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Selling minimates using the BHM price guide

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While I do see the issues at hand, I'm just going to put in that I love my minimates and the idea of selling them is just so far from my mind it gives me a little headache ever time I think about it. That being said, I do have some doubles of the more awesome toys r us exclusives and no real need for them. Not saying I want to sell them, just that in everything I've ever collected, trading with other people has been a big thing. I'm not trying to promote myself here, just saying I like the idea of a community of those of us who are like minded in this interest helping each other out with our collections, be it with barter systems or just plain money.

End hippie-esque ramble

That being said, if people are going to sell stuff on here, some kind of fair goverrning system would be an idea so new people don't get fleeced and all that. But all hail capitalism and free market economy. Supply and demand and all that. Seriously, people just deal one on one and be fair to each other. Somebody has something that I really want and wants more from me than that, if I want that one thing enough and don't give a crap about the things the other person wants, it's pretty likely I'll throw together a very lopsided deal, against myself, just to get a thing I really want more than make some kind of profit. It's all about love of the game for me.

Man, maybe I am a hippie.

I don't really know where I was going with this. Just kinda felt I should get in and say, pro-selling, anti-ripping off.

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