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A bit of help, please.


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I've had a blog for almost a year, and finally got a banner for it. My dilemma is my slogan. My slogan right now is "Come See What None of the Buzz Is About", and I hate it. I really, truly do. So I was wondering if any of you guys and gals could possibly aide me in my quest. Just make sure that they're PG-13, that is. I also want to say sorry for posting a new thread on such a useless topic, but I would like to see what ya'll can cook up. Thanks, yo.

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Haven't visited the site, but here are a few based simply on the banner.

  • I promise it won't burn your retinas.
  • The blinking means it's important.
  • Just looks like a Geocities page!
  • Bringin' the blink tag back bitches!
  • Less annoying than this banner would have you believe.
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