can also be destructive in direct combat.

He also displayed the power to telekinesis to levitate and hurl rocks at the construction site near the Ghostbusters Firehouse .

Blackie/Blacky not cursed:


Egyptian Blacky:


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40 years ago, in about the mid-1940's,


Maybe because GB is an 80's property?

Edit: stupid auto-spell check.

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since every thread needs random speculation:

So we know DST can't make an ECTO-1 (I hope this means Mattel will get off it's ass and make a 1:24th one like they've done with the Batmobiles) but does the GB license prohibit *ANY* vehicles from being made?

There was an episode called "the headless motorcyclist" which was about, believe it or not, a headless motorcyclist, googles shows the pictures of this ghost riding a black chopper style motorcycle. A vehicle much demanded for use in a certain other line that cannot have vehicles made due to licensing issues.

Seems like that could be a good TRU MAX set: Headless Motorcyclist, His bike, and since that's sort of small a variant of one of the four main ghostbusters of their choosing to make it feel like more for the $12 AND be a more enticing buy for casual fans. (the LCS variant would of course be "dusty" and come with a completely different Ghostbuster just so you have to buy two)

.... of course if they can't make GB vehicles what so every, oh well, I guess we either don't get this ghost or if we do he and Ghost Rider can hang out on the shelf together and complain about how much walking hurts their paranormal feet.

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That's because Mattel owns all the rights to Ecto-1

Mattel owns Hot Wheels, and just after Mattel got the Ghostbusters rights an Ecto-1 was released in Hot Wheels form

which, by the way, is a really cool die cast car for that scale. it took a while to get my hands on one of those

agreed. I think there was 1 ecto-1 to every box

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Seeing the first bits of RGB minimates is so AWESOME. This was what I was waiting for. The movie based ones are good, but there is so much more to explore in RGB in terms of ghosts and character looks. This is a buy ASAP item for me. I wonder if maybe the next box set is going to be Peter, Winston, Louis, and Boogeyman.

A boxset with PeopleBusters would be great too. XD

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Some new news:

Justin Brushett

I just wanted to say I LOVE what you’ve done with the Ghostbusters Minimates line. And you are really good at answering the questions sent in. I was curious about a couple of things: 1. Did anyone ever think to make a Ray Parker Jr. minimate in the clothes he wore when he & the Ghostbusters were dancing together in his music video? Maybe as an SDCC promo or something like that. 2. With the new Real Ghostbusters line coming, will the uniforms and equipment be remolded for the Ghostbusters themselves. (for example the cartoons didn’t have nametags save for 1 episode and the equipment did look different than the movies) 3.More of a wish than a question: I really hope we get to see the Anti-Ghostbusters from “Citizen Ghost” and the PeopleBusters from “Flip Side”…though I know you can’t comment on future waves and boxsets… just throwin them out there Thanks again for your time. ~Justin

DSTChuck: Justin, that’s nice of you to say , I am sure there are lots of others out there that are not too fond of my answers.

I have not say we’ve never thought about that and I would think we would not have the rights to it but we’d have to ask Sony to be sure.

We’re going to use the same chest piece and packs but the proton wands are all new.

We’re going to try and show two series of RGB at Toy Fair, if we do that you will have a pretty good look into the future for the line.

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im more excited about these than the regular GB line! :D well...the only one im excited about is the egyptian ghost and ninja guy underneath. also i need that egon so i can give his hair to jhonny storm!

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Why oh why did TRU have to clearance price out the old GB merch. I swore to myself I wasn't going to buy any of the GB stuff, just RGB... Now I'm resigned to a fate worse than death... Set Searching... :blink:

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