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LOTR protos and package mock ups


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I got my unreleased LOTR stuff today. There was no way I was leaving these in the packages. These were packed in packaging mock ups and only stapled and/or taped to the card. The card graphics are computer printed and glued to another production LOTR card.

The packages are beautiful, as are the figures themselves.

Pics of the Elven Warriors are coming soon, although I probably won't open them since they are actually sealed.







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You son of a *****! I've wanted those forever! GAH! LUCKY!!!

Still... fantastic find. LOTR has been one of my favorite Minimate lines of all time. The lack of Ringwraith is a tragedy beyond recognition. Still, I've got my Sauron. Glad about that...

I hope they get the license for The Hobbit.

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I always wonder where these things end up. I actually have those exact same elven warriors without the packaging. I got them from the Phillipines. I also have the unproduced Moria Orc proto that I got from the factory in China.

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Those are beautiful!

Seeing these makes me angry that we didn't get them, but there are clues as to why - character selection again all over the place, with another Aragorn and not one but 2 versions of the Twilight Witch King (who looks great but had about 5 seconds screen time).

But oh that Ringwraith 2-pack. Shit, are you telling me AFX didn't want to pick that up? OK they got burned by the Elves (which I thought were actually pretty cool, but could see why they weren't mass market toys, being Prologue perhaps hurt them), but the Ringwraiths? The coolest looking bad-guys in the film? And collectors straight away need 4 packs?

They could have sold them, I am sure. Maybe not this wave, but them.

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I would have bought multiples of the Ringwraiths for sure! They really are nice. Airbrushed mud splatter details on the bottom of his cloak, arms and boots. The Morgul Lord does not come with his mace. Not sure why, but there isn't a space in the pack for it and the package was stapled shut so I don't think it was in there, at least this one. I'm sure there are at least a couple others out there seeing how there was another Lurtz / Witch King pack listed after the ones I won. The mace is also pictured on the back of the card. I'll ask the seller and see if it may be lying around.

They are wonderful in person. Any time any of you are in the south eastern PA area, give me a shout and you can come check them out!! ;)

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Wow! These are really nice. You may be planning more pics, but I'd love to see Eowyn without her helmet and with the hair piece. That looks like a new sculpt (even in the larger scale).

I picked up pretty much all my LOTR MiniMates on clearance, so I understand why they weren't able to get enough orders to merit full production.

I wasn't that disappointed that the wave never materialized at the time. It seemed like the release date was TBD like so many other DST products. Still it's great that a die hard collector ended up with them rather than them just sitting in a box somewhere.

Thanks for sharing!

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Some pics of Eowyn and Morgul Lord and a few notes. The Eowyn on the left is the one from China. I added Saruman's hair, minus the beard, just to give her a look. Her helmet does not fit very well on her face, shocking... I know!! The only real difference between the packaged sample and the loose one I already had was the quality of the paint.

The Witch King's helmet is attached to the hood of the cloak as you can see. I wish they were separate pieces. The skirt of the cloak is the same as Gandalf's piece and the other Ringwraiths.






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